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trung oss magento overview


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Published in: Technology, Business
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trung oss magento overview

  1. 1. Magento OverviewHow to Start a Magento Business Ngo Van Trung OSS Founder & CEO
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Architecture Overview Introductory Features and Functionality Demonstration How to Start a Magento Business?
  3. 3. MagentoCompany Platform•Founded: 2001 • 60,000+ Merchants•115+ employees (and continuing to grow) • Translated into 60+ languages with strong world-wide traction•Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA • Named in 2009 Forrester Wave™ of B2C•Increasing Revenues and Profitable Every Year eCommerce Platforms • Named in Forrester’s 2010 Market Overview: Global eCommerce Solutions Report “Magento is the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform.”
  4. 4. Vizio
  5. 5. Fox
  6. 6. Flexibility with EnterpriseSupport and Functionality
  7. 7. Architecture• Extensible and Upgradeable Architecture•Architecture Maintains Upgradeability with Customizations •Core •Local •Community• Complete Flexibility on Design Look and Feel •MVC Architecture• Core API opens platform for integration •Supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols •Catalog •Customer •Order
  8. 8. Structural and Content Blocks
  9. 9. Templates and Design
  10. 10. Features and Functionality•Site Management•Multi-Store Management•Search Engine Optimization•Catalog Browsing•Product Browsing•Marketing and Promotion Tools•Checkout•Reporting and Analytics
  11. 11. Site Management• Content Staging and Merging• Restrict Access per Store(s)• Multi-Lingual and Currency• Upgrade Management• Admin Roles and Users• Content Testing and Management
  12. 12. Multi-Store Management• Flexible Management for Many Business Uses• Multiple Brand Sites• Localized Versions of Sites• Main and Micro-Sites• Private Sales Sites• B2C and B2B
  13. 13. Search Engine Optimization• 100% Search Engine Friendly• Search Engine Site Map• URL Rewrites give full control ofURLs• Meta-information for products andcategories• Auto-generated Site Map for displayon site• Auto-Generated Popular SearchTerms Page
  14. 14. Catalog Browsing• Dynamic Attribute-Based Catalog forFlexibility• Layered Navigation• Product Comparison• Recently Viewed and Compared• Product Reviews and Ratings• Landing Pages, Banners and PersonalizedContent• Configurable Sorting
  15. 15. Product Browsing• Configurable Attribute Based Detail Pages• Multiple Images and Zoom• Reviews and Ratings• Product Tags• Flexible Display Options •Simple (one SKU) •Configurable (Style Displayed with Selection) •Grouped (Multiple SKU’s can be displayed/ordered) •Bundled (Custom Configures Product or Kit) •Downloadable and Virtual
  16. 16. Marketing and Promotion Tools• Rule-Based Promotions• Customer Segmentation• Personalized Content Display•Private Sales• Rule-Based Association of Upsells, etc.
  17. 17. Checkout• Dozens of Payment Gateways•Alternative Payment Methods (PayPal, GoogleCheckout and Checkout by Amazon)• One-Page Checkout• Checkout as Guest• Use Existing Account• Ship-to-Multiple Addresses Checkout• Real-time rates from Major carriers•Store Credit and Gift Cards
  18. 18. Reporting and Analytics• Dashboard view and Reporting module• Logging of Administrator Actions• Integrated with Google Analytics andWebsite Optimizer• Reports configurable and exportable •Sales Report •Abandoned Shopping Cart Report •Most Purchased Products Report •Search Terms Report •And more
  19. 19. How to Start a Magento Business?•Is it easy to build an extension?•What is the most important?•Sell your extensions on magento-connect.•Sell your extensions on
  20. 20. Is it easy to build an extension?
  21. 21. What is the most important?
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Thanks For Listening!