Building Your Employer Brand Strategy - Stacy Parker


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In this interactive mega-session Stacy will take participants through the process of building a social media employer brand
strategy. Workshop components include:
- Why is employer branding important?
- How does your employer brand strategy rank?
- Steps to employer brand strategy
- Building a social media employer brand strategy
- Communicating your employer brand
- The role of social media on your employer brand strategy
- Adding measurable value

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Building Your Employer Brand Strategy - Stacy Parker

  1. 1. Toronto Conference Building Your Employer Brand Strategy November 1, 2013 Presented by: Stacy Parker, Managing Director, Blu Ivy Group
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Why is Employer Branding important? • How does your employer brand strategy rank? (interactive) • Steps to Employer Brand Strategy • Building a Social Media Employer Brand Strategy • Communicating your employer brand • The role of social media on your employer brand strategy • Adding measurable value
  3. 3. About Blu Ivy Group • An employer branding and employee engagement research and consulting firm. • We help organizations attract, retain and engage the best people through authentic and award winning cultures and employer brands.
  4. 4. Our Global Partnerships Our partnerships with global leaders in employer branding and engagement ensure that our clients are offered the best methodologies, benchmarks, thought leadership and support worldwide.
  5. 5. Disengagement Is Widespread “Disengagement costs North American businesses over $300 billion every year.” Gallup
  6. 6. It Is Good For Business  Increased engagement can equal a 12% increase in customer satisfaction.  Highly engaged employees are 36% more likely to have above average productivity.  Best Companies perform 3x better than the general market. A strong employer brand reduces cost per hire by up to 50%. A 10% increase in spend for employer branding can increase annual profits by $2,400 per employee per year.
  7. 7. How Does Your Employer Brand Rate Against The Best?         We have an employer branding strategy that is supported at the executive level We have a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP) We have conducted research on what employees value from working at our organization We have conducted research to determine the perceptions prospective employees have about our company We have created a database of talented employees who we would like to hire when the time is right Our employer brand and EVP are clearly experienced and articulated throughout the entire employee lifecycle Our leaders have been trained on employer brand management We have a brand ambassador program     We have developed a social media strategy We have a social media policy that all employees have been trained on We monitor what people are saying about our brand online We have a careers section on our website where our employer brand and EVP are clearly articulated     We benchmark our employer brand effectiveness against competitors We have employer brand ROI metrics in place that are consistently measured We have been externally recognized as a great place to work We are externally recognized as a top employer brand
  8. 8. Blu Ivy Group Methodology TM Understand Survey – Internal/External Competitive Benchmarking Discovery workshops (leaders & employees) Corporate Brand Platform Transform Build Align Corporate Brand Employer Branding Strategy Employee Lifecycle EVP Segmentation Social Media: Sourcing Employer Brand Awareness Differentiation Create Brand Ambassadors Measure KPI’s Competitive Benchmarking Google Analytics & ATS tracking to understand engagement, source, impact ROI Scorecard Communicate •Employer Brand , Social Media, & Brand Ambassador Program launch •Internal Corporate launch
  9. 9. Steps To An Employer Brand Strategy 1) Understand Key Business Goals/Objectives 2) Survey Employees/Stakeholders 3) EVP 4) Segmentation 5) Set KPI’s 6) ELA GAP Analysis 7) External Benchmarking 8) Personas 9) Social , Digital, Content & Video Strategy 10) Brand Ambassadors 11) Launch & Measure!!!
  10. 10. Understand Key Business Goals
  11. 11. Define The Why For Your Organization Leadership & Divisional Goals/Challenges Understand how employees, clients, prospects and vendors feel about your organization Competitive Benchmarking Reputation Analysis Divisional KPIs
  12. 12. Conduct Employer Brand Survey • • • • • • • • Confidential Corporate Demographics Leadership 1-on-1’s Workshops Analysis EVP & Segmentation Action Plan
  13. 13. Know Your Competition • • • • • • • • EVP Brand Personality Social Media Strategy SEO Awards Employer Brand PR Glassdoor Benchmark To Yours
  14. 14. Build Persona’s • • • • • • • Role Age Experience Average Earnings Use of Social Media Attitudes & Goals Career Needs & Aspirations
  15. 15. Internal Employer Brand Strategy Internally • Employee Engagement • Values • Employee Lifecycle • Rewards & Recognition • Corporate Brand
  16. 16. External Employer Brand Strategy Externally • Career Website Not until you have an internal EVP! • Social Media • Job Postings • Campus, Sponsorships, Conferences & Events • Agencies • Employer Ranking Sites • Employer Brand Videos • Mobile • Gamification
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. Q. Do you plan to increase Investment in any of these Candidate recruiting sources In 2013 compared to 2012? 18
  19. 19. Social Media Employer Branding Impacts RECALL: • Business Goals & KPIs • Competitive Analysis • Personas $ Sourcing Engagement Reach Differentiation Thought Leadership Employer Brand Awareness
  20. 20. 9 Ingredients to Social Media Employer Brand Strategy Select Social Media Platforms Identify Key Employer Brand Segments Decide on KPI’s /metrics Target Niche Audiences Build SEO strength in segments Identify Key Communication Topics Generate New Ideas and Feedback Participation from key employees Technical and Content support 21
  21. 21. Source: Blogging4jobs
  22. 22. Niche Audiences
  23. 23. Select Your Social Media Platforms! • Existing Social Platforms • Careers Related • Campus Related • Career App Add-ons • Culture And Resource Availability
  24. 24. SEO and Employer Brand 25
  25. 25. Social Media Training, Policy Review, Brand Ambassadors • Involve the right resources • Social Media Policy • Top Social Media Users, High Potentials, Influencers • Segment representation
  26. 26. Engage your workforce and amplify your social media content PostBeyond enables your employees to post approved content to their personal networks in a secured, consistent and controlled way.
  27. 27. Audience Ideas And Participation
  28. 28. Measure 30
  29. 29. Common Metrics Used To Measure ROI Internal • Retention rate • Employee engagement • Number of applicants • Cost per hire • Employee referral rates • Profit per employee Social • Followers/By Segment • Shared Content/Retweets • Total Impressions • SEO Rankings • Google Analytics
  30. 30. Barclay’s Career Twitter Account Drives to a Great Resource Page 36
  31. 31. Great Branded Twitter Careers Consistently tweet interesting content IT & jobs Include Pics of IT, Diversity 37
  32. 32. Virtual Events • Career Fairs • Open Houses • Information Sessions
  33. 33. Low Hanging Fruit • Social Media Links on all assets • Awards clearly listed on all Social Careers sites • User experience on careers site • Video assets deployed to Social Media • Branding on all Social Assets • Direct links on Social Assets to Careers site
  34. 34. Other Growing Social Media for Employer Branding • Get Your Visitors to Subscribe via Email!
  35. 35. My Social Media Strategy Project Plan Strategic Element Employer Brand, Business Strategy, issues, goals I need to Research SWOT KPIs What Personas will I deliver Social Media Sites I will recommend Content Strategy Analytics I will use to measure success Owners - Date