The chazingroup interviewcareersuccess
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The chazingroup interviewcareersuccess



Ace the interview process to land ANY job.

Ace the interview process to land ANY job.



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  • One of the things that is most striking about the NACE research findings are the skills that employers identified as lacking in today’s graduates. This is extremely key, because these are the objections that you may encounter this year and you will need to be prepared to address these objections in selling your students to the types of employers that NACE surveyed.
  • You don’t have to worry @ setting up the intv. Globe has done all the work for you, getting possible employers here t meet with you. You will need to be dressed professionally in the your best, most conservative intvw suit (navy, black or gray for men & women), wearing very little if any cologne/perfume, fresh breath, trimmed neat haircut, very little jewelry (no lip or nose piercing). Bring 2x the # of resumes as # of companies that should be in attendance. Get the list of companies that are coming and do as much advance rsch o nthem as you can. Bring a portfolio of your work if you have things to show such as projects, flow charts, spreadsheets. You’ll know as much as you can about the person you’re going to meet. When you meet each person, shake hands firmly with the same degree or pressure they use (it helps to practice!) You will mirror them, meaning you subtly do exactly what they do – lean forward, back, cross legs, (but don’t cross arms b/c of its negative perception of being defensive). Basically, mirroring means you do the same thing they do just a few seconds after them. It puts people at ease. Be in control at all times. If they ramble on, try to bring them back to the point. Remember, this is your 45 minutes to an hour, and you won’t have much time to do the talking, so you have to make the most of this opportunity.TIP: No one ever learned the right way to interview. You can’t run the risk that the person you meet has any idea what they’re doing –you have to control the interview process.

The chazingroup interviewcareersuccess The chazingroup interviewcareersuccess Presentation Transcript

