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Solving for the Inbound Talent Gap


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Solving for the Inbound Talent Gap

  1. 1. SOLVING FOR THE INBOUND TALENT GAP how to attract the best talent, develop true expertise, and keep them around eric pratt managing partner, revenue river
  2. 2. BACKGROUND AND AGENDA our story our decisions what we will talk about what we won’t talk about
  3. 3. don’t exist the experienced marketers you’re looking for
  4. 4. o target a specific type of young talent o develop structure around personal development o make it a lot of fun to come to work o celebrate even the small victories o reward competency and achievement we decided to attract and develop our own
  6. 6. o define yourself and who you’re looking for o it’s important to articulate out who you want to be if who you are isn’t that great o “we’re a high growth agency on the cutting edge of technology and we’re looking for hungry, young talent looking to make a difference and build their future with us.” o where are you going? o it’s important to understand where you’re planning to go if you want to sell them on why they should join and help you get there o “we’re looking for people to help us grow from $500,000 to $3,000,000 by 2020.” who are you and who do you want to be? *Secret sauce: people get excited about being part of the big picture
  8. 8. 1. high character 2. under 5 years work experience 3. willing to embrace entry position and wages 4. digital natives with the right motivators 5. demonstrate initiative THE IDEAL HIRE FOR THE JOB
  9. 9. ADJUST YOUR GAME overhaul your interview process test candidates at every step evaluate against that process
  11. 11. o prioritize for fulfillment above acquisition o if you can’t sell, you better learn o look for experience within technical skills o writing, seo, design, development o don’t overvalue or over pay for anything else o marketing automation can be taught o account management can be taught how to prioritize which roles to fill ‘next’
  12. 12. o projections & capacity o enter 2017 with a hiring plan o adjust as the numbers dictate o you have to hire ahead if you want to grow o balance capacity, overhead, onboarding timeline, and profitability when should you hire? *Secret sauce: we run 1.5 hires ahead to ensure expert production capacity
  14. 14. o we don’t look for talent, talent looks for us o it’s not push, it’s pull o execute inbound for yourself o core skills not resumes attracting talent isn’t done on *Secret sauce: the best candidates are currently employed
  15. 15. 1) build your brand, frequency, and reach 1) join every applicable directory 2) play the social game 3) write about your agency, team, and accomplishments 2) address the persona on your website 1) consider user experience 2) form fields 3) nurturing ways to attract the right talent
  17. 17. everyone applies through web lead with team & culture, proud of who we are, not for everyone just like client fit broad online presence for entry google, builtincolorado, clutch, hubspot, denver egotist, linkedin identifying need team allocation, capacity planning, honest evaluation, insourcing our approach to hiring interview process tests everything I do first interviews profile & assignments team does second interview I break the tie we profile like crazy pdp works, ideal profile, motivators what we don’t do recruiters,, monster, colleges
  18. 18. 1) set the stage 2) state intent 3) set agenda 4) confirm buy-in how we frame an interview • who we are and what we’re looking for • what we’re hiring for and determining fit • 10 minutes for me, 10 for you • how’s that sound? *Secret sauce: remember, everything is a test
  19. 19. • what would you do if you were struggling after 30 days? • why have you struggled to find a place and stick? • why is this position the right direction for your career? • how do you plan your week? • that’s impressive, what do you owe that success to? coachability transparency desire organization humility how we question and evaluate candidates *Secret sauce: understand the character element behind the questions
  20. 20. o dominance o take charge trait o extroversion o the people trait insights our profiling tools give us o pace o the patience trait o conformity o the systems trait *Secret sauce: it’s about how they’ll fit with others
  21. 21. • how they function without pressures • how they adjust to matters of importance • how they come across to others • natural styles for daily interactions • what motivates and demotivates natural self priority environment outward self operational styles motivators what profiling allows us to manage to *Secret sauce: evaluate against ideal employee profile
  23. 23. CASTING THE VISION where we are where we’re going clarify the purpose cement the culture unleash talent
  24. 24. o standardized new hire onboarding and training o dedicated mentor program o established growth milestones o documented processes and procedures o structure requires creative thinking & collaboration how we turn talent into marketing experts *Secret sauce: we use methodologee as a toolset
  25. 25. o process-driven approach with heavy structure o onboarding is about developing production capacity o ongoing is about master and advancement training for expertise *Secret sauce: we give a detailed roadmap for their advancement
  27. 27. 1. they hate their boss 2. they hate their co-workers 3. they don’t like what they do 4. they don’t like where they do it WHY PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR JOBS
  28. 28. o continual review process o what I like o what needs improvement o a challenge o asking them to define their ideal role o allow them to demonstrate their skills and desires o organization, communication, mastery of concepts, client knowledge provide advancement opportunities
  29. 29. o start small o increase early o increase often o mastery & promotion compensation should align and motivate *Secret sauce: three tiers for every position allows room for growth within job roles. Entry level hires make: $30,000 – $42,000
  30. 30. o live up to expectations o establish a culture code on character o lead by example in everything you do o build a great working environment o extend trust where others won’t o praise, celebrate, and reward achievement the best ways to retain your talent
  31. 31. APPLICATION FOR IMPROVEMENT what you can take away and implement next week
  32. 32. 1) define your ideal candidate 2) overhaul your interview process 3) beef up your online presence 4) define your rehire points 5) take advantage of what’s available what you can do to improve
  33. 33. THANK YOU. eric pratt – revenue river web me linkedin me /in/ericepratt tweet me @eric_pratt I’m more approachable than anyone in this industry

