Top 50 Travel Tablet Apps


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The best tablet apps out there for travelers, compiled in this year's Luckie 50.

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Top 50 Travel Tablet Apps

  1. About The Luckie 50The Luckie 50 is an annual report on the best, newest and all-around handiest digital tools for today’s traveler. The report,now in its fourth year, has evolved with technology, moving froma primarily website-focused list to an app-centric one today.This year, we at Luckie & Company are dedicating our entire listto the emerging field of tablet apps, which has seen explosivegrowth in recent months and will no doubt continue to expand inthe years to come.
  2. The Authors Edward Bowser, Community Manager David Griner, Director of Digital Content Whitney Massey, Communications Planner
  3. State of the TabletIn April 2010, Apple launched the iPad, selling more than 15million units in one year and ushering in the true Tablet Era.Less than a year later, the iPad 2 was released, adding twocameras and a gyroscope — both of which opened uptremendous new opportunities for travel apps.
  4. State of the Tablet (Cont.)As of July 2011, travel-related apps made up more than 10%of the nearly 100,000 iPad applications available fromApple’s App Store.The competing Android platform announced a tablet-optimized version called "Honeycomb" in May 2011, thoughrelatively few apps have been upgraded to make the mostof it.In this edition of The Luckie 50, only Honeycomb-optimizedapplications are listed as Android apps.
  5. So without further ado,we present The Luckie 50 for 2011:
  6. Maps OrganizationPoint Inside TripItAllSubway HD FlightTrack ProUpNext 3d Cities FlightBoardGoogle Earth Packing ProMaplets Essential Travel ChecklistWorld Travel Atlas SpringpadGlympseRV ParksMapDroyd LearningiExit Fotopedia Heritage TRVL Magazine Couch TravelerResources Endless VacationXE Currency for iPad JetsetterFree Wi-Fi Finder Tour WristWorld Clock Rough Guides World LensWeather Channel Max Lonely Planet Discover eBooksCabulous 50 Places of a LifetimeCall a TaxiOpenTablemyLanguage ReservationsPark’n Find Hipmunk DiscoveryGEICO GloveBox Kayak HD YelpDisaster Alert Urbanspoon American Airlines HDSurvival Pocket Reference Trip Advisor Booking.comDisneyland/Disney World Wait Times GobyTrip Splitter WikihoodTrip Viewer Where To Go? Top Pick
  7. Category:Organization
  8. 1. TripItHaving trouble keeping track ofall your upcoming trips? Justforward your confirmation emailsto TripIt, and it can serve as acentral hub for flights, car rentals,dinner reservations and lodging.While theres still room for Platform: iPadimprovement, especially in how Cost: Freeyou create and save local mapsfor your trip, you definitely get alot from a free app.
  9. 2. FlightTrack ProGet up-to-the-minute informationon almost any flight in the worldwith FlightTrack Pro, which caneven sync with your TripItaccount to import itineraries.This app gives you a freakishamount of info on a flight: currentaltitude, remaining flight time, youname it. Pro version isnt vital,but it has a few neat bells and Platform: iPad, Androidwhistles such as push Cost: $9.99 (Pro)notifications. $4.99 (Standard)
  10. 3. FlightBoardWhen youre in a rush, hunting forthe departures/arrivals screens atan airport is a real pain.FlightBoard lets you pull up thecurrent info for any airport.Minimalistic, accurate and usefulin a pinch. Platform: iPad, Android Cost: $3.99
  11. 4. Packing ProIf youre both OCD and forgetful(a rare combination, admittedly),then youll love this checklist appfor all your packing needs. Alsoincludes pretravel necessities likebuying tickets and setting yourout-of-office email, but for thesetasks, we preferred the EssentialTravel Checklist app on thefollowing slide. Platform: iPad Cost: $2.99
  12. 5. Essential Travel ChecklistWhile similar in form and functionto Packing Pro, this app has adifferent interface that some willprefer. We found it a bit morestreamlined for pretravel tasksthat required more explanationthan just "get dogsitter." Platform: iPad Cost: $2.99
  13. 6. SpringpadWhether youre planning a trip orjust trying to organize your goalsand discoveries, Springpad is afantastically flexible app.Create "notebooks" by addingeverything from your own notesand photos to information from Platform: iPad, Androidscanned bar codes and Yelp Cost: Freereviews. The Clipper browserextension is a great way to addsnippets you find online, too.
