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How to Hire Top Inbound Marketing Talent


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Learn how to recruit, hire and develop top inbound marketing talent with special guest speaker Brad Voeller of Digital Creative Institute. The #1 challenge for executing effective inbound campaigns is actually not technology, but talent. Learn how to build an inbound recruiting funnel, rigorously vet candidates, and proactively develop key skills. Get equipped with resources and tools to build your own highly effective talent recruitment and development system.

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How to Hire Top Inbound Marketing Talent

  1. 1. GROW YOUR INBOUND MARKETING TEAM Attract, hire, and train your next inbound marketing rockstar! @BradVoeller
  2. 2. Channeling Excellence Brad Voeller Founder, Digital Creative Institute Laszlo Bock Senior VP of People Operations, Google Reid Hoffman Founder, LinkedIn
  3. 3. Two Must Reads! The Alliance By Reid Hoffman Work Rules! By Laszlo Bock
  4. 4. Rethink Your Talent Strategy
  5. 5. Our Alumni
  6. 6. Our Partner Companies
  7. 7. Rethink Your Talent Strategy Hire –  Design your funnel using HubSpot and inbound marketing principles Train –  Develop individual learning plans Retain –  Adopt the Alliance Framework –  Coaching
  8. 8. Hire
  9. 9. Are you Looking for the Right Talent?
  10. 10. The 3-5 Year Fear “Without 3-5 years experience, talent won’t be productive.” "By far the least important attribute we screen for is whether someone actually knows anything about the job they are taking on.” Average Manager Laszlo Bock
  11. 11. Who are you looking for? "We wanted to hire "smart generalists" rather than experts. We'd prefer hiring someone who was clever and curious over someone who actually knew what he was doing.” Laszlo Bock
  12. 12. Do you only have a 17% confidence level in your hires? Unstructured interviews - 14%; Years of work experience - 3%;
  13. 13. Predicting success is a combination of . . . Structured interviews - 26% (behavioral and situational); Test of general cognitive ability - 26%; Reference checks - 7%; Leadership assessment - 10%;
  14. 14. Strongest Predictor of Success Best predictor of how someone will perform on the job is a work sample test - 29%
  15. 15. How Many Interviews? “Four interviews were enough to predict whether or not we should hire someone with 86 percent confidence.” Laszlo Bock
  16. 16. Simple but Awesome Interview Questions ■  What have you been great at? - How did you work towards that? - Can you explain how you achieved that? ■  What is the largest audience that has seen your work? - Have you grown something? ■  What is the most difficult problem you have solved? ■  (ask the team) Would you be sad if this person didn’t work here? ■  (ask yourself) Does this person increase the average of the team? 
  17. 17. Create Your Funnel
  18. 18. Recruit Like A Pro Brilliant recruiters find and cultivate talent over long-periods of time – sometimes over several years.
  19. 19. HubSpot = Power Recruiting Tool ü  Application Form ü  Lists ü  Certification Workflow (measuring engagement) ü  Custom Contact Properties
  20. 20. Application Form
  21. 21. Lists
  22. 22. Certification Workflow
  23. 23. Custom Contact Properties
  24. 24. Train
  25. 25. Do you have a an outdated approach to measuring skills?
  26. 26. Did Your Employee Say This? It has never been explained to me what each role entails and what I need to achieve in order to progress. I have only been told by my current and past team leader to ‘carry on how you’re doing,’ which is a compliment. However it would be better if everyone was given some sort of document which consists of targets you need to hit in order to progress in the company. “ Survey Respondent “
  27. 27. Individual Learning Plans Include: - Professional - Personal Review quarterly
  28. 28. HubSpot Learning Tools ■  HubSpot Academy: Marketing Education ■  Lunch and learns ■  Development opportunities ■  Stretch projects - portfolio
  29. 29. Retain
  30. 30. Employee attrition rate is 63% for employees 24 and under.
  31. 31. Development is #1 for Millennial Retention 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Greater vacation allowance Retirement funding Free private healthcare Cash bonuses Flexible working hours Training and development Percent indicating job benefit in first place
  32. 32. Onboarding "New grad hires who didn't understand their job expectations left Google in their first year 5X more often than those who did." - Laszlo Bock Discuss: 1.  OKRs 2.  How role impacts business objectives 3.  When performance will be reviewed 4.  How rating will be determined
  33. 33. The Tour of Duty Framework •  Rotational •  Transformational •  Foundational
  34. 34. “Companies have long [crafted] personalized roles and career paths for their stars…Yet it is possible, indeed necessary, to extend this personalized approach to all employees.” Reid Hoffman
  35. 35. Tour of Duty
  36. 36. Example Tour of Duty
  37. 37. Tour of Duty Components
  38. 38. Developing the Relationship
  39. 39. Courageous and Honest Conversations “We are going to make you more marketable in the labor market in general.” “Help me grow and flourish, and I’ll help the company grow and flourish.” Company Talent
  40. 40. Positively Influencing Lives Dan Tyre, executive at HubSpot, lead a Saturday workshop for apprentices on the sales/ marketing alignment. Former apprentice, now Digital Creative Fellow, Sam Mills shares his local review expertise with new apprentices.
  41. 41. Additional Resources Download the following: Inbound Marketing Talent Question Bank Sample Statement of Alliance
  42. 42. Let’s Talk Talent @DCITalent
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