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Final major project_production_diary_

  1. 1. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryCharlotte Bracken PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including PossibleContingency Plans If Problems Anticipated)Mon W/B 07/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 14/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)To start off this project, I had to choose what kind of subject Iwould like to focus on with my final major project and made a liston what I would do for this project. Having doing a brief schedulewhich I will follow each week will help me throughout the task onwhat I should do.I will start to create my questionnaire and doing mindmaps to start of my primary research to help me withthis project.Mon W/B 21/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week, I have completed a mind map with a small in depthdetail which shows I have thought about what I might doing eachof the ideas which I have given. Showing I have looked at everyaspect of the idea I will finally chose an idea.I will start my questionnaires like was planned originally.I will also start to do a focus group on my final initialidea.Mon W/B 28/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I have been finalising the final major project idea as aproposal on Microsoft word. Going through my ideas with Iain, Ihave established what I want it do within my final major project.Researching a target audience and their needs I have establishedwhat my aim is for this project.Next week I will start the research on my final majorproject knowing I have no finished my proposal and theidea on what I will be doing has been made clear to meand I know how I will approach completing thisassignment.Mon W/B 04/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I have been started to do my research on inspirationalartists and I have found certain artists who have done work in thesame style I want to use and the object they have taken images off.Looking at natural forms and the effects which have been used.Next week I will finish off the research for theinspirational artist and upload the PowerPoint to myblog to show I have looked for different artists.Mon W/B 11/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 18/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week for the lesson I was in, I finished off the inspirationalartists PowerPoint and uploaded it to my blog and made sure thatit was in the right task and section of the blog.Next week I will go through all of the required Pre-Production tasks I have set myself and hopefully finishthem all to get myself back on track considering I havebeen off and I have missed lesson in which I needed tocomplete my work.Mon W/B 25/02/13 At the start of this week I started looking at appropriate locations Next week I will continue with work which I have set
  2. 2. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction Diary(Detailed Weekly Summary) where I can hopefully take successful photographs which I can usefor my final major project.and start image manipulation which will help medevelop my skills when working on my final majorproject.Mon W/B 04/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Again last week I was not in all of the days which I should have dueto illness so I have changed the production schedule and updatedit to the correct information which is needed and will be followed.Next week I will be booking a kit out to do some testshoots and take photographs as well as doing all of thepre-production section and the rest of the researchsection in order to be up to date with my work.Mon W/B 11/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I booked the kit out and done some test shoots which a range wasdone. I did several different photo shoots and then usingPowerPoint I then created a contact sheets for each individualshoot.Next week I will be editing the images I have taken tothe style I want to apply to my images and also continuewith the pre-production and the research sections.Mon W/B 18/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I have completed what I have set to do for the Pre-Production and continued to edit the shots which I have I alreadytaken and started selecting a few images which I have edited to beused for my FMP.Next week I will do the Critique and Further Imageswhich is within the production and finish off editingimages which I have already taken.Mon W/B 01/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I have again changed around the schedule as the booking the kitand the editing which seemed to take longer than I thought itwould. However, the time it has taken to edit my images wasworth it as I took in deep consideration for each single image that Ihad taken to make sure it was professional standards.Next week I will be looking to get the questionnairedone which I still have not completed as I have beenbusy with the rest of my work. Also I will be booking mykit and starting the editing which will go towardsfinishing my FMP.Mon W/B 08/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I have completely taken off the questionnaire as I feltthat it would not get done I really didn’t need to do it as I havefocused mainly on the artist inspiration because they areprofessional and everyone seems to love their work. Trying tocompete with them by using a similar style yet personalising it ishelping me with my edits that I have done to help me complete myediting.Next week I will focus on getting more images for myFMP and finishing the editing as well as dividing theimages from test images and my final selected images.Mon W/B 15/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I did another test shoot to make sure that I had enoughimages which will be able to go on towards my FMP. The editingagain took up the most of my time as well as doing contact sheetsto show all of my images and the process I have gone through toedit the images by creating a power point and showing a simpleI will upload my work onto the blog and finish off thefinal pieces of my work just like the image analysiswhich I still yet have to complete.
  3. 3. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction Diarystep-by-step on how I edited a few images.Mon W/B 22/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I uploaded all of my work onto the blog which I neededto put on and uploading the production schedule making sure theyare in date order. I also finished off the image analysis anduploaded that to my blog as well. I also made sure all the work wasunder the correct label so it was easy to find.PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including PossibleContingency Plans)