May 2012 Cultural Fuel Trend Report


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May 2012 Cultural Fuel Trend Report


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  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. RAY BAN - BRIGHT LIGHT"Living in a big city can make it difficult to find a good sunspot especially where buildings are covering the sun. Ray Banintroduced an application “Bright Lights” which indicates the best sunspots throughout the day to encourage theircustomers to get the most out of the sun and their sunglasses. !Source:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  5. 5. LEGO STAR WARS ORGAN INSTRUMENT"For the movie premiere of the new Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, Serviceplan Campaign created a special organinstrument “Hoth” or the jungle “Tatooine”. The Figures and landscapes release a mechanism which then presses akeyboard button to play the Star Wars theme composed by John Williams. Serviceplan Campaign won at the PragueInternational Advertising Festival with this great idea.!Source:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  6. 6. NIKE BUILDING TWIST"Nikes „Building Twist“ is the next installment after the „Free Face“ campaign. The further stage is an interactiveprojection mapping experience controlled by the Nike Free sneaker that has been wired up with pressure sensors. Viathis installation the user can twist the building like you can twist the shoe. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  7. 7. SPRITE SHOWER"Great outdoor activation work by Ogilvy, Sao Paulo, Brazil, for Sprite. They placed a giant Sprite dispenser in one of themost crowded beaches in Brazil. The people on the beach could enjoy a refreshing cool off and get a taste of Sprite. TheGodzilla dispenser served around 1.500 showers per day during the event together with a sampling around the machine.!Although it was pure water pouring from the pipes, the installation provided a bold venue for Sprite to execute itssampling strategy.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  8. 8. IKEA - BATHROOM"During a design furniture fair in Milan, Ikea mislead the visitors by hiding a 20 square meters generous bathroom inside aportable toilet. The bathroom was equipped with hidden cameras. After the first desperate fair visitor dared to enter thebathroom, he called in all of his friends to admire the luxurious bathroom facilities. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  9. 9. 3M SCOTCH-BRITE – WASH YOUR BILL"The 3M scotch-brite campaign is based on the cliché of forgetting your wallet and having to wash dishes to pay for yourbill. They teamed up with some restaurants around São Paulo. When the customer received the bill they also got theinvitation to clean their dishes in exchange for paying the bill. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  10. 10. LUFTHANSA - ANYWAKE APP"Anywake – Where will you wake up tomorrow? Anywake made by Lufthansa Sweden is an alarm clock that takes you toplaces. When the alarm rings in the morning youʼll wake up to the sound of a randomly selected city. To turn off thealarm, you have to guess which one. If you get it right, you get a discount on a plane ticket to that city. Developed on acrucial cultural insight, Swedish do not seem to be at ease with getting up in the morning.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  11. 11. THE LIBERATION"The danish brand Only launched their ʻOnly Because We Canʼ Campaign. ʻThe Liberationʼ is an interactive fashion filmwhere the audience can control the progress of the movie by clicking on different items inside the video. This is aninteractive journey with lots of brand experience, endorsement and a personalized catalogue in the end.!Source:!Watch it on: !
  12. 12. UNDERHEARD IN NEW YORK"The number of unsheltered individuals in New York increased around 34% between 2009 and 2010. The „Underheard inNew York“ initiative makes use of the powerful communication available nowadays to give people a voice who need itthe most. Therefore, they gave four homeless residents from NYC (Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos) prepaid mobilephones and Twitter accounts to involve them into the global community. Get to know their stories and personaldevelopment and click on their images on the web page.!Source:!Watch it on:!!
  13. 13. CNN #COP17 ECOSPHERE"Political participation 3.0. At the start of the worldʼs climate summit CNN launched a new project called COP 17Ecosphere. The application combines and visualizes tweets in real-time. All tweets tagged with #cop17 (Conferences ofthe Parties) will be sorted into different categories and then displayed as trees and branches. The size depends on theamount of messages for each category. Berlin based agency HEIMAT won the ADC Grand Prix with COP 17 Ecosphere.!Source:!Watch it on YouTube:!
