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Like It Or Spike it: Social Media Case Studies


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Tired of hearing the same old social media marketing case studies? David Griner and Dave Peck introduce you to seven diverse and recent efforts.

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Like It Or Spike it: Social Media Case Studies

  1. With your hosts….! Dave Peck! David Griner! Meshin! Luckie & Co.! @DavePeck! @Griner!
  2. To help launch Season 2 of “The Colony,” Discovery Channel partnered with creative agency Campfire to make a Facebook-based alternate reality game.!
  3. Results:! • Coverage in Mashable, Neatorama, MediaPost, AdFreak and more! • Players spent an average of 6 minutes on site, some as long as 20 minutes! • 70% of users chose to allow Facebook Connect! • 59% who reached final “tune in” message went back and re-started the experience! • 350,000 pageviews in 2 weeks leading up to season premiere! Source: !Campfire!
  4. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  5. For its first global digital ad campaign, Cosmopolitan created a Facebook Connect app that simulates being in a Cosmo photo shoot.!
  6. Results:! • Launch coverage in the New York Times — but almost nowhere else! • 3,800 users in first week 
 (Facebook fan base for Cosmo: 534,000)! • Positive feedback from international fans on Facebook! Source: !App user data determined by “Monthly Active Users” as of Oct. 10, 2010!
  7. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  8. When American Express declined to sell advance tickets for Pee-wee’s theater revival to its cardholders, the offer went to his Facebook fans instead — kicking off a landslide of social media support.!
  9. Results:! • Twitter: 590,000 followers! • Facebook: 230,000 Likes! • Foursquare: 9,500 Friends (up from 4,000 just days after badge launch)! • $1.5 million in ticket presales before the first ad ever ran! • Massive, glowing news coverage ! Sources: !“Pee-wee friends online followers to box office,” Variety, Sept. 11, 2010! ! !Social network data updated Oct. 10, 2010!
  10. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  11. In September 2010, Edge shaving gel began a Twitter campaign offering to help those who tweeted with a #soirritating hashtag. For some, rewards included iPod Touches, PS3s or gift cards.!
  12. Results:! • “Tremendous feedback,” according to senior brand manager! • Campaign extended past September! • 4,930 tweets using #soirritating hashtag from Sept. 10 – Oct. 10! • 2,839 tweets using #soirritating AND @EdgeShaveZone! Sources: !“Shaving Away Irritations via Twitter,”, Oct. 8, 2010! ! !Hashtag data via Radian6!
  13. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  14. In a two-pronged Facebook campaign, PepsiCo’s Naked is soliciting “your personal Naked Truth” for a chance at a Costa Rica vacation and also bringing the effort to college campuses.!
  15. Results:! • 14,615 active app users in first two weeks! • 2,000 photos from campuses (uploaded by brand), but only a handful from fans! • Minimal launch coverage! • Audience (currently 44,000 fans) likely to grow as print ads and other campaign support begin running! Source: !Facebook status updated Oct. 11, 2010.!
  16. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  17. An hour before the Season 2 premiere of NBC’s sitcom “Community,” the network played out a bonus scene on Twitter, with 80 #nbccommunity tweets posted by characters.!
  18. Results:! • Extensive preview coverage by Wired, HuffPo, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company and more! • 122,492 total followers for character accounts (average of 10,200 per character)! • Viewership (5 million) was down 2.7 million from Season 1 premiere (after “The Office”) ! • BUT ratings were up 16% from debut in 8 p.m. slot — despite now competing with “Big Bang Theory”! Sources: !Twitter data updated Oct. 11, 2010.! ! !Ratings info:,!
  19. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  20. In a branded charity effort with Canadian underwear label Stanfield’s, a cancer survivor locked himself in his apartment for 25 days. The goal? 25,000 Likes, yielding $25,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.!
  21. Results:! • First 9 days: 31,000 Likes (Goal extended to $50K)! • $1,435 raised through Donation Challenges! • Clear spike in mentions for Stanfieldʼs: ! Sources: !Facebook and donation data updated Oct. 14, 2010.! ! !Conversation data: Radian6!
  22. Peckʼs Take" Grinerʼs Take"
  23. Closing thoughts:! • Be clear in your goals, and make it easy for your audience to help you reach them! • Be original, even it means risking the unknown! • Base your ideas around the real reasons people like your brand !
  24. Thanks for your time.! Want even more opinions from us? ! Dave Peck" David Griner"!!!! @DavePeck! @Griner! @MeshIn!