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  1. 1. Unit 57:PhotographyandPhotographicPracticeTask 4Selection offinal images &reviewPHOTO SHOOTREVIEW(YOU ARE CREATIVEVISUAL PEOPLE…MAKE THIS POWERPOINT LOOK MOREINTERESTING!
  2. 2. AIM OF SHOOTFor this unit, I had to go out to Salford Quays and thentake several photographs around Salford Quays and thenedit them in Adobe Photoshop. Having clearunderstanding of this particular unit and brief set, I havemanaged to complete the task set which I feel is anexcellent standard. I have done then to the point where Ithink they are effective, different and what I enjoy. I triedto be as professional as I could with the photographs thatI was taking; however some of the photographs came outin different qualities. Some were blurry and some wereperfect quality, and this gave me the option to definewhat I did wrong with images as not focusing the cameraproperly and not fixing the composition all the timecorrectly. In order to get a steady camera and sort out aproper composition, if I was going to do this project againI would get a tripod which would better composition.
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION OF SHOOTWell to start off with to get this image, Itravelled to Salford Quays with a camera Ihad booked from college and took severalpictures through the day and night as I wasthere a long time. When I came back tocollege I then uploaded the images to thecomputer and began to select images toedit. The image on the right is one of theimages I chose o edit and has turned out tobe my favourite edit. If I had to redo theshoot again then there isnt really anythingI would change because I took a widevariety y of photographs and differentimages of the day which would enable medifferent kinds of images.
  5. 5. EDITING EFFECTSHow I edited it:First off, I edited the brightness andcontrast to make the colour stand outmore.Then I re-edited it again to up thebrightness and contrastKnowing that is really all I did to theimage and knowing it has turned outbetter than I expected. Having certainparts of the image vibrant and standingout more on than others.
  6. 6. FINAL IMAGESThis is one of my final images which I haveliked. I feel that the strengths of it are thatthere is just one main object within the imageand that is the goose. With it in mid-flightshowing great example of the fast speedshutter. By having a clear focus on the gooseand having the tips of the wings blurry justshows. The weakness I feel the image has isthe fact there seems to be a lot of space withinthe background but then again the weaknessto me seems to be its strength. The fact I putthe image in black and white along with thelens correction just gives highlights within theimage.
  7. 7. FINAL IMAGESThis is another one of my final images thatI like. I think this image works well withthe colour because it’s not like its originalcolour. Having the two colours purple andyellow, which can be considered ascomplimentary colours. This is one of thestrengths about the image in which I likeand think works well. Within the image asit’s like something you wouldn’t expect thecomplimentary colours to be on thebuilding. One weakness I think it lacks isthe fact it isn’t 100% following the rule ofthirds and I feel like if the image wasfollowing that rule then it would look betterand more professional. However I feel thecomposition itself works.
  8. 8. REJECTED IMAGESThese three images are the images Irejected and didn’t take further becauseeither the picture quality wasn’t as good asother images or there wasn’t anythingreally to it.Even though these images themselvescould have been edited to the standard offinal images, I feel that these would not ofturned out as good as the other have. Eachhaving its own composition and style to itmakes it an individual image.
  9. 9. AIMS FOR NEXT PROJECTMy final artwork has just blown out my original intentions as I feltlike I wouldn’t create as good of images than I already have done andthey wouldn’t turned out to near professional standards. As theimages have turned out better than expected, I had chosen a couple ofthe Salford Quays images to put into my portfolio as I felt theyworked well and the editing was great. I had no initial audience formy images however, people who have looked at the final pieces of artwork have enjoyed what I have done and either liked or loved theimages. I personally love what I have done as I know it’s my workand I am getting to where I want to be with the actual photography,my skills are developing slowly and my Photo Shop skills arebecoming more advanced as I know how to use it and what to do withthe tools.
  10. 10. The different stages I went through to get my final edited images were all effective.The research helped me decide what I wanted to exactly take images of and how Iwould like to hopefully edit them. The planning and preparation didn’t go as Ithought it would because I didn’t really plan when I was going to do it and thepreparation was a last minute thing. If I was to do it again I would plan several daytrips to take the images as the weather can also have a big impact on the imagebeing taken from it being sunny or it raining, there will be a different type ofatmosphere coming from the image. The time management and the projectmanagement have both been all over the place as I started the assignment. As it hasgone further down the line, they have both become more into place and I knowwhere I am I know what needs to be done and what hasn’t been done. It has slightlyfallen into place as well as the creative ability. Editing the images and recordingwhat I have done to create the final image has been long and difficult as some of theimages I had just edited without recording so thinking back on what I had done andthinking about what I need to do to recreate the image wasn’t easy.
  11. 11. Next time when I do another shoot I will try and make myphotographs more professional and I will try and keep the timemanagement to a complete organized manor. Putting more focusedtime and consideration into taking the photographs. Trying tomaintain steady focus to get a great composition and rule of thirds.