Digital marketing - Fad or Necessity?


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For all those who're still wondering, their Brand needs Online Presence or not!
It also includes a comparison of Digital Media vis a vis Print Media.

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Digital marketing - Fad or Necessity?

  1. 1. We fasten your brand with the audience
  4. 4. A PARADIGM SHIFT Digital is a lifestyle now!
  5. 5. MORE TIME ONLINE Consumers have an increasing appetite for all things online! Young consumers are already participating actively, whereas the much elder consumers are joining in gradually as they seek more convenience and value.
  6. 6. CONSUMERS ARE MULTI TASKING Online is handy and allows a consumer to get quick information, along with accomplishing other tasks juxtaposed.
  7. 7. CONSUMERS are MULTI DIMENSIONAL They are more than just being a consumer. The users today are Participants, Audience, Community, they have a voice/opinion.
  9. 9. The digital Ad revolution, always ‘just around the corner’, remains tantalizingly out of reach for most newspapers, which explains why all the Print Media Biggies have moved to subscription and e papers models for their websites to bolster digital ad growth.
  10. 10. CREATIVITY Digital is the only medium where there is no limit of creativity. There are numerous multimedia tools that make online ads/campaigns powerful, engaging and above all, Effective.
  11. 11. TARGETING Campaigns can be targeted to the desired audience. For example, if an advertiser is keen on selling his or her products targeted to a certain demographic of people, it is quite possible through online advertising. Which certainly not possible in traditional media. Targeted advertising formats and techniques help shape better communications, rather than to general masses, through print media. (most of them may or may not be a part of our TG)
  12. 12. INTERACTIVE & ENGAGING Interactive campaigns have become a norm with the powerful digital medium. On digital, brands have an opportunity to create social spaces and applications where they can communicate and engage their customers. One such campaign worth mentioning is the campaign by AXE where the end user could alter the smile of a woman as he/she liked to i.e. in an interactive framework. The advertisement struck an instant chord with the youth to which AXE the brand is positioned for.
  13. 13. COST EFFECTIVE Digital Spaces are a cost effective way to drive attention to your business. Pound for pound strategy, it is more effective than traditional advertising. If money is spent wisely, you can develop an online presence that people find, with appropriate tools to help them spread the word to their friends. We only are supposed to pay when someone views our Ad or clicks on it. Whereas, traditional media have a huge cost.
  14. 14. GLOBAL REACH The geographical reach of the online medium is greater and faster than that of traditional media.
  15. 15. TRENDING Communication, if set effectively has an opportunity to become a trend on digital space. And those trends most of the time leaves a great impression of the brand.
  16. 16. REAL TIME PERFORMANCE CHECK Digital provides a real time analytics on how a campaign is performing and instant changes in the strategy can be made. Unlike print or TV, where the effects can be seen only after a period of time.
  17. 17. MEASURABLE The results are measurable in terms of queries or leads generated, people viewed our Ad, number of people clicked on the Ad, Traffic on website coming through which location and so on. All these makes easy for a marketer to analyze the ROI.
  18. 18. Let’s have a quick look at what few Social biggies are doing and how are they pulling in more people on their digital space to talk about their Brand!!
  19. 19. “Awarded Best Overall Brand Presence on Facebook” Coaxing women to sit and take notice, get educated and eventually have them use the unique products! 1) Launching Maybelline’s Bright Benefit (BB) cream via men - Never before was a product targeted at women marketed through men in the online space. 2) ‘WTF- Women Take Forever!’ – Creating a constant battle between the sexes! Asking women to go nude with the all-new 8 in 1 BB Cream and not take too long to get ready. 3) ‘Who AM EYE?’ With the reveal – ‘EYE AM bold’ - In one month the brand sold 75,000 units - equal to the sales of the Maybelline Colossal Kajal, its highest selling product in the Indian market.
  20. 20. The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt. Using social media platforms, female fans were able to participate in a real time treasure hunt. Fans were literally running all around London to check into various fashionable locations that were broadcasted on Facebook and Twitter. The first fan to reach the location secured a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo’s new trainers, straight off the accessory hanger. An astonishing 4,000 people participated in the event, which caught the interest of local media. Result -- Sales increased by 33%, owing to the success of the Jimmy Choo marketing event. Positive online sentiment about the new range increased by 40% Choo Connection is another clever use of social media. Launched in 2011, it is an online visual montage of the brand’s history. The social arm is ‘Your Choo Stories’, where customers can submit stories about their most significant moments with the brand. Famous celebrity contributors include Elle Macpherson, Elizabeth Hurley and Sex and the City wardrobe director. Result -- According to stats, Choo Connection has increased the time spent on the main Jimmy Choo site by 20%, leading to increased sales off the online shoe and boot hanger
  21. 21. IS DIGITAL PRESENCE IMPORTANT ?? Decision is Yours.
  22. 22. THANK Y OU - +91 8800242690 KRITI KOHLI W W W. THECUFF LINKS. IN -