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Media Wave Compro

  3. 3. Think about this… We can’t We can’t We can’t improve what measure analyze what we can’t what we we can’t measure can’t analyze monitor
  4. 4. 476,000 are Pay TV user (2007) 6,5 mio are Daily Newspaper user (2007) 15 mio are magazine & tabloid user (2007) 31 mio are Home Television user (2007) 30 mio are Internet user (2009) 27 mio are Facebook user (2010) 6 mio are Twitter user (2010) 125 mio are Mobile Phone user (2008)
  5. 5. Internet Growth
  6. 6. Social Media Age
  7. 7. Marketers Wants Two Ways Media Source : Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010 Survey
  8. 8. Media Wave Interactive is an Indonesian Company which have collaboration with somemultinasional company, from Singapore, Hongkong & Malaysia. The trust that they give to us represent our highly commitment to maintain quality and fulfill customer satisfaction Our field of service in digital area, which includes advertising, marketing campaign and marketing intelligence. We hope that we can be on stop solution for your digital business needs We have good quality in human resources that spezialised in certain area. We have many expertise with different background, so we do understand our client business culture, core and value We hope our technology can make business process easily, measurable and profitable
  9. 9. VISION • To be respectful and trustful integrated digital marketing company • Bring Indonesian company to become world class company, with high technology digital business tool • Bring good solution for business needs in digital era MISSION • Produce many creativity in digital area • Help many company, including SME, to utilize and maximize digital tools • Research and develop tools for digital
  10. 10. DIGITAL MARKETING • Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform • Web 2.0 & Mobile Site Developer • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Social Media Campaign PRODUCT • Mobile Application AND • Augmented Reality SERVICES MOBILE ADVERTISING • SMS Sniper • SMS Sender ID • SMS Express • MMS Advertising • WAP Banner
  11. 11. What People Trust In ?
  13. 13. MediaWave is the first Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform from Indonesia. Comes from our concern that the use of Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform from abroad on Indonesia digital campaign don’t provide optimal results. They failed to identify the Indonesian language, so that the result analysis is not appropriate and indeed dangerous when used as a basis for decision making. The most obvious weakness is on sentiment analysis. Until now, Social Media Monitoring most Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform adopted two methods to analyze sentiment, which is automatically and the And Analytics Platform results is not relevant and would be misleading. The second is to determine manually every conversation that emerged and this is very inconvenient because the amounts can be tens of thousands per day and would be risky to human error. Through extensive research on existing various Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform and based on the needs of our clients, we develop MediaWave as a Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Platform. MediaWave based on parameters that can be customized for each campaign in the Indonesian language, and even other languages. We present MediaWave, for the advancement of the digital world in Indonesia and that we shouldn’t always be forced to depend upon abroad software and applications. All digital campaign and activities must always be monitored and measured, so we will know the levels of success.
  14. 14. We provide a variety of features needed and discard the unneeded. Some features of our platform: Millions of Internet Sources Perform data mining and monitoring in real time from millions of sources on the internet, such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Foursquare, Social Media Monitoring Youtube, Flickr, Website, Forum and others. We And Analytics Platform separate the conversation based on its source, so you can determine what the most appropriate Features media for your campaign. At present more than 80% was donated by a twitter conversation. Relevant Keyword-Based Analysis based on the keywords most relevant to your brand. This method is the easiest and most user friendly and has a result with high level of relevance in capturing consumers' perception of your brand
  15. 15. Geolocation Analysis based on location, where we can map a conversation about your brand based on the location of the city. The result you can use to conduct marketing activities on a regional basis, not necessarily national. Age & Gender MediaWave filter conversation about your brand based on age and gender of the users of social media. Social Media Monitoring You can analyze whether your brand digital campaigns are in accordance with the target market. And Analytics Platform Sentiment Analysis Features MediaWave using different parameters for each digital campaign in defining sentiment. Because things like this can not be generalized. For example, word: "banjir" is a negative sentiment, but when combined with the word "tidak" would be "tidakbanjir 'and is a positive sentiment. Not to mention the variety of writing the word "tidak" like "gak", "ngga", "nggak" and "tdk" and this is a common thing in the Indonesian language and because twitter limited by 140 characters. The only way to get the correct result is to do customization parameters for each campaign.
  16. 16. Competitor Monitoring MediaWave allows you to monitor your brand comparison with competitors. By measuring the level of conversation and the resulting sentiment you can tell your brand's position against competitors in the minds of consumers. Future Trend MediaWave not only captures the current condition of your brand, but also captures expectations, desires and dreams of your product that consumers would expect in Social Media Monitoring the future. Products developed based on insight from And Analytics Platform customers will always get a position in the hearts of consumers. Features Find your Brand Evangelist / Influencers and Hater MediaWave can identify user of social media that spontaneously promote your brand. They voluntarily recommending your brand to their social networks. You can give award to them, and they will be more loyal and vigorous promote you. On the other hand, MediaWave can also identify the person who often speaks bad of your Brand. By knowing this, you can interact and respond to their complaints, so they will change the view to your brand. MediaWave provide statistics of any evangelist or bad influences your brand.