  14. 14. ABSOLUT INSPIRE: AUGMENTED REALITY STREET ART"Creating a new world without creative limitation, Absolut Vodka created the movement called „Absolut Inspire“ which isan Augemented Reality Street Art App. It combines Google Street View with an app which allows you to implement yourown digital street art anywhere in the world. This concept is not totally novel but the integration of the brand and bottle isa great idea.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  15. 15. TWITPOKER: BET YOUR FOLLOWERS"This initiative had more than 27.000 people playing one poker game at the same table. That sound impossible but wasmade possiblre with the usage of Twitter. The campaign designed to let you bet your twitter followers in a game of poker.In this case they called on 5 of the best twitterers of Columbia who played the first poker game, where they bet theirfollowers instead of money.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  16. 16. HOUSEHUNTER TEST DRIVE"The househunter test drive is a great example for a good and successful teamwork of media buyers, publishers andcreatives. They created a smart media format under the cooperation between Nissan and one of the most famoushouse-hunting pages in their region. Knowing that incoming experts always look for a new house and a new car, theycreated an special online banner on the house-hunting web page, which is linked with customers search data. Hence thebanner offered the audience a suitable car to drive them to their flat viewing. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  17. 17. TROJAN JOB ADVERTISEMENT"Lorem Ipsum is an online service that creates dummy text. Jung von Matt/Alster used Lorem for an unusual recruitingcampaign. After copying the Lorem Ipsum dummy text into the layout, creatives experienced a surprise. A hidden jobadvertisement appears: “Do your layouts deserve better than Lorem Ipsum? Apply as an art director and team up withthe best copywriters at Jung von Matt.“!Via:!Watch it on:!
  18. 18. CANADIAN CLUB BEER FAIRYLAND"The whisky brand Canadian Club is being promoted with the campaign „Beer Fairyland“ which takes on Australiasobsession with beer. They produced a series of commercials providing the story about sloppy dressed „Beer Fairies“which were eliminated every time a person decides to buy a Canadian Club instead of a beer. Furthermore, the CCinvites users to sign up for Beer Fairy Hunting Season on their Facebook page.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  19. 19. TEDX BUENOS AIRES"The non profit organisation dedicated to ideas worth spreading and to bring inspiration all over the world had a mission.Their target was to gain more awareness amongst the common people in Latin America. Therefore they started to call forthe most remarkable speakers that are capable of keeping listeners glued to their chairs: taxi drivers and hair dressers.These people got invited to the TEDX conference to get information and then do what they do best - talk. !Source:!Watch it on:!!
  20. 20. THINKBOX - HARVEY AND RABBIT"Advertising of a TV advertisement. Thinkbox created different spots to promote how important, effective and powerful TVis as a medium and what an impact it can have on peopleʼs mindsets. Several spots influence through emotional story-telling the viewer and their behaviour. !Source:!Watch them on:!
  21. 21. AUDI A6 - ALIEN"Audiʼs latest spot for the new A6. Itʼs about a little girl who thinks her father is an alien and she has proof. Her father talksa strange language, drinks green stuff and additionally walks weird. But the major point, he drives a spaceship. Theexecution by Venables Bell & Partners (US) turned out well and the story telling of the little girl somehow touchedemotional chords. But in some sense it also kind of reminds us of the VW Star Wars Spots. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  22. 22. THE WORLD´S FIRST CONCERT AT A 50 M HEIGHT"Coca-Cola presented the launch of the new album of a renowned local band by hosting the first concert at a height of 50meters to promote the Coca-Cola online radio station. By downloading the albumʼs song via their mobile phones theyalso engaged with the band. Each time the audience downloaded the song played by the band the stage came down 10meters until they touched ground level with their fans. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  23. 23. NIKE EXHIBITION BRAND EXPERIENCE"Showcasing the history and technology development of the Free range footwear, Nike currently runs an interactiveexhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition is called “The Super Natural Ride” and includes the visualization of the Nike FreeConcept. Edited by illustrators, graphic designers as well as design studios based in Japan.!Source:!
  24. 24. NCDV DRAG HIM AWAY CAMPAIGN"The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) has launched an interactive billboard campaign at Euston Station toraise awareness about how people can intervene to help put a stop to domestic violence. The campaign, which launched30 April 2012, runs on JCDecauxʼs large format e-motion screens and encourages passers by to get involved in theadvert by controlling the scene using their mobile phone.!Posted by Florian Geiger on!
  25. 25. VW POLO DAD"Seen it before a million times. If anything sells cars better than sex, itʼs parental feelings.!But then again, it works.!Happy Fatherʼs day.!Posted by Alexander Wipf on!
  26. 26. ROCKER RELEASES ALBUM ON NINTENDO GAMINGCARTRIDGES"Nowadays, every music you buy ends up on the computer. Therefore, it does not matter and there are no rules anymoreregarding the type of release. Rocker Jon Black, who performs as Fort Atlantic, decided to offer their newest album onoriginal Nintendo cartridges. He says that he wanted to make something physical to hold the digital music. Bands aregetting more and more creative regarding their album releases.!Source:!Watch it on:!
