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In a film analysis, there are many different kinds of ways which you can use to analyse anyfilm. The main two ways which a...
with the fast pace cutting which seems as if it is trying to keepup with the dramatic non-diegetic music which is beinguse...
conventions of a typical thriller/drama/crime genre. This film has been made to make theaudience wonder and think very car...
his films. He had a great use of music which he knew how to build tension, evoke emotionor even confuse the audience with ...
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In a film analysis


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In a film analysis

  1. 1. In a film analysis, there are many different kinds of ways which you can use to analyse anyfilm. The main two ways which are used by many people all of the time is Genre Analysisand Auteur Theory. Genre Analysis is slightly easy to do as if the film is a generic film; itmeans that the film will follow all the codes and conventions of one particular genre. Usingthis, you will be able to predict what might happen within a film. For example, a horror is agenre which is well known by everyone as it is always has a dark and weary atmosphere, avillain and innocent characters which all end up in the worst turn of events. A horror if donewell can carry out the high expectations of a well thought out film if following the correctcodes and conventions. The genre itself would mainly been released around Halloween asthat is the main time when people wish to be truly scared and when people go out of theirway to believe certain scary stories. On the other hand, following a Auteur Theory of filmanalysis can mainly be see on judgement of the eye and how certain people see things asthere can be debates on this specific analysis. However, as long as a point is proven on whatsomeone thinks, it all comes down on personal opinion. An Auteur is someone who likes tobreak the codes and conventions of a genre and allows the audience to view the director’spersonal creative vision. This is where the director treats the film and the script like a wok ofart, yet in ways can mix genres together to seemingly create a whole new genre. There areseveral well-known directors who are considered Auteur’s such as Coppola whomade Apocalypse Now (1979), Wes Craven who made the famous Scream(1996) and Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and even Quentin Tarantino who made PulpFiction (1994).Within any Genre Analysis, there are always 7 different key areas which should always becovered. Each of the key areas are: Codes and conventions Setting Character Themes Narrative Iconography Ideological messageEach of the key areas has been used in a film which was directed by Marc Foster, Quantumof Solace (2008). The codes and conventions of this film are very typical of the action genre.Having the fast sporty cars, both the British Aston Martin and the Italian Alfa Romeo along
  2. 2. with the fast pace cutting which seems as if it is trying to keepup with the dramatic non-diegetic music which is beingused. The setting for the majority of James Bond films alwaysseems to be within an exotic, beautiful foreign place. At thestart of the film Marc Foster, Quantum of Solace (2008) thesetting is based in Italy, which is shown quite a bit during a fastpace camera track within a car chase. Wide shots show thecountry like it possibly hasn’t been seen before showing awhole different side. Within the start of the film as the settingis being shown, there seems to be the typical codes andconventions again of and action genre by the characters. Thereseems to be a villain, who is old, appears slightly weak and notvery attractive, which is the complete opposite to what thehero, in this case James Bond. James Bond is the attractive,skilful, professional and sophisticated at what he does. Wearinga suit and tie you know that this is the typical style of howhero’s normally dress within action films. The females within the film itself are always thesame. They appear to be objectified and are not usually seen as a main protagonist butinstead as a secondary character. This seems to occur in most of the James Bond films yet ithas a slight twist. Women may be objectified and they may be secondary characters yetthey seem to hold a main part within every film. Jams Bond’s boss is female within hisparticular film and she seems to call all the shots within what Bond does. As well as Bondalways has a female accomplice to help him do his job and get what he needs to do done.The themes throughout the same are the same in near enough all of the action films whichconsist of life and death and even the sexuality. The hero always seems to survive and winthe war or fight which is going while the villain dies and loses as one thing which has beenstated for many years ‘good triumphs over evil’ which in this case, Quantum ofSolace proves and gives an Ideological message. Within this Bond film, Britain is seen aspowerful and dominant through the likes of mise en scene such as the car, the AstonMartin. An elegant looking car yet powerful and fast. Bond is always smartly dressed whichis iconic of British fashion, or what can been seen as the stereotypical way on how Britishpeople would dress.Leon (1994) is a Thriller/Crime/Drama type film which is in contrast to Quantum of Solace(2008) as both films are in the similar genre yet both have differentviewing experiences. The Quantum of Solace (2008) is the type offilm which involves all of the typical action/crime genre with the fastcars, young sexy women yet seen as objects and not highly importantand exotic locations which are all very ‘in your face’. It’s very straightforward as it goes from start to the end and you can guess andexpect what to happen within the film, whereas Leon (1994) seemsmore subtle and is very unconventional. There are many twistswithin the film what makes you think more and it isn’t as predictableas you think when you first start watching it and as Quantum ofSolace (2008). Luc Besson the director of Leon (1994) can be verymuch considered an Auteur for the fact he breaks the codes and
