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Keeping Social Media Sexy

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Keeping Social Media Sexy

  1. When did “campaign” become a dirty word?
  2. “There is no such thing as a Social Media Campaign. Social Media is not a campaign. You cannot view it through an outdated advertising lens.” – Deborah Schultz,10/18/07
  3. Doing social media campaigns “is like buying a new car each time you want to drive to the grocery store.” – Joe Marchese, 7/15/08
  4. So to recap, social media campaigns are outdated cars that don’t exist.
  5. But saying social media isn’t about campaigns is like saying a marriage isn’t about sex.
  6. Social media marketing campaigns keep things interesting. Plus, not every fling has to be a lifelong commitment.
  7. Having a social media presence, or even a strategy, while vital, is not really that interesting. Campaigns can create buzz, re-energize your brand and open up opportunities.
  8. A campaign can also sell executives on the potential, scope, affordability and relative ease of social media as a new channel for your business.
  9. OK, enough soapboxin’. Let’s look at pretty pictures.
  10. Product launches In the old days, they were all about the ad blitz. Now a launch is a great chance to spark buzz that can quickly perpetuate itself.
  11. Facebook Connect: Marketers are just scratching the surface of this social networking tool.
  12. Augmented Reality: Opening up social interaction with the inanimate world around us.
  13. What’s next: Making these technologies truly social and practical.
  14. Surprise delivery: Grasshopper, an 800 provider for small biz, sent grasshopper snacks to 5,000 influentials.
  15. CNET’s Josh Lowensohn eats a grasshopper.
  16. Results: • 4,911% traffic increase •144,843 video views with 162 comment •1,500 tweets •120 blog posts in one month • 7 national TV mentions Source: Mashable, “Dead Grasshoppers Give Life to Social Media Marketing Campaign”, 6/15/09
  17. The new art of the giveaway How a few free laptops can increase your traffic 600%.
  18. #squarespace: What started as a giveaway for podcast hosts quickly became a top topic on Twitter.
  19. Results: • Gave away 30 “iPhones” ($199 Apple gift cards) • Twitter followers skyrocketed from 815 to 32,000+ • 60% increase in site traffic • 20% increase in free trials Source:, 8/4/09
  20. #moonfruit: Web site builder Moonfruit gave away 10 Macbook Pros over 7 days, with bonus iPods for creative entries.
  21. Results: • Followers went from 444 to 44,113 • 600% traffic increase • 100% increase in signups • Campaign shortened from 10 days to 7 due to claims of “Twitter pollution” • Mentions were 82% positive Source:, 7/19/09
  23. How it works: 1. Interns send in photos asking for Little Debbie Muffins 2. Photos get featured on InternHero.coom 3. Interns win huge sampler boxes of muffins for their workplace
  24. A few of the companies who entered: MTV GE Radio Flyer Showtime Boeing Assurant Digitas Citi Oscar de la Modernista! Carfax Renta BBDO Penguin Red Hat Poke NY The Wall Ologie Nickelodeon Street Journal Arnold
  25. Targets of opportunity Social media is teaching marketers to monitor the conversation and pounce when the right moment arrives.
  26. Reebok sprints in : When Arien O'Connell lost the Nike Women’s Marathon on a technicality, Reebok gave her charter school free shoes for a year, T-shirts and $2,500. Source: Adrants, “Nike Minuses. Reebok Pluses.”, 11/8/08
  27. Chicken fix: KFC couldn’t honor its free chicken promotion, so El Pollo Loco offered to do it for them. Source: Consumerist, 5/7/09
  28. Brand enhancement A good campaign can prove your brand promise. A great campaign can take on a life of its own.
  29. Buzz down under: Victoria Tourism hit a social media (and PR) goldmine.
  30. It even inspired Delmarva Coast tourism officials to try it themselves, with slick results.
  31. Asheville’s Foodtopian Society: What began as a campaign is now a vibrant part of a destination’s draw.
  32. – Now has 2,000+ followers
  33. A few lessons learned for social media marketing campaigns:
  34. 1. Learn from others, but find the next evolution of an idea.
  35. 2. Be prepared to adapt as parts of the campaign fail or flourish.
  36. 3. Always be looking for ways to turn a short-term campaign into part of a long-term conversation.
  37. 4. Don’t let your campaign go out with a whimper.
  38. Thanks for your time.