  27. 27. THE SOLAR ANNUAL REPORT"The annual report for Austria Solar by Serviceplan received the golden nail for the category dialogue marketing –dialogue mail. The challenge was to put the produced energy of Austria Solar on to paper. The idea came up to create areport which is powered by the sun. The content is invisible until sunlight falls on its pages. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  28. 28. THE NEW RAINBOW WARRIOR"The Earth needs a new Warrior: It needs You. DDB Paris created a website for Greenpeace International where peoplewho want to support the idea of "lets save the planet together" can buy a piece of the new Rainbow Warrior. Due to the3D design guests can explore all areas of the ship. More or less everything on the boat can be purchased and thereforesupports the organisation building their boat. Shoppers get a certificate and can have their name added to a wall on thereal Rainbow Warrior. !Source:!Watch it on:!
  29. 29. TRENDS"
  30. 30. THE DIGITAL CRAFT"Once upon a time there were no PCʼs and easily printing, design centred on tradition and craftsmanship. Thedevelopment and usage of technology changed everything. The digital age symbolized forward moving and craft was areturn of the old. Today we discover a new era ʻdigital-physicalʼ draws together digital design and physical craftsmanship.!Via:!For further information:!
  31. 31. FULLY SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING!How are you able to persuade consumers that your brand is really natural and not greenwashed? As part of a marketingdrive a Brazilian based juice producer, called Camp, showcased a new way of sustainable packaging. After two years ofresearch they developed a juice package made out of fruit. !Via:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  32. 32. INSTAGRAM SOCIALMATIC CAMERA"This is not the first approach for a real Instagram camera. A couple of design studios around the world created casestudies for a real camera. Hence there must be a need for such a gadget. An app which is almost worth a billion dollarcould think about vertical diversification. We will see what our listed TECDAX company will do with this opportunity.!Source:!
  34. 34. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS"Alex Osterwalder presented some of his thinking behind briefing business models. For those of you who are always huntfor new briefing templates this might be really interesting.!Source:!Posted by Björn Brockmann on!
  35. 35. DEPRESSED COPYWRITER"Who is the depressed copywriter? Posted anonymously on a website, a copywriter takes little stripes of paper andchanges headlines. Mostly depressing statements are the result. This is an attempt trying to solve information overloadas well as the diversity of advertisement messages and statements.!Source:!Check it out on: //!
  36. 36. ONLINE ORGAN DONOR"Privacy issues and oversharing of personal information on social media platforms have always been a bit of a delicate topic, whereparticularly Facebook has been repeatedly under fire. However, the concept of sharing personal data has now taken a bit more of aserious and thought provoking note. Mark Zuckerberg announced at the beginning of the week that Facebook has added an organdonor status to its Timeline view. Users can add where and when they signed up and share their donation stories. “ We believe thatby simply telling people that youʼre an organ donor, the power of sharing and connection can play an important role.” the companywrote in a blog post. The feature also allows you to find a link to an official donor registry in your area. Could social media actuallyhave the power to save lives?!Posted by Mareike Jaensch on !For more info, check the source link below:!
  37. 37. LEO BURNETT SOCIALSHOP STUDY AND FRAMEWORK"SocialShop is a deep dive study into the social media usage behavior of shoppers.!The study has confirmed Shopper Archetypes and unearthed specific social shopper needs based on product category and socialchannel. More than just yet another social study with statistics and numbers, I believe the Leo Burnett / Arc research team hasmanaged to create an empirical but strategic framework for how to define the role of social media channels depending on peopleʼsneeds, their shopper archetype.!This focal study is a derivative of the larger PeopleShop quantitative study of 8000 shoppers, examining over 40 offline and onlinetouchpoints, local shopper archetypes, shopping occasions, shopping trip types and channels in over 20 product categories.PeopleShop helps build qualitative shopper journeys that offer deeper insights into shopper behavior than previously possible.!This study is currently underway in 4 European markets and we expect to be able to share it with you in September.!Posted by Alexander Wipf on!
  38. 38. YOUTUBEʻS SEVENTH BIRTHDAY"7 years ago Chad Huley founded YouTube, 6 years ago Google Inc. aquired the company for 1,31 billion dollar, todaythere are over four billion views and 72 hours of video uploaded each day. For the seventh birthday YouTube publisheda video with important milestones and some interesting statistics. 
Via:!Watch it on YouTube:!
  39. 39. WHO CLICKS ON BANNER ADS"Banner ads have been around for quite a while now and their overuse has sometimes led them to be viewed withskepticism at times. This infographic takes a look at the value of banner ads, exploring whoʼs actually clicking, why theyclick or donʼt click, and the top three ways banner ads are used.!!View the full infographic here:!
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