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VI Regional EACD Lisbon Debate held 16th november 2010 over the theme "Reputation Management: from Internal Communication to Change Management", sponsored by Galp Energia. Attended by 47 top …

VI Regional EACD Lisbon Debate held 16th november 2010 over the theme "Reputation Management: from Internal Communication to Change Management", sponsored by Galp Energia. Attended by 47 top communication professionals. Presentation by José Bancaleiro, Managing Partner at Stanton Chase International

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  • 1. The Power of Brands in HR ManagementJosé Bancaleiro
  • 2. Itinerary 2 • Talent Management • Employer Branding • EVP – Employer Value proposition • Brand ManagementJosé Bancaleiro
  • 3. Talent Management 3José Bancaleiro
  • 4. Talent Management “The thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night is not what might happen in the economy or what our competitors might do next. It is worring about whether we have the leadership capacity and the talent to implement the new and more complexes global strategies ” David Whirwam, CEO of Whirlpool Corporation 4José Bancaleiro
  • 5. Have you heard? • The Market is more and more competitive; • Margins are more and more reduced; • The success of each project needs more and more focus, energy and creativity; • Motivate and retain our talents in more difficult each day. and even plus . . .José Bancaleiro 5
  • 6. . . . when . . . • Mergers and aquisitions; • Internationalization; • Diversification; • “Downsizing”; • Turnaround to compete in this market you need . .José Bancaleiro 6
  • 7. . . . teams strongly . . • Competent; • Engaged; • Aligned with the company values; • Focused on objectives and • Performant This is, with talented teamsJosé Bancaleiro 7
  • 8. Talents are employees: Potencial of Evolution Performance Engaged Competent 8José Bancaleiro
  • 9. How to have talent . . . • Attraction • Development • Retain • Or all Have you done your company talent inventory?José Bancaleiro 9
  • 10. Talent atractionJosé Bancaleiro 10
  • 11. Why invest in talent atraction • If employees are the most decisive factor for the success of a project, the process of to attract, recruit and integrate them is key; • A wrong admission costs 3 times the annual salary of that employee; • Talent attracts Talent 11José Bancaleiro
  • 12. 4 Trends in talent atraction • “Resourcing” • Find de the best solution; • Process scope • Starts earlier - Employer Branding • Ends later • E.recruitment • Executive Search • Price vs Value 12José Bancaleiro
  • 13. Employer BrandingJosé Bancaleiro 13
  • 14. Employer Branding • Brands dominate ours lifes. They determine the car we drive, the wine we drink, etc. • So, it is not strange brands have a key role when people have to choose the company where they want to work 14José Bancaleiro
  • 15. José Bancaleiro
  • 16. Product Brand Quality Features and Performance PROCESSO Product Inovation Brand Value and and Design Price Image and Prestige 16José Bancaleiro
  • 17. Employer Brand Mission and Leadership Values Style PROCESSO Internal Employer and external Brand Pay Policy Communication Work climate 17José Bancaleiro
  • 18. Employer Branding It is to create a HR communication strategy, integrated, consistent and prolonged that communicates externally and internally the most relevant aspects of the organization identity (soul) , this is, the organizational purpose, its most deep values, it’s managerial practice, etc. all this with the objective of to create or reinforce an image of a “great place to work” among the present employees and of a “First choice employer” among potential candidatesJosé Bancaleiro 18
  • 19. Employer Branding is not . . . • To design a template for employment announcements • It is a communication strategy • A project with a strong launching • It is a process for a long period • A project to be done by “amateurs” • It needs HR and Communication specific competencies • A HR project • It is a company project and it needs Top Management involvement 19José Bancaleiro
  • 20. Brand componnents STRATÉGY Culture Leadership PROCESSO PROCESSES Employer PEOPLE Brand Performance Communication Work climate 20 OPERATIONALJosé Bancaleiro
