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How to Market Yourself for Career Success in ANY job market.

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Mkt yourself careertransition_nyu_jan2012_part1

  1. 1. Market YOURSELF fora Successful CareerTransition.The Chazin Group
  2. 2. Thanks to:
  3. 3. About ME BA in Comms (MBA Mktg) 20 Years In Corp. America Started Career as Recruiter Marketing/Sales BackgroundLaunched The Chazin Group ‘04Contact me:Tel: (201) 683-3399Email:
  4. 4. What I Do Now Job Search Strategies Interviewing & Networking Career Coaching Life / Work Balance Business Owner Coaching Human Capital Development Professional Development Salary Negotiations
  5. 5. Only ThroughBRANDING Can WeAchieve LastingDifferentiation
  6. 6. What is a “Brand?”
  7. 7. Is it a LOGO?
  8. 8. …tagline?
  9. 9. “Finger-LickingGood.”“We Bring GoodThings to Life.”“Quality isJob One.”
  10. 10. …a jingle?
  11. 11. Is a Brand aPROMISE?
  12. 12.  Memorable Invaluable Unique
  13. 13. What is YOURBrand?
  14. 14. It is a“PERCEPTION”thing.Ask people howthey perceive YOU?
  15. 15. Your BRAND is thecollection of all youractions, beliefs, skills,and experiences.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  16. 16. • LIVE your brand:–If you say you’ll do it…DO IT–Do as I DO…NOT “do as I say.”– Return ALL emails & phone calls– Subscribe to a “MORAL COMPASS”The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupLIVE Your Brand
  17. 17. Your Journey to PersonalExploration Begins…The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  18. 18. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group“INSANITY: The act ofperforming the same task overand over again, and expectinga different outcome.”WHO SAID THIS?An INSANE Job Search
  19. 19. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  20. 20. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group“The 100% effort that a personMUST exert on an effective jobsearch is extremely rare andhas a pronounced POSITIVEeffect on their career.”An ALTERNATE Approach
  21. 21. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  22. 22. 30The Chazin GroupDREAMJOBPassions StrengthsYour Passions & Skills Collide
  23. 23. • Psychological Assessment Tools:– Keirsey Temperament Sorter(– Myers Briggs (– Hermann Brain Dominance– DISC Tool:– Birkman Method ( Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Exploration
  24. 24. • Your Goals:– Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement– Identify New Career Opportunities– Identify Ideal Industries and Companies– Identify Your Working StyleThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Exploration
  25. 25. • Match Your Values and Belief Systemto the Ideal Culture of PotentialEmployers:– Research your ideal company culture.– Learn to distinguish between the Formal andInformal culture in ANY organization.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Assessment
  26. 26. Personal Mission StatementPositioning StatementProposition StatementThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupBrand Building Is a 3 Step Process
  27. 27. YourPERSONAL MISSIONStatementThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group STEP 1
  28. 28. • What principles do I choose as afoundation for my life?• What would I like to accomplish andcontribute?• What would I like to be?• How do I fit into my family andcommunity?• What are my strengths?• What are my passions?The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Core Values & Beliefs
  29. 29. • Take an Online Self Assessment Tool:– Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)– The Birkman Method– Keirsey Temperament Sorter• Understand Your Values• Match Your Values To Ideal EmployerCultures (Differentiate the Formal &Informal)• Identify Your Preferred WorkingEnvironmentThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupWho Are You?
  30. 30. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupElements to ConsiderVeryImportant Important NeutralNotImportant N/ASecurityFinancial StabilityChallengeCreativityCompetitivenessPersonal GrowthPromotional OpportunitiesVarietyRoutineDetail OrientationOrganized EnvironmentCulture:ValuesIntegrityEnergyStructureCelebrationsWhat’s MOST Important to You?
  31. 31. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupElements to ConsiderVeryImportant Important NeutralNotImportant N/AEnvironmentHelping or Impacting Lives ofOthersPacePhysical DemandsWork-Life BalanceRecognitionRate of PayEducational RequirementsPersonal Relationship withManagerPersonal Relationship with Co-workersPhysical locationCommuteWhat’s MOST Important to You?
