Fear and Loathing in Social Media


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A guide to overcoming today's corporate phobias.

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  • Many of these points can be paralleled in education.
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  • Excellent presentation. Love the direct approach to companies who are trying first to write policies of how to use social networking so they can ensure compliance to address the fears you've stated. As a talent acquisition consultant who tries to help companies use the tools, this clearly explains why some are successful and others not. It all starts with a culture of trust and willingness to listen.
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  • Love it-it's now a favorite of mine and I'm passing it along! Twitter me! CapeCodRealty
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Fear and Loathing in Social Media

  1. A guide to overcoming today’s corporate phobias. “For every moment of triumph,quot; for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.” — Hunter S. Thompson
  2. Part I Crossroads are where quot; collisions happen
  3. The only thing more popular than quot; using social media marketing quot; is questioning social media marketing. And that's a good thing.
  4. Companies know they should quot; use social media. They just don’t know how.
  5. A recent survey of marketers’ quot; priorities for 2009 included: o  Social media (68%) o  E-mail marketing (60%) o  Blogs (56%) o  Online video (51%) o  Microsites (43%) Source: Junta42 e-mail survey, December 2008
  6. But… 75 percent of marketers have quot; budgeted less than $100,000 quot; for social media efforts in ’09. Source: “Social media outlay still small,” Adweek, March 16, 2009
  7. Social media is forcing companies quot; to confront the difference between quot; what they say quot; and what they believe.
  8. How companies should quot; see their customers:
  9. Source: KOP on Flickr
  10. How companies actually quot; see their customers:
  11. How companies should quot; see their employees:
  12. How companies actually quot; see their employees:
  13. Social media is the ultimate reality check. And usually, quot; reality’s not as bad as we think.
  14. Part II Confronting corporate fears.
  15. Corporate Fear No. 1 The public will eat us alive.
  16. The blunt answer:quot; If so, they're doing it already. You're just not there to hear it. Or defend yourself.
  17. The practical answer:quot; Your critics aren't waiting for you to use social media. Your customers are.
  18. Client case study:quot; Bloggers give Little Debbie a warm reception — and get some record traffic in return.
  19. The idea: Send sample boxes to 50 mom bloggers, no strings attached. Give away 3 identical boxes quot; to each blogger’s readers.
  20. Source: Petroville.com
  21. In just five weeks, Little Debbie’s quot; 100 Calorie Snack outreach sparked: o  98 posts on 71 blogs o  More than 5,000 reader comments o  830 new followers on Twitter
  22. More importantly, it created a real and rewarding relationship quot; between Little Debbie and its audience.
  23. Corporate Fear No. 2 We can’t trust our employees.
  24. The blunt answer:quot; Then why are you paying them?
  25. The practical answer:quot; If you trust someone to talk to your customers, you can trust them to use social media.
  26. Intel encourages smart use of social media by empowering employees to: “Provide unique, individual perspectives on what's going on at Intel and in the world.” “Post meaningful, respectful comments” “Reply to comments quickly, when a response is appropriate.” “Respect proprietary information and confidentiality.”
  27. The keys are:quot; Training Flexibility Empowerment
  28. Corporate Fear No. 3 We’ll lose control of our brand.
  29. The blunt answer:quot; You’re more likely to find out what your brand really is.
  30. The practical answer:quot; Social media is the ultimate way to prove your brand promise and make it a reality.
  31. Launched in 2008, BrandTags.net asks users to describe companies with one word, then creates a “cloud” to show which words are used most.quot;
  32. Client case study:quot; How one destination uses social media to prove its brand promise on a global stage.
  33. “We guarantee you a life enriching experience each and every time you visit Asheville. It's personal, personal to you. And it is also personal to us.”
  34. Asheville’s social-powered quot; Five Day Weekend campaign sparked the nation to question today’s work-life balance.
  35. Corporate Fear No. 4 If we screw up, quot; it’ll haunt us on the Web forever.
  36. The blunt answer:quot; That’s called accountability.
  37. The practical answer:quot; True, the Web has a long memory. But it's never too late to improve.
  38. Comcast, Dell and Wal-Mart have each used social media to recover from embarrassing missteps and become role models for other companies.
  39. Corporate Fear No. 5 Our audience doesn’t use quot; social media.
  40. The blunt answer: Then your audience must be deceased.
  41. The practical answer:quot; Every generation is embracing social media, but not in the same ways.
  42. Nearly a third of Facebook’s users are between 35 and 55. There are more than quot; 2 million users over the age 55 Source: Facebook, March 2009
  43. Corporate Fear No. 6 We don’t have the time or staffing for social media.
  44. The blunt answer:quot; Then start small and let the work prove its own value.
  45. The practical answer:quot; It takes less time than quot; you’d think. Soon, it’s just quot; part of your daily life.
  46. Social media is just a communication tool. As with radios, televisions and phones, quot; you can’t adapt without trying it out.
  47. Corporate Fear No. 7 We can’t predict the ROI.
  48. The blunt answer: You can’t predict the return on an investment you don’t make.
  49. The practical answer:quot; Social media is one of the most measurable marketing tools in existence. You just have to decide what to measure.
  50. HP’s “31 Days of the Dragon” o  Gave laptops to 31 bloggers o  Laptops then given away to readers o  84% increase in HDX Dragon sales o  10% increase in overall PC sales Source: The Viral Garden, Sept. 29, 2008
  51. In December 2008, quot; Dell estimated it had made quot; $1 million in sales thanks to Twitter.
  52. What else can be measured? Blog posts Inbound traffic Reader comments Clickthroughs Twitter mentions Video views Twitter followers Channel subscribers Facebook fans Video embeds Links SlideShare views RSS subscribers Tags Google trends Diggs Alexa rankings Stumbles Search results App downloads Nielsen BuzzMetrics Podcast subscribers
  53. If you can learn what’s important quot; to your customers, you can learn what’s important quot; to your business.
  54. Thanks for your time. david.griner@luckie.com Twitter.com/griner TheSocialPath.com Slideshare.net/Griner