  14. Category:Reservations
  15. 7. HipmunkHipmunk’s easy-to-read gridsmakes finding the perfect flight acinch. The app even sorts flightsbased on "agony," whichincorporates factors such as howlong you’ll be traveling and howmany stops you’ll make. Platform: iPadOnce you pick your flight, you Cost: Freecan book it from the iPad app,email it to someone else or bookit using the Hipmunk website.
  16. 8. Kayak HDKayak has long been one of ourfavorite sites for booking flights,and its iPad app doesn’tdisappoint.Users can narrow search resultsby airline, number of connections,airport, flight times and price. You Platform: iPadalso get to pick which site youwant to buy from without leaving Cost: Freethe app. Kayak simply pulls it upwithin a browser
  17. 9. American Airlines HDNot only can you book flights withAmerican Airlines’ app, but thetool also saves your mobileboarding pass, shows youterminal maps, provides gate andseating details, and even lets youplay a game of Sudoku to passthe time. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  18. 10. Booking.comAccess more than 135,000 hotelsfrom across the world. Pricing,photos and ratings are readilyavailable to help users make aselection. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  19. Category:Learning
  20. 11. Fotopedia HeritageFotopedia Heritage offers morethan 25,000 amazing photos fromWorld Heritage sites around theplanet.The app provides briefdescriptions of destinations, viaUNESCO and Wikipedia. Users Platform: iPadcan bookmark their favorite sitesand access them through Cost: FreeTripAdvisor for ease in travelplanning.
  21. 12. Couch TravelerCouch Traveler combines Googlesatellite images with Wikipediaentries to explore differentlandmarks throughout the world.Click the Master List tab to see aselection of landmarks —including bridges, mysteries andtheme parks — and a satellite Platform: iPadimage will give you a view of the Cost: $1.99locale. Tap the description field tolearn about the location viaWikipedia.
  22. 13. TRVL MagazineCheck out photos, videos andarticles from across the globethrough this fully digitalmagazine, staffed by acommunity of travel buffs. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  23. 14. Endless VacationEndless Vacation shares articlesfeatured in the print edition of themagazine, along with breath-taking photos, destination guidesand tips for making your travelsmore memorable. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  24. 15. JetsetterUsing Jetsetter, users can searchvacation destinations, viewphotos and read reviews by travelexperts. By using the app tomake reservations, you canreportedly save onaccommodations at selectdestinations. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  25. 16. Tour WristOne of our favorite apps forlearning about destinationsaround the world, Tour Wrist letsyou use your tablet as a windowinto incredible scenes.The app uses high-resolutionpanoramic photos, which you can Platform: iPadbrowse by touch. And for Cost: Freemaximum coolness, you can turnyour iPad in any direction to seemore of the location.
  26. 17. Rough Guides World LensA truly stunning app to peruse,Rough Guides World Lensshowcases hundreds of photosby professional photographers.Images feature cultural events,architecture and scenic vistas.Users can share images, markthem to return to later ordownload as wallpaper. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  27. 18. Lonely PlanetDiscover eBooksWhen it comes to making themost of travel ebooks, LonelyPlanet is leading the pack.Currently available for fivecountries — Great Britain, Ireland,France, Italy and Spain — theLonely Planet Discover eBooksare thoroughly interactive, linkingeasily within the book or to Platform: iPadexternal websites. A vast majority Cost: $14.99 eachof content is stored on your tablet (through iBooks app)and available offline.
  28. 19. 50 Places of a LifetimePublished by NationalGeographic, 50 Places of aLifetime highlights topdestinations around the world.The app features photo and videogalleries, maps, facts and tips foreach destination. The "Personal Platform: iPadPlaces of a Lifetime" feature Cost: $1.99 eachallows users to note "Places IWant to Visit" or "Places IveBeen."
