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  • Greeting. Thanks for coming, etc.Magento has a clear mission: to be the eCommerce platform for growth.We enable merchant success by giving you what you need to you to run your online business your way.We pursue this mission by• developing flexible products that meet the needs of merchants • focusing on meeting customer needs through innovation • partnering with world-class solution providers for implementation • actively engaging with the community for third party extensions and applicationsAt the center of all that we do – merchant success. None of us – Magento, our Solution, Industry and Hosting Partners - are anything without the success of our merchants.
  • Engage the audience. Ask by a raise of hands who they are and what type of eCommerce presence they have today.This will give you an idea of areas you may want to emphasize or let them know that you can discuss separately. Merchants come to us with a variety online situations:Website – informative only, no eCommerce Simple shopping cart Proprietary or home grown online store Magento Community site
  • These are some of the most common requirements merchants have their online store – whether with Magento or not. What’s great about my job is that I get to tell them that Magento can do it all – and more.
  • To help address the challenges facing online merchants we offer our open source eCommerce platform which is the foundation for all of our products. Magento Enterprise is our flagship commercial offering, and the cornerstone of our business. We’ll focus on Enterprise during out presentation today.Magento Mobile offers mobile web or native apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And in March of last year, we introduced Magento Go, our SaaS solution for very small businesses.
  • At the heart of our company and our growth are great products, great people and an amazing community - all with the goal of helping you be successful in eCommerce with Magento. An extremely supportive and active community of eCommerce experts and enthusiasts is always using, testing and experimenting with the Magentosource code (called the Magento Community software) providing excellent feedback for advancements that we then consider for Magento EnterpriseA network of 400 Solution Partnersworldwideserve as the experts that can create exactly what you want for your online store. We’re very fortunate to have __________ hosting this event tonight. If you’re looking for a company to implement your online store – your in very good hands with _________.Additionally, many Magento implementations are made that much better with the integration of third party tools and applications from Industry partners such as payment processors, order management software, personalization, site search solutions and much more. Our Solution Partners can easily integrate these great tools with your Magento store. We have 90 partners today and thousands of independent developers creating software for Magento. We also havestrategic relationships with several hosting companies.Our goal is to help you develop a thriving, profitable online business. While the core of our vision may be our products – our partners help make your success a reality.
  • One of our most dedicated developers – Tom Robertshaw of Meanbee in the U.K. has taken it upon himself to do some exhaustive research on the eCommerce platform landscape. He looked at the home page of the top 1 million Alexa sites and analyzed them for identifying features, covering 32 different eCommerce packages. The survey found that 20% of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa 1 Million were using Magento – a higher share than anyother eCommerce platform. Our sales were up 60% last year and our merchant base doubled.  The February 2012 eCommerce survey found 33,632 sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million. The survey visits each site and analyses the HTML document against a set of rules that detect the use of any one of 40 different eCommerce platforms.The most popular platform was Magento, with 6,795 sites, a 20% share of eCommerce stores found. Magento has seen a staggering growth-rate, increasing in popularity by over 21% in the last 4 months alone.The results of which show that Magento continues to have the most stores in the top 100K, with 345 stores.
  • Here are some of the merchants using Magento Enterprise…We’re adding an average of 100 new customers / monthYou can see a wide range of verticals represented: from apparel, footwear, accessories, electronics, food and beverage, publishing, home goods and moreGeographically our strongest presence is NA and Europe, but we’re experiencing organic growth in Asia, Brazil, and Australia
  • I’m going to spend the rest of my time here giving you a very high level overview of Magento Enterprise. In the time allotted I will only be able to touch on a few of the most popular features of Magento Enterprise but anyone who is interested in getting more in-depth information on the product should contact me or PARTNER directly.This is our leading commercial solution, and the offering that has been such a disruptive force in the market, providing a robust, supported, enterprise–class eCommerce solution at a price that makes it accessible to businesses of every size. Our sales were up 60% last year and our merchant base doubled.
  • In developing Magento we leverage our thorough understanding of how an eCommerce business works and what it needs to succeed.Magento Enterprise is designed so that companies can have complete control over the look and feel of their site; they can easily integrate their online store front with their backend business processes; and there are extensive marketing and sales features.Enterprise features include things like customer targeted and rule-based promotions, integrated email marketing, performance enhancements like full-page caching and Solr Search and sales boosters like persistent shopping, automated emails to reduce cart abandonment, gift options and a number of desirable admin controls.We also provide an easy-to-use content management system that enables the creation of custom Landing Pages, personalized content based on user profiles and content staging capabilities that requires no IT involvement or development knowledge.