  17. 17. Integrated Social Media Measurement - Facebook Application Statistics MediaWave measuring the applications used to support your campaign. Data such as number of installers, demographics, uninstall it and others can be measured precisely. - FacebookFansPage Statistics MediaWave measure all activity on your Social Media Monitoring FacebookFansPage, such as Like and Share. So you And Analytics Platform can measure the level of participation and interaction from your Brand fans Features - Twitter Statistics MediaWave measuring the activity on your Twitter account, such as the retweet and Reply. You can measure the success of your brand campaign optimization through twitter. - Foursquare Statistics MediaWave capture data from Foursquare to find out all the information relevant to your campaign and your brand associated with locations.
  18. 18. Viral Video MediaWave video viralitas measuring your campaigns and the media in disseminating the most effective. Image Viral MediaWave measuring the distribution of the image Social Media Monitoring on Flickr which is the primary medium for the image at this time. And Analytics Platform Blogs& Forums Statistics Features MediaWave perform data mining to post on blogs and forums, including the comments that came in and performed an analysis of these data SEO Measurement MediaWave integrated with Google Analytics, so it can display and analyze data from Google Analytics.
  19. 19. Automatic Alert MediaWave will automatically send alerts when there are relevant keywords that appear to emails which have been determined in a specific time period, a chest of every hour, every day or every week. Automatic Saved Social Media Monitoring MediaWave have the ability to save conversations And Analytics Platform automatically and displays them in the form of desired analysis. All data storage process can also be done in the form of .csv and .xml Features Multi Users With multi-user facility, enabling monitoring and analysis work done by a team with a task clear division Web Based Clients can do their own monitoring and analysis through an online platform and our server.
  20. 20. Website is your company representative to the world. In this digital decade, most people searching information from internet. Good website give a good impression for your company. With Web 2.0 technology, we develop an interactive and full engagement websiite . We give you a full Website 2.0 And Mobile virtual office that can fulfill your customer needs. We master the latest technology in website Site Developer development, such as RIAs (Rich Internet Application), so we can provide the creativity without the limitations of browser technology Today more and more people are accessing the Internet from your mobile phone. Mobile Sites that we develop not only the repetition and simplification of information from the website. But contains the functions and facilities that people need when traveling, such as location information
  21. 21. The primary factor of business is location. Like in offline store, your website should have a primary location in internet. In Indonesia, 80% people looking for information through Google Search Engine So, it is a must that your website should be in Google 1st page for your keyword search. It is not an Optimization (SEO) easy effort, because the competition in internet is very high. But with our analysist, strategist and continuosly well planned and managed action , we can guarantee that your website will be in Google 1st page for relevant keyword with your business.
  22. 22. Millions of conversations take place in various social media today. In Indonesia, the most popular social media use are Facebook and Twitter. People got used to express opinions and feelings through social media. Conversations in social media, covering various aspects, ranging from the serious, such as economics and politics, until things personal. Of all the conversation, of course, many also talk about products and services they use everyday, that is YOUR BRAND. Satisfaction, disappointment and hope they will pour in YOUR BRAND status and posting on Facebook, Twitter, blogs Social Media and in various online forums. Campaign From a variety of recent research, show Social Media increasingly gain a place in the hearts of consumers in searching for information and reference. Some of our past experience indicates a minimum of 80% comes from a twitter conversation. If you are wondering whether it's been a good time to get into social media? The answer is very simple, namely whether the consumers you are already on Social Media, such as twitter and facebook. You must be in the same area with your customers. Hear and join in their conversations. There is no reason to postpone join social media. If you do not join now, your competitors are going to talk with your customers
  23. 23. We have dozens of social media, but we only use some of the popular social media in Indonesia, namely: Facebook Your business should be located in crowded area. Facebook have 500 Million member around the world and 27 Million Social Media member in Indonesia. So, it is important and necessary to use Facebook to optimize your business Campaign We will setup a comprehensive Facebook Fans Page with all tools and aplications that suits for your business. We will manage and host your Fans Page 24/7. Your fans page will be a channel to make conversation with your customer and to increase their loyalty We can also create a facebook application that supports your digital campaigns, such as games. Facebook application is a feature with the highest level of interaction and engagement between the brand and his fans, if properly planned and communicated
  24. 24. Twitter Twitter is a micro blogging Social Media that already have 106 million member all around the world and 6 Million member in Indonesia. Twitter have a follow and follower system. Information exchange work very fast and real time based We will create and manage your twitter account 24/7. We will increase your influence, popularity, engament and trust level so your consumer will believe in your tweet. We will use Key opinion Leader that can promoted you business to their network. Twitter is a social media conversations with the highest Social Media frequencies and often becomes a liaison with other social Campaign media. Planning and proper management twitter marketing is needed in a digital campaign Foursquare Foursquare is a location based Social Media with 3 million member only in 2 years. People give mark (check-in) to the place theý visit, so the other people will update their social activity and the place will be anounced to their network. We can implement creative campaign with active participation from your customer. We know exactly your customer shopping frequency and behaviour. This is very valuable information for your business. We will utilize campaign with Foursquare to promote your business place to another Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook member. Because we can integrate these 3 social media
  25. 25. Youtube Youtube is a place where people put the mainstream media and exchange videos. Brand can participate by placing his campaign videos on Youtube and do a viral campaign. With video you can give comprehensive explanation to your customer We know surely which media can be used to promote your brand video campaign effectively. Use Youtube as your commercial guerila and canal information Social Media Wikipedia Campaign Wikipedia is a trusted and reliable information source in internet. Everyone can contribute and become source in wikipedia. So, the growth of wikipedia is very fast. Put information about your brand in wikipedia and become related and trusted sources. Spread your story here, make wikipedia as one of your canal information. Blog Blog is a fun and delicious way to write. Many internet user likes to write story and experience about daily life in internet. They tell the story and everyone give comment, so this is a conversation beetwen your customer. Join their conversation and engage with them.