  • 21. Employer Brand STRATÉGY Responsabilidade Fairness social Missão e Politica de Valores Desenvolvimento Valor dado CULTURA Walk the talk Às Pessoas LIDERANÇA Sistemas de EMPLOYER Comunicação PROCESSO Recompensa e BRAND PROCESSES Reconhecimento interna PEOPLE PERFORMANCE COMUNICAÇÃO Gestão da Reputação Performance organizacional AMBIENTE Atracção Imagem Integração Institucional Dispensa e Produto Equilibrio Serviços Familia / de apoio Profissão Relacionamento interpessoal 21 OPERATIONALJosé Bancaleiro
  • 22. Brand Management • Insight – Alignement between brand and target audience • Benefits – Employee Value Proposition (EVP) • Diferentiation – What makes the Organization better and different of all others 22José Bancaleiro
  • 23. Brand Management • Focus – Sinthetize in one point / image • Continuity – From where it cames and to where it wants to go • Consistence – Real vs promised brand; walk the talk 23José Bancaleiro
  • 24. 6 Talent atraction funilJosé Bancaleiro
  • 25. EVP Employer Value PropositionJosé Bancaleiro
  • 26. EVP - Employer Value Proposition It is the group of functional, economic and emotional benefits delivered by the job that are identified with the employer (Barrow, in Corporate Executive Board, 2001). 26José Bancaleiro
  • 27. EVP - Áreas Proud Job to belong Contend PROCESSO EVP Development No financial Possibilities Compensation Salary and Benefits 27José Bancaleiro
  • 28. Proposta de Valor - Componentes Responsabilidade Desafio social Reputação Significado organizacional Liderança Autonomia Pertença Função Proposta PROCESSO Equilibrio de Segurança Familia / Profissão Valor Remuneração Desenvolvº não Financeira Benefícios não Financeiros Formação Remuneração Financeira Sistemas de Nível de Reconhecimento Oportunidades Remuneração Benefícios Variável Salário Financeiros 28José Bancaleiro
  • 29. Employer attractiveness “drivers” Salary & Evolution Reputation (Salary, Benefists, (Image perceived) Evolution opportunities) Job Culture (Contends, learning (Mission, values, lidership) experiences,)José Bancaleiro
  • 30. 6 Employer attractiveness “drivers” 22% Top 3 : • Imagem institucional e de Produto • Ética e Responsabilidade Social • Solidez financeira Reputation 25% Top 3 : Top 3 : Salary • Segurança • Possibilidades de Atractividade • Aprendizagem rendimento • Rendimento fixo & do Job • Flexibilidade competitivo • Rapidez de evolução Evolution Empregador 26% Top 3: Culture • Valores • work/life balance Employer Brand Image • Ambiente de trabalho 27% Employer Value Proposition3 José Bancaleiro0
  • 31. Touchpoint Wheel Exit Campus Retention Awareness interviews recruitment Career Internship development Post- Pre- Performance Application Application Career site review Experience Experience Commitment Consideration Management Company behavior Employer Brand brand Informing / Invitation Involving letter people Engagement Application Experience Preference Introduction Interview Rejection letter Assessment Contract handlingJosé Bancaleiro
  • 32. Employer Brand - Benefits: • Talent Attraction; • Talent attracts new Talent • Impact on the proud to belong: • Retention; • Reduction of recruitment costs 32José Bancaleiro
  • 33. Guidelines • Cultural alignement • Strategic objectives alignement • Diferentiation positionement • Wide. integrated, consistent and prolonged • Balance between real vs aspirational brand • Notority e adhesion • Effective communication channels 33José Bancaleiro
  • 34. Employer Branding includes • Design of a image / identity • Documents / ads / Websites/ etc. • External communication strategy . . . • And also, internal (ex. eventos) • Schools Roadshows • Analyse main processes: Attraction, integration leaving; 34José Bancaleiro
  • 35. José Bancaleiro
  • 37. Ensuring Global Consistency – DeploymentJosé Bancaleiro
  • 38. José Bancaleiro
  • 39. José Bancaleiro
  • 40. José Bancaleiro
  • 41. José Bancaleiro
  • 42. José Bancaleiro
  • 43. José Bancaleiro
  • 44. José Bancaleiro
  • 45. José Bancaleiro
  • 46. jnj.com/careersJosé Bancaleiro
  • 47. Thank you. Questions. Comments. Thoughts. José Bancaleiro 47José Bancaleiro