12 Stellar Social Media Marketing Campaigns that worked


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12 Stellar Social Media Marketing Campaigns that worked

  1. 1. Challenge: Overcome negative imageSolution: Lip Dub video produced by an entire community.Results: Video went viral, reaching 4.2M views on YouTube in the first 4months. Cracking the top 10 for most viewed video in the world on5/28/11. Including hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes/shares todate. Also, the project received huge coverage across traditional mediaoutlets and blogs, greatly increasing their message and reach. you couldeasily say they received roughly $300,000 worth of media impact ontheir $40,000 investment (15M*$20/1000 = $300,000)
  2. 2. Challenge: Launch a new productSolution: Dunkin Donuts’ Facebook Campaign Turns Your Profile Pic intoPrizesResults: Their overall number of Twitter followers increased since thecampaign from a total of around 23,000 followers to almost 43,000followers. Also, at the time of the campaign, there was about 103comments on the update with the campaign details plus around 500clicks on the like button.
  3. 3. Challenge: To keep the conversation going in a highlycompetitive situationSolution: Promote a hashtag, find your influencersResults: Klout helped Audi find more than 1,100 people to reach out to aboutthe campaign — 200 of them received an Audi travel mug and flashlight.Klout’s Audiphiles tweeted more than 12,000 times about the hashtag,creating a viral chain of Audi-related chatter online. The company then chosethe best tweets containing #ProgressIs; the winner, @jetsetbrunette, won atrip to California to test-drive some Audis, and she also got to choose a charityto which Audi donated $25,000. A study by Visibli stats that Audi now has themost “engaged” fans of any entity on Facebook
  4. 4. Challenge: Crowdsource a new productSolution: DEWmocracy was a multi-part, long-term project aimed atcreating a new soda flavor through fan voting.Results: Mountain Dew gained a ton of exposure and loyalty bymobilizing its customers to help grow the brand. The largely grassrootsmovement built natural buzz around the new flavors with a huge net ofsocial media exposure.
  5. 5. Challenge: Get young people to talk about healthSolution: Asked folks to donate their facebook and twitter statuses tothe cause, created an app to capitalize on thatResults: don’t know, but it’s brilliant! Or is it?...
  6. 6. Challenge: unmask the reality of the cosmetic industrySolution: They produced a “sneak peek” video portraying what goes onin the inside of the cosmetics industry.Results: Over 5 million views in less than 1 year. Received best of all atCannes Festival. Generated buzz within the Cosmetic Industry. Changedthe way the cosmetic industry advertises products today. Submitted by: Morgan Davis and
  7. 7. Challenge: launch a new productSolution: Creating a sexually appealing video that’s targeted at youngermales. The Facebook page leads users through a “diagnosis” processwhere they “refer” friends. The friends are then given a prescription toeliminate the problem of premature perspiration. They can then sendand share their video diagnosis with others. (EVERYONE SHOULD TRYTHIS – SO FUNNY)Results: More than 110,000 FB likes Submitted by: Morgan Davis and Trevor Dufresne
  8. 8. Challenge: engage an audience, develop loyaltySolution: Tim Hortons Facebook Campaign, Share your “moment”, sharea coffee, win $5,000 worth of Tim Cards.Results: On going, top 10 stories are being voted on and being sharedthrough facebook Submitted by: Robin Geran and Megan Pritchard
  9. 9. Challenge: repair a botched public imageSolution: Create a hashtag cult on Twitter #winningResults: Using his cult following and his hashtag #winning, Charlie tookTwitter by storm. He and his followers broke the Guinness World recordfor fastest person to reach 1 million followers, it only took Charlie about25 hours to break the record. Submitted by: Amanda Wright, Doris Sun, Graham Caverly, Mike Kusters
  10. 10. Challenge: host an event that reached out to people athomeSolution: Partnership between VEVO and YouTube to connect the waysof music and social media sponsored by AMEXResults: In one year, American Express had five concert performancesthat were live streamed for both card members and music loversthrough VEVO’s page and YouTube. Tracked 30 Million total streams forjust three out of the five artists featured in American Express Unstaged. Submitted by: Cory Firth, Dayna Scott, Chris Green
  11. 11. Challenge: Create a something word-of-mouth worthyfor a low budget movieSolution: The anticipation for the Blair Witch Project was created byspreading rumors about the fate of the movie’s main characters with fakenewspaper clippings and police photos of their missing car being spread onwhat was then the 1999 version of what we now call social media.Results: for a movie that cost $22,000 to make, at last count it has grossedover $240 million, making it the worlds most profitable movie ever. Submitted by: Avery Barnes, Shanika Dopwell, Blaze Gentile, Dillon Quinn
  12. 12. Challenge: Launch a new productSolution: First be available on Nov. 14 — but not in stores. Rather,consumers will be able to buy the ketchup only through the brand’sFacebook page until the product begins to appear in supermarkets in lateDecember.Results: just launched Submitted by: John Conrad