  29. Category:Discovery
  30. 20. YelpWhile not the prettiest app on theplanet, Yelp is our go-to tool forfinding great restaurants, coffeeshops and more in any city.Business profiles go far beyondstar ratings by including helpfulinfo such as whether a restaurantis kid-friendly or accepts creditcards. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  31. 21. UrbanspoonBest known for its (rarely veryuseful) slot-machine tool that letsyou find random restaurant picks,Urbanspoon is actually moreuseful as a place for reviews.Unlike Yelp, Urbanspoon profilesalso include links to related blogposts and articles across theWeb. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  32. 22. TripAdvisorLong considered the goldstandard for hotel reviews,TripAdvisor these days is acomprehensive and content-richtool for either planning a trip orfinding fun destinations whileyoure in town.Leaving your own review is alsoa snap, especially now that theiPad 2 has a camera, allowingyou to share pictures. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  33. 23. GobyWhile most apps of its kind focuson locations, Goby adds theability to find "things to do" basedon upcoming events, concerts,tours and more.While events may be the priority,the apps place finder is highlyvisual and is just as helpful forfinding food and lodging as it isfor finding live music and artshows. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  34. 24. WikihoodDespite having an interface thatsfar from intuitive, Wikihoodfeatures an incredible array ofinfo about neighborhoods andinstitutions, organized asWikipedia-style articles. Youll getmuch more context aboutcommunities than through typicalreview apps. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  35. 25. Where To Go?If you want a stripped-down appthat uses your GPS to findnearby points of interest, WhereTo Go? is worth checking out.The ability to zoom in for walkingdirections, coupled with themassive number of location typesyou can search for, makes this ahandy and minimalistic tool forthe traveler, even if it is one of thefew paid apps within its category. Platform: iPad Cost: $2.99
  36. Category:Maps
  37. 26. Point InsidePoint Inside is a completedirectory of maps for more than100 U.S. and internationalairports and more than 750shopping malls.It features a pull-down menu forservices such as eateries,restrooms, elevators and ATMs.Information can be accessed viaa pop-up without pulling youaway from the map. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  38. 27. AllSubway HDNo Internet connection isneeded to view AllSubway’ssystem of maps, providingimmediate access to 137mass transit systems at alltimes. Which is good, sinceyou’ll probably be using theapp underground. Platform: iPadThe bad news? This is truly a Cost: $0.99no-frills app. AllSubwayessentially is an image viewer,with no other features.
  39. 28. UpNext 3d CitiesMaps of New York, Chicago,Philadelphia, Boston, Portland,Washington, San Fransisco andAustin are featured in full 3-Dglory, letting you visually tourshops, restaurants, nightlife,recreational spots andlandmarks. You can also tap abuilding to see which offices are Platform: iPadbased there. Cost: Free
  40. 29. Google EarthGlobal satellites and aerialimagery put the world at yourfingertips. Type any location intothe search field and watchGoogle Earth track it down. Theauto-tilt feature can change theterrain from flat to 3-D as youexplore locales around the world. Platform: iPad, AndroidThe large screen of a tablet Cost: Freemakes it a truly beautiful display.
  41. 30. MapletsNeed a map? Maplets featuresmore than 4,000 maps fromaround the world. National andstate parks, bike maps, skiresorts, college campuses, zoosand theme parks are all included. Platform: iPad Cost: $3.99
  42. 31. World Travel AtlasWorld Travel Atlas features notonly a collection of maps fromacross the globe, but alsoinformation files on individualcountries. Use the fact files tobrowse through categoriesranging from people, wealth andclimate to World Heritage sites. Platform: iPadA free version is available, but the Cost: $2.99 (Premium)most interesting content requiresan upgrade to Premium.
  43. 32. GlympseGlympse is a quick and privateway to share your location withfriends and family. Touch theSend tab and you can emaildetails of your location to anyoneyou desire. (You can also tell theapp when to deactivate yourlocator.) Platform: iPadIt’s a fast way to let people know Cost: Freewhere you are and how quicklythey can reach you, and therecipient doesn’t even need tohave the app.
  44. 33. RV ParksOne of the most avid subculturesin U.S. travel is the RV crowd, soit’s not too surprising that theyhave an app of their own.RV Parks features maps and infofor more than 19,000 recreationalvehicle parks nationwide. Parks Platform: iPadcan be found on a map or Cost: Freesearched by city, state and ZIPcode. Visitors can upload theirown photos and reviews fromtheir stops.
  45. 34. MapDroydGoogle Maps are great — untilyoure roaming or otherwise outof signal range for an onlineconnection. MapDroyd letsAndroid phone and tablet usersdownload detailed maps and usethem offline.While technically not tablet-optimized, this app scales welland serves as a nice stopgap Platform: Androiduntil Google launches its own Cost: Freeoffline maps support, which issupposedly in the works.
  46. 35. iExitOn the road and wonderingwhere you can find a decent cupof coffee? iExit lets you know inreal time what’s coming up asyou drive on an interstate.The "Select Favorites" tab allowsyou to pick your top chains, suchas Starbucks, and be notified Platform: iPadwhen they’re close by. The Deals Cost: $1.99tab even lets you know whichlocations are running promotions.Obviously, 3G access is a mustfor this app.
