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Keeping Social Media Sexy


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Marketing that cuts through the clutter.

Marketing that cuts through the clutter.

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  • 1. When did “campaign” become a dirty word?
  • 2. “There is no such thing as a Social Media Campaign. Social Media is not a campaign. You cannot view it through an outdated advertising lens.” – Deborah Schultz,10/18/07
  • 3. Doing social media campaigns “is like buying a new car each time you want to drive to the grocery store.” – Joe Marchese, 7/15/08
  • 4. So to recap, social media campaigns are outdated cars that don’t exist.
  • 5. But saying social media isn’t about campaigns is like saying a marriage isn’t about sex.
  • 6. Social media marketing campaigns keep things interesting. Plus, not every fling has to be a lifelong commitment.
  • 7. Having a social media presence, or even a strategy, while vital, is not really that interesting. Campaigns can create buzz, re-energize your brand and open up opportunities.
  • 8. A campaign can also sell executives on the potential, scope, affordability and relative ease of social media as a new channel for your business.
  • 9. OK, enough soapboxin’. Let’s look at pretty pictures.
  • 10. Product launches In the old days, they were all about the ad blitz. Now a launch is a great chance to spark buzz that can quickly perpetuate itself.
  • 11. Facebook Connect: Marketers are just scratching the surface of this social networking tool.
  • 12. Augmented Reality: Opening up social interaction with the inanimate world around us.
  • 13. What’s next: Making these technologies truly social and practical.
  • 14. Surprise delivery: Grasshopper, an 800 provider for small biz, sent grasshopper snacks to 5,000 influentials.
  • 15. CNET’s Josh Lowensohn eats a grasshopper.
  • 16. Results: • 4,911% traffic increase •144,843 video views with 162 comment •1,500 tweets •120 blog posts in one month • 7 national TV mentions Source: Mashable, “Dead Grasshoppers Give Life to Social Media Marketing Campaign”, 6/15/09
  • 17. The new art of the giveaway How a few free laptops can increase your traffic 600%.
  • 18. #squarespace: What started as a giveaway for podcast hosts quickly became a top topic on Twitter.
  • 19. Results: • Gave away 30 “iPhones” ($199 Apple gift cards) • Twitter followers skyrocketed from 815 to 32,000+ • 60% increase in site traffic • 20% increase in free trials Source:, 8/4/09
  • 20. #moonfruit: Web site builder Moonfruit gave away 10 Macbook Pros over 7 days, with bonus iPods for creative entries.
  • 21. Results: • Followers went from 444 to 44,113 • 600% traffic increase • 100% increase in signups • Campaign shortened from 10 days to 7 due to claims of “Twitter pollution” • Mentions were 82% positive Source:, 7/19/09
  • 22.
  • 23. How it works: 1. Interns send in photos asking for Little Debbie Muffins 2. Photos get featured on InternHero.coom 3. Interns win huge sampler boxes of muffins for their workplace
  • 24. A few of the companies who entered: MTV GE Radio Flyer Showtime Boeing Assurant Digitas Citi Oscar de la Modernista! Carfax Renta BBDO Penguin Red Hat Poke NY The Wall Ologie Nickelodeon Street Journal Arnold
  • 25. Targets of opportunity Social media is teaching marketers to monitor the conversation and pounce when the right moment arrives.
  • 26. Reebok sprints in : When Arien O'Connell lost the Nike Women’s Marathon on a technicality, Reebok gave her charter school free shoes for a year, T-shirts and $2,500. Source: Adrants, “Nike Minuses. Reebok Pluses.”, 11/8/08
  • 27. Chicken fix: KFC couldn’t honor its free chicken promotion, so El Pollo Loco offered to do it for them. Source: Consumerist, 5/7/09
  • 28. Brand enhancement A good campaign can prove your brand promise. A great campaign can take on a life of its own.
  • 29. Buzz down under: Victoria Tourism hit a social media (and PR) goldmine.
  • 30. It even inspired Delmarva Coast tourism officials to try it themselves, with slick results.
  • 31. Asheville’s Foodtopian Society: What began as a campaign is now a vibrant part of a destination’s draw.
  • 32. – Now has 2,000+ followers
  • 33. A few lessons learned for social media marketing campaigns:
  • 34. 1. Learn from others, but find the next evolution of an idea.
  • 35. 2. Be prepared to adapt as parts of the campaign fail or flourish.
  • 36. 3. Always be looking for ways to turn a short-term campaign into part of a long-term conversation.
  • 37. 4. Don’t let your campaign go out with a whimper.
  • 38. Thanks for your time.