  • TheChazinGrouLandLand ANYANY JobJobThe Chazin Group
  • TheChazinGroupThe Chazin Group Me First…
  • All organizationsshare ONEessential trait…The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • They MUST attract theresources necessary toachieve their goals andsurvive (“organizationalmaintenance”)James Q. WilsonThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • An interview is aSALES call, but…youcan’t sell what youdon’t KNOW!The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • The Chazin GroupThe End of the Rainbow
  • Your Journey toPersonal ExplorationBegins.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • TheChazinGroupThe Chazin Group“It isn’t enough that wehave meaningful work.What is also required iswork that satisfies the soulsatisfies the soul.”Thomas MooreThomas Moore
  • 9The Chazin GroupDREAMDREAMJOBJOBPassions StrengthsYour Passions & Skills Collide
  • • Psychological Assessment Tools:– Keirsey Temperament Sorter(– Myers Briggs (– Hermann Brain Dominance– DISC Tool:– Birkman Method ( Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Exploration
  • • Your Goals:– Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement– Identify New Career Opportunities– Identify Ideal Industries and Companies– Identify Your Working StyleThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Exploration
  • • Match Your ValuesValues and Belief SystemBelief Systemto the Ideal CultureCulture of PotentialEmployers:– Research your ideal company culture.– Learn to distinguish between the FormalFormal andInformalInformal culture in ANY organization.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Assessment
  • ••••• 42.5 million Google results for the search“research company cultureresearch company culture”The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupFind Your Ideal Employer Culture
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupElements to ConsiderVeryImportant Important NeutralNotImportant N/ASecurityFinancial StabilityChallengeCreativityCompetitivenessPersonal GrowthPromotional OpportunitiesVarietyRoutineDetail OrientationOrganized EnvironmentCulture:•Values•Integrity•Energy•Structure•CelebrationsWhat’s MOST Important to You?
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupElements to ConsiderVeryImportant Important NeutralNotImportant N/AEnvironmentHelping or Impacting Lives ofOthersPacePhysical DemandsWork-Life BalanceRecognitionRate of PayEducational RequirementsPersonal Relationship withManagerPersonal Relationship with Co-workersPhysical locationCommuteWhat’s MOST Important to You?
  • Your Marketing 5 PsMission Statement TemplatesThe Chazin Group
  • ValuesThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupSome Values
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupOnline Research
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupIndustry Research
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupTransferableSkills
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupExperiences like volunteer work,hobbies, sports, previous jobs,college coursework or even lifehappenings can lead you to findthese skills. Any skill istransferable; the trick is showingemployers howhow your skills applyand are USEFULUSEFUL to Skills/?ArticleID=865&cbRecursionCnt=1&cbsid=a8a01ebfc2c04b5697e1861bec824e33-316297764-J9-5&ns_siteid=ns_us_g_transferrable_skillsYour Transferrable Skills
  • Exercise: YOUR 7 SuccessStoriesTheChazinGroupThe Chazin Group
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupValueValuePropositionPropositionValue Proposition as Billboard
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupGive An Overview for EACH Job
  • Highlight Success StoriesTell Your Success Stories
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupTell a Story Using #s
  • – Talent Shortage Growing Rapidly:• College graduates incapable of performing thework before them• Baby Boomers Soon to Retire in Masses– Becoming an Employer of Choice.– Tons of Job Seekers…Meet Hiring Freezes.– Measurable Training & Development.– Develop & Implement Acquisition/Retention Strategies.They Want a Seat at Management TableThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupIssues Facing HR Today
  • • Research Participating Firms• Perfect Your Elevator Speech• Resumes, Marketing Plans & Bios• Dress to IMPRESS!• Focus On Your IndustryThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupHow To Work a Job Fair
  • Your Brand Goes Networking
  • Your Brand Goes Networking55--22--11
  • Your Brand Goes Networking5 SECONDS2 MINUTES1 HOUR
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupWho to TargetYOUYOU
  • • Develop a Networking PLANPLAN Profile of your immediate boss Relevant Industry Associations Key Industry networking groups Industry Websites Include contact tracking formThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupCultivate a Lifeline
  • • Networking Is Reaching Out To: Family; Friends of Family; Friends ofFriends; Friends of Friends of Friends! It’s Not Who YOU Know But Who KnowsYOU Keep a Tracking Form: Name & Organization Tel. # Email Who They Referred You To CommentsThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupCultivate a Lifeline
  • • Networking = GETTING OUT THERE! SHRM, ASTD BNI FENG, MENG, etc. Toastmasters Chambers of Commerce Business Development Centers Small Business AdministrationThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupCultivate a Lifeline
  • The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupManage Your PipelineSalut FName Last Name JobTitleOrganizationIndustry Address Address City State Zip TelEmailReferral? (Whodid they refer toyou?)Comments(outcomes ofconversations)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • The “InformationalInformational””InterviewThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • • The Informational Interview: Understand What People Do What They Enjoy Most/Least How They Got Into the Industry Great Networking Source Fine Tune Your Selling Skills DON’T Ask For a Job!The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupThe Informational Interview
  • • The Informational Interview: DO Ask For Referrals! Ask what they read to stay current Who in their company/organization isa “shining light” (rising star) Send Thank You ImmediatelyThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupThe Informational Interview
  • The 3-StepInterview ProcessThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • STEP 1The PRE InterviewThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • 43• Do Your Research!– Understand the challenges they face indeveloping an integrated peoplemanagement program:• Finding the best employees• Recruiting the best employees• Hiring, coaching/mentoring, rewarding,recognizing, training and keeping the best– Who are their competitors?– What market conditions do they face?TheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe PRE Interview
  • 44• Confirm:– Office location– Time– Who should you ask for when you arrive?– Who will you be interviewing with?– What information/documents will you needto bringTheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe PRE Interview
  • 45• Do Your Research:– Investigate the informal culture:• Interview employees and any person that has a first-handknowledge of the company• Check any employee blog sites– Understand the formal culture:• Company website• Annual reports (10k); quarterly earnings reports• Press releases, newsletters, articles in tradepublicationsTheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe PRE Interview
  • 46• Find out who you are going to meet.• Know Your Interviewer(s)– Google, LinkedIn, Company Website Bios Pages– Where did they go to school?– Where did they work before?– Have they published any articles, achieved anyawards, risen up the ranks at that company?– Are they active in any professional associations,active in volunteer work/community organizations?TheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe PRE Interview
  • 47•Salesmanship in print.•Have Resumes & references ready.•Rehearse…rehearse…rehearse.•Have your outfit ready the night before.TheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe PRE Interview
  • STEP 2The InterviewThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • • Interviewer Is NOT an Expert, so…• YOU Control the Process• Get Ready…The Curtain’s Up• Focus On…EVERYTHING!• An Aptitude Test Might Be Given• Rehearse Your Core Competencies• Apply The ‘Mirroring’ TechniqueThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupInterviewing For Success
  • • Know Your Interviewer So You Can…• Interview the Interviewer• Salesmanship in Print• Ask For The Sale• Understand The Follow-Up Process• Video/audiotape your practicePractice!Practice!The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupInterviewing For Success
  • • Prepare for AWFULAWFUL Questions:– Tell Me About Yourself– What Are Your Strengths/Greatest Weakness?– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?– What would your boss say about you?– Why did you leave your last job?• For each question add to the end: ”As itapplies to my ability to do this job!”• Relate their questions to your interests andstrengths.• Get to your success storiesGet to your success storiesThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupInterview Questions
  • • What you MUST ask them:– When we have my first review how will you gaugesuccess?– What are the most crucial 3 or 4 attributes of theideal candidate you are seeking for this opportunity?– What problems keep you up at night?– What have been the qualities/characteristics ofpeople you have worked most effectively with?– What happened to the person doing the positionmost recently?The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupInterview Questions
  • • Reiterate your strong passion in theposition and confidence that you are theideal candidate to achieve success inthe role.• Who makes the next move?The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupClose the Sale
  • STEP 3The POST InterviewThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  • 55• Send Thank You Immediately– Thank Them For Meeting You– Reiterate your interest– Emphasize your core competencies• Salary Negotiations – Know Your Worth– By Industry, Level of Experience, and Geography– Do your research:•••• Follow-Up Interviews as RequiredTheChazinGroupThe Chazin GroupThe Post Interview
  • $15Todayonly