  32. 32. Why We ALL Need a PersonalMission Statement!• Ensures a greater chance of career success!• Steven Covey has referred to crafting amission statement as "connecting with yourown unique purpose and the profoundsatisfaction that comes in fulfilling it."• Michael Goodman: a personal missionstatement is: “an articulation of what you’re allabout and what success looks like to you.”The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupPersonal Mission Statement
  33. 33. 1. Identify Your SUCCESSES2. Identify Your CORE VALUES3. Identify your CONTRIBUTIONS4. Identify Your GOALSVOILA!The Chazin GroupA Four-Step Process
  34. 34. Your Marketing 5 PsMission Statement TemplatesThe Chazin
  35. 35. ValuesThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupSome Values
  36. 36. "My personal mission is to take time everyday for reflection, to realize what I learned,what I should learn more about to say thankyou, to give myself a pat on the back whilelooking into what I need to improve upon.”The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupAn Example
  37. 37. YourPOSITIONINGStatementThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group STEP 2
  38. 38. • Based on my background, this is how I am in aUNIQUE POSITION to help your organization• Highlight your FEATURES & BENEFITS:– Core Competencies (Workforce Solutions, CandidateScreening, Training & Development)– Expertise (Leadership, Management)– Success Stories– Qualifications & Experience– Accreditations & Certifications– Language ProficiencyThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Positioning Statement
  39. 39. Your positioning statement should be brief and containthe following information:1. An overview of your skills, experiences and what yourelooking for (I am a qualified Accountant looking for a role as aFinance Director in a high growth SME.?2. A description of your specific skills & experiences : (Ex.My experience includes accounting, general office managementduties, IT management and facilities management.)The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Positioning Statement
  40. 40. 3. Additional information:Ex. I’ve spent the past 3 years in a variety of Financial and ITroles in a high growth business in which I have managed andmotivated teams of up to sixteen people to a high level ofachievement. I also have the ability and desire to contribute andinfluence at a management level and the capacity to participate inthe strategic development of an organization.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Positioning Statement
  41. 41. Stick with a 4-6 word statement. It defines your role, your worthand establishes a place (or position) in the mind of a hiringmanager, HR person, recruiter or networking contact. Thinkabout it as your tag-line (Ex. Avis: We try harder). Here are a fewexamples to get you started:• Classically Trained Consumer Marketing Executive• Customer-Driven Service And Parts Technician• Strategy and Data Powered Sales Manager• Brand Building Product Management Professional• Growth-Oriented Chief Financial Officer• Problem Solver and Detail Oriented IT ManagerThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Positioning Statement
  42. 42. YourPROPOSITIONStatementThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group STEP 3
  43. 43. • Based on my personal mission and mypositioning statement, I PROPOSE that…• Here’s what I will do for your organization.• Apply your background, skills and experience todeliver a set of solutions that will solve theirspecific challenges.The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Proposition Statement
  44. 44. • FranklinCovey Mission Builder;• Laurie Beth Jones, The Path: Creating Your MissionStatement For Work & For Life• Richard J. Leider, The Power of Purpose: CreatingMeaning in Your Life and Work•• Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupResources
  45. 45. “If you don’t haveyour own plan,someone else is goingto make you fit intotheir plan.”Tony RobbinsThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  46. 46. Your 40-Year PlanThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  47. 47. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  48. 48. Marketing the BrandCalled YOU…The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Brand Is Ready
  49. 49. •PRICE: Know Your Worth•PLACE: Meet With the Right People•PROMOTION: You Can’t Sell WhatYou Don’t Know. Why ShouldSomeone Do Business With/HireYou?•PACKAGING: Dressing for Success•PRODUCT: Your Features &BenefitsYour Marketing 5 Ps
  50. 50. • Become a Subject Matter Expert• Get Published• Identify Your USP• Your Product Features & Benefits• Build Rolodex of References /Testimonials• Your Success Stories• Actively Promote Yourself AT ALL TIMES• Defend Your Brand (Name) Against ALLAttacksThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupSelf-Promotion = BRANDING
  51. 51. Your PersonalMarketing PlanThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  52. 52. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupSecurity Analyst Information Security Research Market DataSenior SecurityAnalystInformation Analyst ResearchAnalystMarket DataSpecialistQuant ResearchAnalystNetwork Intrusion Analyst ResearchManagerQuant Modeler /TraderApplication Security AnalystFX SystematicTraderSecurity Systems AnalystYour Contact Details Here!Summary of my professional qualifications: 13 years as a securityanalyst with core competencies in:• Core competency 1• Core competency 2• Core competency 3• Core competency 4My target job functions & job titles:Your Personal Marketing Plan
  53. 53. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYour Personal Marketing PlanKey Company Attributes Ideal Job LocationEntrepreneurial culture, small start up, andcondones calculated risk-takingNYC, Northern/Central NJDallas/Ft. Worth, TXCincinnati, OHE-Commerce Manufacturing Security SportsManagementAmazon AmanoCorporationKroll Worldwide Steiner SportsE-Bay Johnson Controls Citigate-Hu dson MIllsportB& UnitedTechnologiesSafir-Rosetti SME, Inc.Key Responsibilities That I am Seeking Include:• Project Management• Telemarketing• Customer ServiceTarget Industries and Companies:My Ideal Company Characteristics and Locations Are:
  54. 54.  Only 10-15% of Jobs Get Advertised Online Resources:oCareerBuilder, Monster, Yahoo! Hot Jobsrepresent ONLY 6-7% of all jobs Classified,, Craig’s ListThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupUse All Your Resources
  55. 55.  Job Aggregator Executives/Professionals:oExecuNetoKorn FerryoChristian & Timberso6FigureJobsThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupUse ALL Your Resources
  56. 56. • Research Sources: Hoover’s Online SEC ( (public recordsdbase) PR NewswireThe Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupDo Your Research
  57. 57. • Research Sources: ( Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupDo Your Research
  58. 58. • Your Resume “Forever” Success Stories• You Are a Product:– Features & Benefits:• Core competencies• Experience• Skills & Qualifications• Education• Certifications• Resume & Cover Letter LAST!The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupYou Are a Product
  60. 60. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin GroupTransferableSkills
  61. 61. What AreTransferrable Skills?The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group
  62. 62. The Chazin GroupThe Chazin Group“Transferable skills are talents youve acquired thatcan help an employer but that arent immediatelyrelevant to the job you seek.”Kevin Donlin, résumé writerExperiences like volunteer work, hobbies, sports,previous jobs, college coursework or even life happeningscan lead you to find these skills.Any skill is transferable; the trick is showing employershow your skills apply and are USEFUL to Transferrable Skills