  3. 3. conventions of a typical thriller/drama/crime genre. This film has been made to make theaudience wonder and think very carefully about the film. Having a young girl aged 13smoking and in a very distant family. Only getting attention of her younger brother andgiving that attention, her mother and sister and father seemed to slightly reject her which isa small indication of a typical poor family. Having to force herself to grow up as she lost herchildhood from her family being murdered, Leon is left with Mathilda. With the twist by LucBesson on having the young girl fall in love with this much older man, and Leon loving her asa daughter as he teaches her to become an assassin. People often construed him as apaedophile when really it is the other way around. He has no intention of having sexualdesires with Mathilda when it is actually her who has the sexual intentions and desires. Itseems to be very clever how he uses peoples preconceived notions on the relationshipbetween older men and younger girls which leads them to think there is something seedygoing on which will create tension for the audience and a very uncomfortableatmosphere. He has broken the convention for the films which has made it his ownindividual style even though some people can have a debate on the actual opinion of LucBesson being an Auteur. In the year 1994, the films which had already been made was nearenough all the same and he has taken it into account of this and broke the codes andconventions and has made a success from doing so.Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographerand editor who did most of his work in the UK. He was born July 26, 1928 and died March 71999 and he is still regarded to this very day as one of the greatestfilmmakers of all time. I have chosen to write about Stanley Kubrickbecause I feel that he is one person who could be described as anauteur as he seems to take each film he has created and adds hisown twist on which is something the audience would not expect. Hetakes codes and conventions of a film, taking into account in whatmakes a certain genre and then it’s like he twists it to how he seesfit to make it a different viewing experience for the audience.Having turned his home into his work place and doing his editingand writing within the comfort of his own home and teachinghimself all of the aspects of film production and directing he hasgone on to make several films which broke new ground in the filmmaking industry. The main reason why I feel that Stanley Kubrickcould be considered a Auteur is really based on one film which Ihave seen, The Clockwork Orange (1971). This is entirely becausefor me being someone who was born much later than when it wasreleased, watching it now seems to be his own unique original style. He hasn’t followed allthe true codes and conventions of how a Crime/Drama film should be like. Having differentmeanings within the film, there are certain subliminal messages on certain parts within thefilm yet again would all depend on the audience reading too much within the film. He hasmixed messages within the film which also can consider to be confusing for the audience asit gets their minds thinking differently. He had his own highly personalized style which hadbeen woven into every film he had made. He was a very stylistic film maker and no matterwhat film he was making, he paid very great attention to every single detail he had placed in
  4. 4. his films. He had a great use of music which he knew how to build tension, evoke emotionor even confuse the audience with how he would do so. He has shown this in one of hisother films, 2001: Space Odyssey (1968), he has taken a dark mystery scene and contrastedit with a classical piece of music which would make you feel more happy. This changes theatmosphere and is very unconventional yet it’s unique as it is his own style and is veryeffective within the film.Pulp Fiction (1994) is an original film by QuentinTarantino which has different types of genresthat it could be fit into. It is more of agangster/crime type of film with a sense ofthriller. The film itself is known for use ofdifferent styles it has such as its ironic mix ofhumour and violence, it can also be seen as atragedy without all the sadness and thenonlinear storyline. The nonlinear narrative iseffective throughout the film as it’s not shown inchronological order which can keep the viewerof the film more interested as they want toknow what’s going on within the film. This canbe seen as a very individual style for QuentinTarantino, and could possibly help him be seenas an Auteur to some people. The codes andconventions within the film it’s verystereotypical for this kind of genre even thoughnot all the codes and conventions seem to be followed, it can be seen as a black comedywhich again makes an individual style. The film itself is all pieced up and join in ways whichare all later met, there a several different stories or scenes in what way you want to put itand they all tell a story of different characters which enables you to get to know eachcharacter individually and what they are about which can be seen as one of Tarantino’s owntraits within a film. Having done this I feel this does make Quentin Tarantino an Auteurbecause he has put his own twist into this film to make it his own work which makes itauthentic as well as the witty dialogue he uses within his films. In almost every film thesedays, it is a linear narrative and it goes from beginning, middle then end it runs smooth andits jumping all over the place and it’s as if you can predict what is going to happen next inthe film. I have never seen a film with a nonlinear narrative which jumps all the clips about.It’s as if it’s trying to maintain a strong focus off the audience just so they are able to followthe narrative. Even though Quentin Tarantino co-wrote the play with Roger Avary, I feel thatTarantino himself is the main creator of Pulp Fiction (1994) as he directed the film as well aswrite it. I think Tarantino puts artistic merit before commercial success as it seems like inevery film he has made, he has put his own style into each film.