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Magento Community & Enterprise: De voordelen voor jouw webshop


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Presentatie Kathleen Claes van Magento Benelux - Copernica Magento seminar - vrijdag 7 juni 2013

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Magento Community & Enterprise: De voordelen voor jouw webshop

  1. 1. Our eCommerce story
  2. 2. What’s your eCommerce story?
  3. 3. What You Should Expect from an eCommerce Platform• Custom design to support your brand• Support large or complex product catalog• Content Management System – you manage the day-to-day updates• Integration with existing business systems• Extensive search and navigation capabilities• Built-in marketing campaigns• Scalable platform• Multiple payment options, multi-national, performance
  4. 4. Magento Product Line
  5. 5. Magento Enterprise
  6. 6. Magento Enterprise FeaturesProduct CatalogEasy-to-use,Permission BasedAdmin PanelSecurity & StandardsComplianceMarketing ToolsInfrastructure &Back-end IntegrationConsumer Experience& DesignPerformance
  7. 7. Untamed Creativity with Magento
  8. 8. Managing the Product Catalog• Easy to use admin tools– Content Management System• No technical knowledge necessary• Version Control– Attribute Management– Personalized content based on user profiles– Content staging - merge to the live siteon-demand or scheduled– Admin controls of publishing privileges
  9. 9. Marketing Tools• Turn browsers to buyers– Promotions– Product Suggestions– Consumer Generated ProductReviews and Ratings– Upsell and Cross-sell Tools– Email marketing
  10. 10. Upsell and Cross-sell
  11. 11. Customer Engagement• Targeted marketing campaigns• Promotions• Wish Lists and Gift Registries• Loyalty and Rewards Points programs
  12. 12. Customer Loyalty Features at Work – B2C
  13. 13. Customer Loyalty Features at Work – B2B
  14. 14. Customization at Work
  15. 15. Taking Full Advantage of Magento• Private Sales/Flash Sales• Product and catalog management• Back-end integration• Innovative customization• Order per SKU
  16. 16. Seamless IntegrationBack-office Integration and Infrastructure Support– Admin Capabilities• Track and Review Admin Actions• User Friendly Admin Dashboard– Integration with Third-party Applications• ERP• CRM– Reporting and Analytics
  17. 17. • Performance Features– Full Page Caching for All Users– Caching of Content for Category,Product and CMS Pages– Solr Search– PHP Accelerator– indexing modelwith partial reindexing– Order Archiving• Security / Compliance– PA-DSS Compliant• Aids Merchants inAchieving PCI Compliance• Strong Data EncryptionPerformance and Security – The Dynamic Duo
  18. 18. Scalable PerformanceOver 1,000 Orders per HourOver 1,000 Orders per HourOver 10,000 SkusOver 10,000 Skus1 Million page views/day1 Million page views/day1,000,000 unique SKUS1,000,000 unique SKUS5,000 orders/day5,000 orders/day
  19. 19. The Latest Magento Enterprise Performance data65% average improvement in page load timesWith same hardware : 33% more orders, 31% more page views, serving 2.5X more orders than 1.12Same traffic : 84% faster browsing than 1.1253% Faster full re-indexing of a 500K cataloguePrice changes propagate 33X FasterNewly added product shows up in 16 min instead of 85 min (5X faster)Re-indexes only modified products. From hours to seconds.Newly added products show up instantly instead of 12 minutes laterIndexing improved by 8X across multiple indexers
  20. 20. Multiple Sites with One InstanceMagento Flexibility• B2B with B2C• Multi-brand / multi-sites• Special VIP sites•Multi-national sites(localized language/currency)
  21. 21. Join merchants from around the worldand experience of the power of MagentoEnterprise for your business.
  22. 22. Magento TrainingeCommerce with MagentoLearn how to leverage eCommerce to enhance your business. This class is specificallydesigned for merchants .After attending this class you will be able to:• Recognize and understand the state of eCommerce and trends for the future• Analyze, plan and design your Magento site based on your specific requirements• Leverage the many features included in the Magento platform to attract consumers,increase conversion rates, grow revenue, foster customer satisfaction and maximize thereturn on your Magento investment.Online, instructor-led course (4 two-hour sessions) $950valueGive your business card to me and you’ll be entered to win afree “eCommerce with Magento” class