  • NOTE: THIS SLIDE IS AN AUTO BUILD WITH SEVERAL EXAMPLES. CLICK TO STARTEnterprise is extremely flexible and completely customizable. Here are a few examples of what some have done to uniquely brand their store. Your business is unique – your online store should be too.
  • Magento makes it easy to manage your product catalog. Anyone can learn to manage the catalog and Magento provides admin controls over publishing privileges for quality control. We provide an easy-to-use content management system that enables the creation of custom Landing Pages, personalized content based on user profiles and content staging capabilities that require no IT involvement or development knowledge.We offer free ondemand training for people to easily learn how to work with the product catalog.
  • Marketing Tools is quite broad and actually encompasses a large number of features including the ability to integrate Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing capabilities (getting customers to you) plusMarketing tools that help turn browsers to buyers such as: Promotions Product suggestions Consumer generated product reviews and ratingsUpsell and cross-sell tools And so much more!On this site we see that the merchant provides cross sell and product reviews right on the product page to not only help the consumer make a decision but to also help increase the average order value.
  • Here’s a great example of how Toms shoes uses upsell and cross sell techniques throughout the shopping experience to increase conversion rates and revenue.Toms doesn’t just show the customer what they came to find – they present the customer with an added selection of products based on the consumers behavior and shopping patterns. Upsell and cross-sell tools such as these not only help increase the size of the order but they also increase brand loyalty and these features are available with Magento out-of-the-box.
  • Once you begin building your online clientele you want to make sure to turn them in to loyal, repeat customers. Magento Enterprise helps you do this with the ability to customize campaigns for target customer segments; employ loyalty and rewards points programs and encourage friends and families to shop with wish lists and gift registries.
  • When Fun4Kids was upgraded to Enterprisethey implemented a reward point system, letting customers obtain points to generate discounts on further purchases – helping to increase repeat business. Magento Enterprise also enabled Fun4Kids to enhance their up-sell and cross-sell capabilities so they always present consumers with additional options and choices. They also provide the ability for consumers to submit product reviews, which helps increase customer engagement and utilizes the best sales tool – word-of-mouth recommendations.As an added benefit Magento supports the ability to convert loyalty points at different rates for different customer groups. So for example…VIPs can convert points at a faster rate than other customers. Or perhaps you want wholesalers to convert in a different manner than consumers. We support options that fit your business and your customers.
  • In this example thePaperMill offers loyalty points at different rates for different customers and partner types and purchase quantities.
  • Furniture retailer BluDot has used Magento Enterprise to create their highly customized furniture ordering system. Blu Dot’s product catalog is completely integrated with Magento and their back-end ERP system to handle all site updates and orders in real-time. This was a distinctly complex endeavor because each component of Blu Dot’s modular furniture is treated as a separate item. For example, each door color for a cabinet has to be treated individually. Each cabinet is a composite of unique items. This “composite product” functionality is another out-of-the-box feature of Magento Enterprise.
  • Private sales site, Exclusively. In, manages a complex multi-vendor environment with Magento’s built-in levels of administrative control and strong backend integration. Magento also has built-in features specifically designed for private sales sites. As a private sales site Exclusively. In is constantly adding new vendors and products; sometimes up to dozens each day and they have a wide breadth of products – clothing, jewelry, travel, home décor and more. Their heavily customized Magento Enterprise site allows administrators to add vendors and their products on a constant basis. They are able to manage all backend processing including reporting, payments, returns and real-time inventory management within Magento. The system relies on a barcode application that uses product photos to ensure the correct items are picked for orders, and it integrates seamlessly with a unique ERP system. This is a complicated environment that Magento made possible.
  • Infrastructure While many of the Magento Enterprise capabilities are important elements in sales and customer satisfaction, it is equally important that your back-office operations are well integrated with your sales operations. There are a number of admin capabilities that will enhance your ability to create and manage sites.You are able to track and review administrator actions and restrict access roles to specific stores. And of significant importance to many of our customers is the ability to easily integrate Magento Enterprise with third party ERP and CRM systems. We often hear that one of the main reasons customers and partners choose Magento is the flexibility and ease with which the Magento installation can be integrated with backoffice applications.
  • Performance:Enterprise SEO integration capabilities can help you get people to your store and then highly tuned page performance will help ensure their experience is satisfying. Enterprise supports full page caching for all users, which means once a customer visits your site Enterprise can cache the contents of an entire page. For example: the homepage is typically accessed most frequently and full-page caching allows the web server to significantly increase the performance for this page. Bandwidth is therefore not effected by frequent visitors and thus maximum performance is maintainted for customers. The Enterprise architecture is designed to support thousands - tens of thousands - of transactions per hour.Security/ComplianceWhen it comes to transferring customer data – especially payment data – strong security is a must – for your business and for your customers’ peace of mind. Magento Enterprise is PA-DSS compliant platform and supports strong data encryption.