  47. Category:Resources
  48. 36. XE Currency for iPadNeed to figure out the dollar’scurrent exchange rate anywherein the world? Well, XE Currencyhas your back. Real-time ratesfor 180 currencies are availablewhenever you have Internetaccess.Users can save up to 10 of theirmost-used currencies forconvenience. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  49. 37. Free Wi-Fi FinderFree Wi-Fi Finder locates Internethot spots worldwide. Users cansearch "near me" to find wirelessbased on current location ora specific place you plan ongoing to.You can even download theentire database for offlineviewing, as long as your devicehas 26 megabytes of space to Platform: iPadspare. Cost: Free
  50. 38. World ClockWorld Clock converts time formore than 230 countries and alsoprovides information on daylightsavings transitions.The app can display up to 24different clocks and set specificalarms for each travel destination. Platform: iPad Cost: $1.99
  51. 39. Weather Channel MaxThe Weather Channel Max offersdetailed, location-aware weatherinformation, maps featuring radarwith past and future views, aswell as weather alerts. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  52. 40. CabulousNeed to hail a taxi? Cabulousmakes it easy by letting you findand track rides in your vicinity.Taxi drivers must download theapp and register in order to befound by the app, which meansit’s mostly just useful in SanFrancisco for now. But thedevelopers are actively pursuinggrowth in other markets. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  53. 41. Call a TaxiA bit more rudimentary thanCabulous, Call a Taxi is (for now)a more practical solution if yourelooking to hail a ride.The app finds cab and limocompanies based near yourlocation instead of actual nearbycabs. Its essentially just an easyway to find a phone number, butits a lot faster than plowing Platform: iPadthrough most online directories. Cost: $1.99
  54. 42. OpenTableOpenTable helps you get a mealreservation by finding restaurantsthat have availability for yourdate, time and party size.After picking a restaurant, youcan review menus, browsereviews or book your reservationdirectly from the app. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  55. 43. myLanguagemyLanguage translates morethan 50 languages and offersspecific dialects based on thearea where the language isspoken.One nice feature is the audioversion that users can listen toin order to get the pronunciationright. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  56. 44. Parkn FindFinding where you parked yourcar – especially in a new city –can be a headache. Parkn Findrecords both where and whenyou parked. You can even followthe map directly to your carinstead of just the general area.The app’s parking meterreminder will send alerts whenyou’re running out of time. Platform: iPad Cost: $0.99
  57. 45. GEICO GloveBoxGEICO continues to make gooduse of its apps. GloveBox helpsyou record vital information froman accident scene (includingphotos), find the nearest autoservice center when your carbreaks down, or call a taxi. Platform: iPadThe app also offers how-to Cost: Freeguides for minor autoemergencies such as flat tires orgetting a jump-start.
  58. 46. Disaster AlertDisaster Alert by the PacificDisaster Center provides a listand map of current hazardsaround the world. Disasterinformation can be viewed andshared with others. Alerts canalso be set for specific areas orregions. Platform: iPad Cost: Free
  59. 47. Survival Pocket ReferenceIf your travels take a turn for theworse – or even the catastrophic– this app could be a literallife-saver.Based on U.S. military fieldguides, the app walks youthrough everything from first aidand emergency shelter to Platform: iPadsurviving a nuclear explosion.Handy! Cost: $0.99
  60. 48. Disneyland/Disney World Wait TimesThe Disneyland and DisneyWorld Wait Times apps are must-haves for vacations that include astop at either coasts Disneytheme park. Platform: iPadThe apps estimate wait times Cost: Free (Disneyland)based on park crowd levels and $0.99 (Disney World)feedback of other app users.They also use GPS to help userssee nearby rides and their waittimes.
  61. 49. Trip SplitterWhen youre traveling, splittingthe tab for meals and expensescan create a bit of friction, oftenbecause its so hard to keep trackof who paid what.Trip Splitter is an easy way totrack every group transaction Platform: iPad(lodging, gas, supplies, food and Cost: Freemore), then settle up at aconvenient time.
  62. 50. Trip ViewerTrip Viewer offers a modern spinon travel scrapbooks as itdocuments your vacation routes,primarily through photos andvideos taken along the way.The "replay" feature is a greatway to relive your favorite Platform: iPadjourneys or let your friends and Cost: Freefamily share in the experience.
  63. The Luckie 50 is compiled byLuckie & Companya digitally focused agency specializing in destinationmarketing, financial services, telecommunications andconsumer packaged goods.To learn more, visit