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Employer Branding slideshare


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A brand is made up of intangibles – perceptions, feelings and associations that exist in one’s state of mind. The ultimate goal of any branding effort is to create a loyal customer base. In the case of employer branding, that customer is the employee. An employer brand refers to the perceptions key stakeholders, and more specifically current and potential employees, have of your organisation.

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Employer Branding slideshare

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. Introduction To New To HR New To HR, looks to close the gap which exists within Human Resources globally and is designed specifically to offer guidance, support and development opportunities to new entrants, encouraging talented and able individuals to develop to their full potential and become the next generation of MDs, CEOs and industry leaders.
  3. 3. And the … Quality Of Hire Process Nicole Dominique Le Maire
  4. 4. Webinar Intro Discussion of the 4 ways to revolutionize the Quality Of Hire (QoH) process via Employer Branding:  What is an Employer brand  Company Website  Candidate Experience  Culture  Internal Marketing
  5. 5. Building a compelling employer brand What is an employer brand? • Perceptions of potential, current employees, stakeholders, third parties. • How is your organisation viewed?
  6. 6. Benefits of a strong Employer Brand: It can make your organisation stand out from the crowded market. 1 – Values 2 – Personality 3 – Behaviours (desired) ENGAGEMENT & MOTIVATION
  7. 7. Developing Your Employer Brand • What are the most attractive attributes of the organization to both current and potential employees? • What roles are the most critical to company success and what do you need to do to attract and retain the best talent in these areas?
  8. 8. Website Are You The Employer Magnet? •Compels •Motivates •Excites Work with your Marketing TEAM!
  9. 9. Britain’s Top Employer Awards Judges on: Pay and benefits Training & Development Career Progression Working Conditions Company culture
  10. 10. Employer Brands – TRUE & ACCURATE! True Engagement only happens if the brand is embedded in your culture.
  11. 11. Attracting New Talented Employees • Show what success in the organisation looks like • Introduce current employees (buddy up) • Promote commitment to development & training • Show what success in an organisation looks like
  12. 12. Tailor Employee Value Proposition Associations and Offering Versus Skills, Capabilities, Experience According to Employer Branding Online, companies who invest in developing their employer brand can expect an increase in employee engagement and ease in attracting candidates.
  13. 13. Company Sourcing Online Assessment Automated Resume Screening
  14. 14. Interview Process On-boarding Recruitment Process Recognise the talent you bring into the workplace Value it in terms of a calculated understanding of how each talent adds value!
  15. 15. Attracts. Engages. Develops. • Where and How To Advertise Your Jobs • How Easy Is It To Apply • How Will You Respond To Applications • How Are Your Interviews Conducted • What is Your Rejection and Offer Process • How Will You Stay In Touch
  16. 16. Internal Marketing The Best Employer Brands accentuate the positive aspects of the organisation, BUT are realistic and create a picture people can relate to – both internally and externally.
  17. 17. Culture Seals The Job Perception Of Job Seeker Cultural Fit & The Importance of HUMANIZING!
  18. 18. Communication Style CLEAR MESSAGING • Who Is The Organisation? • What Does The Organisation Stand For?
  19. 19. Build strong relations with employees & stakeholders! Retain Your (best) Talent… BUT… let your employees leave on a good note!
  20. 20. Quality of Hire Performance + Productivity + Culture
  21. 21. Monitoring Your Employer Brand Recognise the changing needs of your workforce and use: • Employee Satisfaction Surveys • Employee Workshops • Exit Interviews
  22. 22. Employer & External Brand DO NOT FORGET TO ALIGN Employees MUST live your brand Employees MUST demonstrate your brand’s behaviour, beliefs and culture.
  23. 23. Learn The Lesson Of Long Term Objectives
  24. 24. Contact New to HR - New To HR Academy: Public courses:
  25. 25. Liked The Presentation Let’s join OUR TRIBE 6/10/14 Thank You for Attending!
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