Idp Principles


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" The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.............

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Idp Principles

  1. 1. Introduction to IDP Presented by: Rodney Wilts BuildGreen - * A Windmill Developments Company
  2. 2. Building with purpose Agenda Setting the Context Defining IDP Process Design Facilitation
  3. 3. introduction: sharing experience Windmill Developments Vision • Triple Bottom Line Approach • Aimed at innovations in sustainability • Proven experience creating some of North America’s greenest developments
  4. 4. Building with purpose introduction: popular education Education must begin with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously teachers and students. Paulo Freire
  5. 5. Building with purpose introduction: sharing experience An Appreciative Approach Approaching problems from the other side… What problems are you What is working well? having? Inquire into the best of Define the problem what is. Fix what’s broken Co-create a desired future. Appreciative Inquiry is the study of what works well.
  6. 6. Building with purpose IDP in Theory and Practice
  7. 7. Building with purpose IDP: context "Modifying the development and design process involves a redefinition of priorities, the creation of improved forms of participation and communication, and a shift in the mindsets and patterns of the many participating professionals. It takes time and effort to establish new working relationships, build knowledge, and form consensus." Cole, Miller & Schroeder
  8. 8. Building with purpose IDP: drivers What is IDP? “In general, the integrated design process is an approach to building design that seeks to achieve high performance on a wide variety of well-defined environmental and social goals while staying within budgetary and scheduling constraints. It relies upon a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team whose members make decisions together based on a shared vision and a holistic understanding of the project. It follows the design through the entire project life, from pre-design through occupancy and into operation.” Roadmap for IDP
  9. 9. Building with purpose IDP: perspectives Source: IDP Facilitation Resource Guide
  10. 10. Building with purpose IDP: drivers Drivers of IDP: 1. Increasing demands of buildings 2. Green building movement 3. Community-based movements 4. Climate change Others?
  11. 11. Building with purpose IDP: principles Principles of IDP: Iterative Flexible Different attitude Ongoing learning Place based Transdisciplinary Multistakeholder engagement Process and outcome driven Sources: Roadmap for IDP; Integrative Design Collaborative; SSG
  12. 12. Building with purpose IDP: principles Source: Building Green: Adding Value Through Process
  13. 13. Building with purpose IDP: process mapping Roadmap for IDP Sources: Page 14 in IDP facilitation guide or page 13 in Roadmap
  14. 14. Building with purpose IDP: benefits Benefits of IDP: costs collaboration communication improved performance better fit business case
  15. 15. Building with purpose Process Design
  16. 16. Building with purpose process design Key concepts: Need to be conscious about process Process will vary every time – context matters Need to think about who to involve and when Learn from others, not just design innovations, but also process innovations Need to determine who you need in the process, but also who should be involved in determining the process.
  17. 17. Building with purpose process design: whole project
  18. 18. Building with purpose process design: concepts ID Process Design Architecture Source: page 22, IDP Facilitation Resource Guide
  19. 19. Building with purpose process design: concepts IDP Meeting Design Architecture Source: page 25, IDP Facilitation Resource Guide
  20. 20. Building with purpose Key Considerations: • What needs to happen, and by when? • Who is involved, when? • Who is responsible for keeping the team on track? • How and when to evaluate process and outcomes? • Will the process create common vision and alignment? “Process design is 100% intentional – whether it is called IDP or not” Barbra Batshalom
  21. 21. Building with purpose IDP roles “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” Babe Ruth
  22. 22. Building with purpose IDP roles: team Source: Integrative Design Collaborative
  23. 23. Building with purpose IDP roles: team Source: page 17, IDP Facilitation Resource Guide
  24. 24. Building with purpose IDP roles: team Core Team Additional team members Client or owner’s representative Ecologist; Controls specialist Project manager Occupants’ or users’ representatives Architect Building program representative Structural, mechanical, electrical, civil Planning/regulatory/code approvals engineers representatives Sustainable building champion Interior designer/materials consultant IDP facilitator Lighting or daylighting specialist Facilities manager/building operator Soils or geotechnical engineer Cost consultant Commissioning agent/authority Landscape architect Marketing expert; Surveyor Contractor/construction manager Valuation/appraisal professional Academics and/or students Community members Source: Appendix B, Roadmap for the IDP
  25. 25. Building with purpose IDP roles: facilitation What is facilitation? Facilitation is the commitment to work in and with groups to find and articulate their collective wisdom.
  26. 26. Building with purpose IDP roles: group dynamics What do we pay attention to in group processes?
  27. 27. Building with purpose IDP roles: facilitation An effective facilitated process: • Everyone Participates • Shared Stronger individuals, Understanding groups and • Inclusive Solutions agreements • Shared Responsibility EXAMPLES?
  28. 28. Building with purpose IDP roles: facilitator What is a facilitator? IDP roles: facilitator Enabler Advocate for process Contribute structure Encourages participatory values Supports everyone to do their best thinking.
  29. 29. Building with purpose skills & tools
  30. 30. Building with purpose skills & tools “New lands cannot be discovered without losing site of the shore for some time”. Unknown
  31. 31. Building with purpose skills & tools: basics
  32. 32. Building with purpose contacts Canada Green Building Council 325 Dalhousie St., Suite 800 Ottawa, ONT. K1N 7G2 Phone: 1-866-941-1184
  33. 33. Building with purpose contacts Rodney Wilts Phone: 613.203.7365