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  1. 1. Word of Mouth Marketing The greatest marketing force as a strategy. Willem Sodderland, Founder & CEO of Buzzer 11 januari 2010 Haarlem
  2. 2. What’s wrong with this picture ? Let’s discuss marketing paradigms.
  3. 3. Seduction vs. Matchmaking My rule of thumb is this: Every person you turn away because your product or service isn't right for them turns into three great customers down the road. Every bad sale costs you five. Seth Godin
  4. 4. Marketing 5.0 ? Word of Mouth Marketing Social marketing Product seeding Twitter marketing Blog marketing Viral marketing Community Marketing Influencer Marketing Stealth Marketing Shilling Pop-up retail Co-creation Crowdsourcing Evangelist Marketing User Generated Content Referral Programs Marketing 2.0, PR 2.0 Product Reviews, Testimonials Advertorials & Commercial Content Social networks Branded communities
  5. 5. WoM = Social Marketing Customer Participation Word of Mouth Marketing Social Marketing The Brand
  6. 6. Football Coaches & Car Repair Auctions Become a coach and trainer of a football club Auction your car repair to car repairshops and pick the best ‘bidder’.
  7. 7. Asus: You, me , WE PC
  8. 8. Open Source Politics & Crowdfunding Draft Obama Initiated by volunteers without Obama’s knowledge
  9. 9. Challenge: how to reach the consumer Vs. Incredible Advertising Mass ‘Push’ Interruption Individual Interaction Credible Your Place & Time Word of Mouth
  10. 10. The essence of Word of Mouth. Advertising makes people curious 1 Product experiences create word of mouth 2 Word of Mouth makes curious people comfortable to buy 3
  11. 11. WWWoM... "Advertising has been supplanted as the chief shaper of consumer attitudes by word of mouth, which today's Web-linked consumer communities have put on overdrive” C.K. Prahalad, Venkat Ramaswamy, The Future of Competition
  12. 12. The real World of Social Networks Online Social Networks Family Foot ball W ork Scho ol Unive rsity Traffic Jam P ub Beach Train Train L ibrary Volunteers Pets /Park Online Social Networks 10% 90%
  13. 13. Ok. But how do you leverage WoM ? Create a more Buzzable Product (build buzz into it) Facilitate Product Experiences (most powerful WoM) Create Conversation Starters (product & story travel better) Tell a story (more (reason) to share) Engage & Co-create (involvement boosts everything) Give people a reason to talk about you.
  14. 14. Enhance Product Buzzability Slagroom Capuccino schuim
  15. 15. Canon: real product experiences Upload your photo and receive the picture printed On the photoprinter you consider buying
  16. 16. 3 Musketeers & 1600 Hairdressers
  17. 17. Storytelling <ul><li>Provide stories about the context of a product. The product will follow. </li></ul><ul><li>24 pages with buzzable facts, history, shaving techniques and… </li></ul><ul><li>… most famous beards/moustaches in history </li></ul>
  18. 18. Turn the laundry into a conversation Whitewashing: a 28 page booklet filled with buzzable stories about doing the laundry. Circulation: 75.000 Monica Lewinsky’s dress : one of the most famous stains in history. Worth talking about…
  19. 19. A powerful story: make the claim real. Prove convenience ? Hold your old detergent and Small & Mighty in your stretched arms and see how long you can hold both…
  20. 20. Radio Shack & Facebook A custom Facebook application creates a mosaïc of your Friends’ pictures, promoting two digital cameras.
  21. 21. Engagement boosts impact. Engagement comes from interaction, participation, customisation, personalisation, influence, sharing, openness, vulnerability.
  22. 22. <ul><li>Wearing a moustache (for a charity) as a conversation starter. You don’t have to start, everybody else will ! </li></ul>Conversation & Engagement: Moustache Guerillas Canon…
  23. 23. Fiat 500 – Co-create 500 days before the launch of the Fiat 500, potential customers are invited to create accessories and themes for advertising.
  24. 24. You know what, let’s...
  25. 25. Buzzable Books Paradigm Shift Storytelling Virality Word of Mouth Consumer Behaviour
  26. 26. Q & (hopefully) A
  27. 27. Contact [email_address]