  • NOTE: THIS SLIDE BUILDS FOR EACH EXAMPLE. There are several metrics commonly used to describe performance of online stores – page views per second; orders per hour or day and concurrent site visitors.Enterprise scales well even with sites that have large catalog sizes.Some of our customers have catalogs as large as several million products.With Magento’s full page caching all static elements are cached while dynamic elements are cached separately so that product information like price and availability can be updated without a negative impact on performance.Some examples of performance include (click)Toms with over 1,000 orders / hour (click)Harbor Freight with about 1Million page views / day and 1Million SKUs and 5,000 orders /day (click)Lockerz – a flash sales site which has dramatic peaks in page views and orders depending on when sales are happening – Magento can scale to handle these peak loadsMagento is publishing a white paper that details optimal configurations for performance. In one example using a setup with two web nodes and one database server, Magento Enterprise is supporting 4,300 requests per second and more than half a million orders per day. if you configure Magento correctly, it will scale and it will perform.
  • With one Magento Enterprise license you can create multiple independent sites. Many companies have multiple brands that they manage separately. Magento allows you to create customized sites for each brand with one Magento instance. The nice things is that all of the backend integration is done just once and integrated for all sites.There are many examples of what can be done with multi-site instances. Ten Thousand Villages has 70 brick-n-mortar stores around the country each with their own online “storefront” supported from the primary online store all on one Magento Enterprise instance.Another nice example of what can be done with multi-sites is incorporating a B2B site with a B2C. We have a number of retail merchants who manage their distribution channel with a B2B site that can be tightly integrated with their B2C site in regards to managing the back-end for tracking inventory, for accounting purposes and more.
  • We are always working on improvements and enhancements to Magento Enterprise. Enterprise customers receive 2 maintenance and 2 major releases of the platform each year. You can choose whether to take advantage of these new updates and enhancements but the point is that we are always making the latest capabilities available keeping Magento merchants at the forefront of eCommerce technology.Our latest release,Enterprise 1.12, includes these new featuresautomatically generated coupon codes, backup and rollback, EU compliance, Rest APIs and more.On top of that, we’ve built in a number of additional revenue-generating features. These features enable merchants to create a more personalized shopping experience for their customers. One example is our new Visitor Segmentation functionality. For some time, merchants using Enterprise have been able to create customer segments. This feature is incredibly valuable for customizing promotional offers and other content based on the specific buying habits of each segment. With version 1.12, we’re expanding our segmentation capabilities to include visitors:people who have not previously made a purchase or registered on your website. Our improved segmentation tools let merchants identify visitors and target them with personalized promotions or coupons based on what products they have viewed or placed in their shopping carts. So merchants now have the visibility they need to effectively target everyone who visits their site.
  • Magento offers a number of training classes – for business people and the most technical developers.Because merchants have more success when they understand eCommerce and the capabilities of Magento we offer this class “eCommerce with Magento”. It helps the business decision makers work with the technical people and/or a solution partner during site design and implementation. If you are going to implement a Magento site I highly recommend the class. And for those in attendance tonight – if you give me your business card before you leave you will be entered to win a seat at this class – a $950 value.
  • This pace of innovation is defining a new trend where offline and online commerce will no longer be discrete. By 2014, there will be only commerce to the tune of $10T dollars.
  • We’re taking a tremendous leap forward on the mobile front, with the addition of HTML 5 capability. Magento has always been on the cutting edge of mobile commerce.  We provide both native app and mobile web technologies..  Last year, we introduced native app capability for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  


  • 1. Our eCommerce story
  • 2. What’s your eCommerce story?
