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Final major project_proposal_form_updated


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  • 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit 4: Final Major Project Proposal FormCharlotte BrackenMedia Format (film,documentary, motiongraphics,photography,animation, graphicdesign etc)The kind of media format that I am going to do will be Photography. I willedit my photography in a certain style to the aspect of what it looks good,mainly it will be black and white as I have a high interest of black and whitephotographs as they seem to fascinate me more than the original colouredimages.Synopsis of Idea(content, narrative,genre)I will be taking pictures of Nature. This will have a variety range of imagesfrom animals, flowers, trees and even fields. This will open up a selection ofwork which I personally will be able to edit in many different ways yet hopeto come out with the final solution of having a variety of professionallooking black and white photographs. I want my all of my photographs toappeal to the target audience which I have set. And make the beauty ofnature show within these images. The kind of shots that I will do for thisspecific project is landscape as well as some close up to show the range ofthe extent of the photographs I will be taking.Target Audience?(demographic NOTage range)My photographs that I will be taking in this project will be aimed atteenagers to older adults of both genders as I don’t specifically want totarget one gender because I hope it will appeal to both. The specific kind ofphotography might not be enjoyed by everyone within my target audienceand may even be enjoyed by a younger audience as there will be nothingunsuitable to see within the photography. By knowing that I am focusingmore on the natural aspect of things, no unsuitable images such as peopleat their most natural form, in the nude.Target AudienceNeeds?Within this, I want to open the target audience’s eyes that no matter whatthe object within nature, there is a beautiful side within it as its all aroundthem. I want to be able to help them see things in a different and betterview than what they might be seeing. Their opinions visually and mentallywill change with how I will interpret the actual object that I have focusedonusing the camera and also with the editing I have chosen to use.How will your projectmeet the needs ofyour target audience?(Make reference tocontent you think willappeal to your targetaudience)The images that I will have taken will be edited a little and the main objectwithin the photograph will be the main image that the target audience willbe focusing on. I will edit each image to how I think suits it best, changingthe brightness and contrast may be a huge part of the actual editing andmaking sure that each individual colour within the image suits as I will bemaking the photograph black and white because that is the style I wish tomake my photos. Making the image clear to the audience it will show thebeauty of the object within each photograph I will take.What productiontechniques will youuse to realise yourproject?For each individual photograph that I will take, it will be edited and thenhopefully each will look individual and then for the exhibition, I will create abook of all my photographs which will be made on a website such This will help me create the perfect book for my
  • 2. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit 4: Final Major Project Proposal FormCharlotte Brackenphotographs to be seen by the target audience which can be presented in aprofessional way. .