  26. 26. Augmented Reality Augmented reality is the newest and coolest way to advertise. Augmented reality (the overlaying of digital data on the real world) will bring life to your digital campaign Our own team can bring this technology to your digital campaign. We will apply your campaign to display in certain location, facebook, website and mobile. From car, game, information, map and so many other things. We will not allow any restriction or constraint kill creativity. We will provide idea, creative and production for you Augmented Reality Campaign. Your brand will be the lead generation brand. We have a team of programmers and 3D itself, doesn’t depend on foreign companies. So that we can product faster and cheaper Augmented Reality campaign
  27. 27. Mobile Application There is a new way to deliver brand identity and marketing purposes to customer. Mobile is a new channel that brand prefer in term to reach their customer anytime and anywhere. Many company choose to build their own mobile application for their campaign to increase their interaction and engagement with customer With mobile application we can create many creativity, like location based advertising. We can read user location data from GPS or BTS, so we can track their activity around your POI and give them ultimate offering. We provide mobile application that can support your digital marketing campaign . We have qualification and experience team to built mobile application in three popular platform in Indonesia, Blackberry, Android and Java
  28. 28. Got what it takes to be a model? Click http://Mobby.Me to find out more. > SMS Sniper Short Message Service (SMS) is high reach communication and according to latest research still have 90% audience reach. All mobile phone can accept SMS We combine the high reach of SMS and Join FrenClub! SMS to One more click and targeted profile user. We have 1.5 Million chat with new friends. you can start chatting user from all operator with 3 profiles, sex, Reply YES now to with new friends with signup. FrenClub! SMS. Reply location and age. So, we only sent your > REG to signup. RM SMS campaign to effectively user suit with your product. In this case, your promotion can be an information for your target consumen.
  29. 29. Want to watch Dunia Baru The Movie? Call 1- 800-390-4904 to book tickets now. > Calling… SMS Sender ID 1800-390-4094 SMS Sender ID is a very popular method to broadcast campainrigt now. Many brand and institution use SMS Sneder ID to inform their target consumer about certain promotion programme. Differentiate with another provider, we Explore the rich of Candy combine SMS Sender ID with our Mansion. to database profile. So, the advertiser can win prizes! T&C apply choose their target market segmented > that suit with their campaign.
  30. 30. MMS Advertising Multimedia Messaging (MMS) is a rich content message method, that can deliver text, image, audio and video through data connection via mobile phone. Many mobile phone already support MMS Service. We provide MMS advertising for your interactive digital advertising. Right now operate in XL. You can put a lot of interactive creativity through MMS Advertising.
  31. 31. Click-to-Download Ad: 4x4 Truck Madness Games WAP Banner Advertising > WAP Banner Advertising is a very big industry in most Country, like USA & UK. It combine beetwen mobile and internet advantage. In 2010, these technology had entering Indonesia Market. Click-to-Video We provide WAP Banner Advertising with our collaboration with International Ad Network. We can put your advertise in major WAP Sites in Indonesia, like, & >
  32. 32. SMS Express SMS broadcast is done by web interface and that can be used for public Sender ID that can be used : INFO, PROMO, and INVITATION Sending a sms, can be used to the numbers of the following operators, such as : Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis, 3 - For get the access, users need to register first. 1. Create an account and buy a token to send an sms 2. Prepared, text info, promo, and the phone number of the list recipient's 3. Send your sms, directly to many numbers
  33. 33. Contact Headquarter : Be Mall, UG Floor Suite C1-2 Jl. Naripan No 89 Bandung Phone : +62 22 84467530 Fax : +62 22 84467530 Branch : Graha Mustika Ratu, 5th Floor Suite 505 Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 74-75 Jakarta Selatan Phone : +62 21 8306615 Fax : +62 21 83707143 w : e : t : @mediawave_id f : Media Wave
  34. 34. Love Being Share With You.. Thank You