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Project #6 Crowd Sourcing


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Crowd Sourcing: discussing how modern technology and social media have changed advertising and do-it-yourself products.

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Project #6 Crowd Sourcing

  1. 1. Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a Crowd Sourcing: How it's changing products, design and the industry
  2. 2. TV has significantly changed modern living, pople shifted their free time to freely watching tv in the evenings and weekends. Society has used TV as time filler, However, trends in the 2016 world have shifted over that people are using their time to be filled with internet videos and other media that keeps them entertained. I believe that the reason for a shift pattern is because consumers want their products here and now. The book: Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age Bantam by Clay Shirky says that its important to look at technology and how it connects to each other. A very interesting point that the book makes is that with the rise of technology and digital cameras, people have documented events and uploaded them for the world to see. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat have all changed the way advertising has been put together. Self- Made decorations for my Grandmother's 90th birthday in May. My cousin got all ideas from Pintrest. Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a
  3. 3. While there are ads on videos, websites, e-mails etc, the best kind of advertising is seeing how other people are doing things online. I participated in a color run recently. It was 3 mile walk/run where it's designed for people to partake in an activity of walking the stretch, while being covered in colored powder and at the end, they throw a huge party. Once I posted pictures on a social media outlet, suddenly my friends wanted to participate next year. The best kind of advertising in today's world is seeing people post pictures at events, where they ask you to #hash tag the name of the event, tagging your location. The article “Why social media advertising is set to explode in 3 years” by Sonny Ganguly discusses how companies are using different apps and social media to advertise, and the marketing research that is done. Me and my friend michelle at the 2016 Long Island 5K color run I posted instagram. I got so much talk after I posted pictures Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a
  4. 4. Target marketing” is a term used to explain the relationship of companies who are seeing a specific audience for their marketing.Advertising is being done in a way to target consumers rather than commercials that appeal to all audiences. Advertising is being brought to so many platforms and companies are making sure they are reaching all outlets. Another way that Crowd Sourcing has changed is internet and modern technology have given users the freedom to create and enter the world of the world of “Do It Yourself”. There are countless blogs, websites, and forums dedicated to people being able to creatively make anything from home improvement- t shirts, food, nail art and more with the help of online instructions. Pintrest is the leader in this- where products are being made by consumers themselves, people take and give ideas to other users, and information is being shared at a rapid pace. The article entitled “ What is the maker movement and why should we care” written by Birt Morin discusses the ideas of individuals making their own products and the social media outlets for advice and ideas. This changes the consumer market entirely- shifting a focus on crafty places like AC Moore and Dollar stores to help fuel the focus on increasing creativity, and allowing consumers to create things cheaper than they'd buy in a store. Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a
  5. 5. In conclusion Crowd Sourcing- refers to getting services from people through the internet- and this pertains to my life because I am a consumer who constantly uses Pintrest, and Instagram to get ideas and spread notice about things I am involved in, and get ideas for any projects I may take on. Today's consumers are more influenced by what they find online and what others do which is a huge source for advertising, selling and developing products – in which is more influential than commercials or magazine ads can provide. My 2016 Hofstra Graduation Cap Inspiration from Pintrest/ Instagram Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a
  6. 6. References Books used in report: Shirky, Clay, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age Bantam, 2010 Gangguly, Sonny, “Why Social Media Advertising Is Set To Explode In The Next 3 Years”: marketing published March 17th 2015 Morin, Brit; What is the maker movement and Why should you care? Huffington Published May 2nd 2013 Internet articles about Advertising and Do-It-Yourself media outlets Shaving cream/ paint art Inspired by articles on Pintrest! Assignment six: crowd courcing Laura Lovaglio FA102a