  • 3. What You Should Expect from an eCommerce Platform • Custom design to support your brand • Support large or complex product catalog • Content Management System – you manage the day-to-day updates • Integration with existing business systems • Extensive search and navigation capabilities • Built-in marketing campaigns • Scalable platform • Multiple payment options, multi-national, performance
  • 4. Magento Product Line
  • 5. World’s Leading PlatformSource: Tom Robertshaw,
  • 6. Magento Enterprise: Merchants Overview
  • 7. Magento Enterprise
  • 8. Magento Enterprise Features Marketing Tools Product Catalog Consumer Experience Performance & Design Infrastructure & Security & Standards Easy-to-use, Back-end Integration Compliance Permission Based Admin Panel
  • 9. Untamed Creativity with Magento
  • 10. Managing the Product Catalog • Easy to use admin tools – Content Management System • No technical knowledge necessary • Version Control – Attribute Management – Personalized content based on user profiles – Content staging - merge to the live site on-demand or scheduled – Admin controls of publishing privileges
  • 11. Marketing Tools • Turn browsers to buyers – Promotions – Product Suggestions – Consumer Generated Product Reviews and Ratings – Upsell and Cross-sell Tools – Email marketing
  • 12. Upsell and Cross-sell
  • 13. Customer Engagement • Targeted marketing campaigns • Promotions • Wish Lists and Gift Registries • Loyalty and Rewards Points programs
  • 14. Customer Loyalty Features at Work – B2C
  • 15. Customer Loyalty Features at Work – B2B
  • 16. Customization at Work
  • 17. Taking Full Advantage of Magento • Private Sales/Flash Sales • Product and catalog management • Back-end integration • Innovative customization
  • 18. Seamless IntegrationBack-office Integration and Infrastructure Support – Admin Capabilities • Track and Review Admin Actions • User Friendly Admin Dashboard – Integration with Third-party Applications • ERP • CRM – Reporting and Analytics
  • 19. Performance and Security – The Dynamic Duo • Performance Features • Security / Compliance – Full Page Caching for All Users – PA-DSS Compliant – Caching of Content for Category, Product and CMS Pages • Aids Merchants in Achieving PCI Compliance – Solr Search – PHP Accelerator • Strong Data Encryption – Order Archiving
  • 20. Scalable Performance Over 1,000 page views/day 1 Million Orders per Hour Over 10,000 unique SKUS 1,000,000 Skus 5,000 orders/day
  • 21. Multiple Sites with One Instance Magento Flexibility • B2B with B2C • Multi-brand / multi-sites • Special VIP sites • Multi-national sites (localized language/currency)
  • 22. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Always improving, always giving you the advantage • Auto-generated coupon codes • Backup and rollback • REST APIs • Visitor segmentation • Multiple wish lists • Managing orders by SKUs
  • 23. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Auto Generate coupon codes allow you to create a promotional campaign where you can send out unique coupons to each person on your marketing list, or whoever it is you wish to send them to.
  • 24. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Backup & Rollback Manage and schedule a variety of backup operations with the option to roll back the changes: System backup Database backup Database and media backup This is particularly useful when testing new modules or customizations, or when upgrading to a new version of Magento. You can review specific customizations and their impact on the new code.
  • 25. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Magento REST API allows managing a number of features, namely: ■Managing customers. ■Managing customer addresses. ■Managing products. ■Retrieving sales orders. ■Managing inventory.
  • 26. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Advanced Visitor Segmentation enables businesses using Magento Enterprise to drive higher conversions among new site visitors who are not yet customers. Now merchants can apply powerful segmentation statistics (based on behavioural information such as cart contents and recently viewed and compared products) to target new visitors and convert them with compelling offers to join, purchase or complete a transaction.
  • 27. The Latest Magento Enterprise Features Multiple Wish Lists Wish lists enable customers to keep track of their most coveted items and return to your site to purchase them quickly and easily. And because they can share their lists with their family and friends, you’re likely to gain new customers. Additionally, you can use wish lists to learn about your customers’ preferences and send them targeted promotions to increase conversions.
  • 28. Join merchants from around the worldand experience of the power of Magento Enterprise for your business.
  • 29. Magento TrainingeCommerce with MagentoLearn how to leverage eCommerce to enhance your business. This class is specificallydesigned for merchants .After attending this class you will be able to:• Recognize and understand the state of eCommerce and trends for the future• Analyze, plan and design your Magento site based on your specific requirements• Leverage the many features included in the Magento platform to attract consumers, increase conversion rates, grow revenue, foster customer satisfaction and maximize the return on your Magento investment. Online, instructor-led course (4 two-hour sessions) $950 value Give your business card to me and you’ll be entered to win a free “eCommerce with Magento” class
  • 30. Optional Slides
  • 31. Magento Training eCommerce with Magento • Recognize and understand the state of eCommerce • Analyze, plan and design a Magento site based on your specific requirements • Leverage the many Magento features to attract consumers, increase conversion rates, grow revenue, foster customer satisfaction and maximize your return investment. Class is instructor-led/online; 4 two-hour sessions Give me your card and be entered to win a free seat at the “eCommerce with Magento” class - $950 value
  • 32. The Blurred Lines of Commerce
  • 33. Reasons for Cross-Channel Shopping Want to see items before buying Want product immediately Want free shipping Find the best price Want easy returns
  • 34. Mobile