Magazine design evaluation


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Magazine design evaluation

  2. 2. Initial researchFor the initaresearch I didaquestionnaire andmagazine pageanalysis’s. Havingdone thequestionnairehelped me knowwhat sort ofmagazine peoplego for and certainage groups. It gaveme an idea onwhether I would domy magazinemonthly or weeklyand how muchthey are willing topay for themagazine.25%35%40%0%What age Are You?16 17 18 19+5%25%35%35%How Often Do You Buy TheMagazine?Daily Weekly Monthly Rarley
  3. 3. Product ResearchBy analysingmagazine frontpages, contentspages and doublepage spreads gaveme an idea on whatgoes where andwhat I need to do topull my magazinetogether. Havingcompare them toother magazinesgave me an idea onwhat I want to doand what wouldwork well for thetype of audience Iwould like to do mymagazine for.Having comparedthe target audiencein differentmagazines gave mea fine definition onwhat I would need todo to grab thereaders attention
  4. 4. Logo designThe logo is big andI feel goes well. Itsdifferent from whatother magazinesmay have and Ihave specificallyedited it make it thisway. At first I wasn’tsure about the logobut while I waslooking at otherlogo designs andtrying them on thefront cover of mymagazine, theydidn’t seem right orseem to fit with thestyle of the frontcover like thisspecific oen from
  5. 5. Image editingThese are theoriginal imagesthat I edited. Ihave chosenthese imagesbecause they areclear and eachphotograph isdifferent from theother. Having adifferentcomposition ineach photographhas given eachimage anelement of theirown.
  6. 6. Magazine coverHaving one mainimage on the frontcover helps theaudience know thatthere is a specialwithin the magazineand it has one mainfocused story as wellas its been jampacked with othergreat stories. Having itlaid out so each part isreadable helps theaudience know whatswithin the magazine.The main image itselfwasn’t really going tobe used for the frontcover until I thoughtoh how the idea I hadin my head would plan
  7. 7. Contents PageI feel the contents pagespecifically works wellbecause it isn’t too inyour face and there isn’tmuch on the page tomake you confused andit is simple and easy tofollow. Having subtlecolours with one mainbright colour directs youreye to the red bits. Iadded the smoke withinthe background to makeit seem like there wassome element within thecontents page as withoutit it seemed bare. It wasvery easy to put togetheras I already edited theimage as it was going togo on one of the otherpages but I changed mymind as I got editing
  8. 8. Double Page SpreadI feel that the doublepage spread has worksexceedingly wellbecause its simple. Theimages aren’t too inyour face and theyblend into the background yet you stillknow they are their.Having selected text inthe title and making itdifferent from the articlehelps it stand out thatlittle bit more. Havingthe kiss placed behindthe title was simplybecause I thought itseemed a little bare fora double page spreadas others seem to havea little more going on soI started to experimentwith different things. Istarted off on justputting the models eyesabove the text but thatdidn’t work.
  9. 9. Peer Group FeedbackI did a smallquestionnaire to askstudents what theythought about mymagazine and here arejust 2 of the questions Iasked and it gave me asense of how well I haveaccomplished to reachthe target audience forthe assignment. I askedpersonally on what pagethat people preferred thatI have produced and thecontents page is what Iexpected, I didn’t feel itwas my strongest part ofthe whole magazine. Andthe style of the magazineworked well as well.Even though a fewpeople didn’t like it asmuch I still would notchange it as I feel it85%15%Do You Like The Style Of MyMagazine?Yes No62%29%9%Which Page Did You Like Most?Front Contents Double Page Spread
  10. 10. Strengths of the ProjectOn a level I feel that the wholemagazine process and final outcome has gone well and Ipersonally feel like the doublepage spread is my strongestpage which I have done. Itssimple yet has a lot of stuffgoing on with the page, thearticle itself is not being overpowered by too many imagesand there isn’t pieces of textplaced or dotted all around thepage. I also feel that my FrontCover has worked well as I hadan idea already set within myhead on what I wanted to do.
  11. 11. Weaknesses of the ProjectFor a weakness in my opinion is thecontents page. I wasn’t sure what tonput on it or the stories as well asthe lay out so If I had the chance todo this project all over again then theonly thing I would possibly change isthe contents page. I feel that morecould have been added to it and thefact I started my project later than Ihoped is another downfall in why thismay have happened. I only ever hada clear head and a steady idea forthe Front Page and Double PageSpread and those seem to be mystronger out comes.