Editor's Notes

  • a high level view of how we recruit, develop talent and retain talent.
    let’s get to it
  • 1 – self-built, ground up agency, pain with projects, inability to scale, embraced inbound & hubspot in 2012
    2 – decided to go full speed, all-in, in-house, target a specific type of employee, grow as fast as we can handle
    3 – share our methodology for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent
    4 – talk about recruiting at local colleges, evaluating resumes, or building job postings.
    That’s not how we do it, and that’s not what this presentation is about
  • I’ve seen a lot of presentations around this. From past inbounds to partner days, talent is a big topic because it’s a big issue
    it’s really an industry wide issue… there is a talent gap because the people you’re looking for just don’t exist.
    There is no inbound unicorn trolling around monster looking for your ad
    Anyone not working for us already doesn’t have the necessary experience, and their experience comes with a price
    So outside of pirating from each other, how do we get find the talent we need?
  • We build it ourselves. We built a model around attracting and developing our own talent.
    Basic strategy is hire quality people over experience, train their assess off, make it rewarding for them to stay
  • Let’s get started, I’m going to move fast so keep up
  • You have to get your shit together first. Figure out who you want to be.
    They want to be attracted, you have to help them understand who you are and what you need from them
  • If you’re not using job experience to define who you want you have to define them some other way
  • Through our research and experience we’ve outlined 5 key traits that all ideal candidates have
  • If this isn’t how you do things currently, change it. Every step of your hiring process should test against those parameters
  • This is a point that comes up a lot. Who do I hire next? What position, skills, experience, etc. When should I hire?
  • You have to invest in production capacity if you want to grow. You won’t hit that ‘future state’ without it
  • Let’s talk about how we get them to come to us
  • We’re inbound marketers for heavens sake. Common, build your funnel around candidates just like you do other personas.
    Practice what you preach.
  • Put a fucking plan together already
  • If you’re not hiring based on experience and skills sets, how do you know who the best talent is?
  • We’re probably too young to brag about our retention.
    We’ve lost people we didn’t want to lose.
    I’m going to focus on our mindset and philosophy and you can take it for what it’s worth
  • You’re going to have to prove you’re willing to invest in us and yourself before I’m willing to invest further in you