How to measure brand in social media


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How to measure brand in social media

  1. 1. The Importance of MeasurementThrough Social MediaYose RizalFollow : @yoseazka
  2. 2. Indonesia landscape has changed!
  3. 3. People still watch TV, but they flick through the ads. They read the news online instead of on paper. Recommendations and opinions for every product and service are now available on the Internet.
  4. 4. 2nd globally Base: Urban Indonesians aged 15-50 years old from SES ABC households Source: Social Bakers 02.06.20113rd most active countryTwitter Heat Map:
  5. 5. That 72% of Internet Users admit of over exposés from any form of AdvertisingAds are everywhere. In fact, people see andhear between 1,000 and 3,000 advertising messages every day…87,600,000 throughout their lives…
  6. 6. We have reached a point where:14% of people trust ads78% of people trust consumer recommendations(Source: Neilsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 2007) Lead us to conclusion that:
  7. 7. McKinsey and Co. estimate that 2/3 of the economy is now influenced by personal recommendations… “Word of Mouth” has always beenthe most effective form of marketing. People have always trusted their friends opinions…
  8. 8. The point is you’re never going to‘buy everything on your own decision’. You’re influencing and are being influenced everyday
  9. 9. ..and people are talkingabout your brand right now!
  10. 10. some people like you… but some people don’t!
  11. 11. Every single secondof every single day,Twitter’s 5 million usersmention brands theyLOVE and HATE.AND Twitter is growingat a rate of 1382% perYear(Source: Twitter Search, Forrester Research)
  12. 12. Most brands now have a Twitter page and a Facebook account of course… But you don’t just want have an old friends, you want a new best friends tooAnd you only get to be best friends by being the best listener…
  13. 13. But if you listen and measure what people are saying…
  14. 14. You have an opportunityto make friends like never before And start engaging your customers.
  15. 15. You Can Monitor & Measure Everything!Step 1: Define Business Objectives & Decide on PrioritiesStep 2: Choose What to Measure & Tools Quantitative QualitativeStep 3: Analyze: Benchmark & Identify TrendsStep 4: Create a strategy & engageStep 5: What’s working & what’s not
  16. 16. Theme Report• Size indicates the words that occurred the most• Ability to drill into each theme to explore the conversations• Noise Reduction Function & Benefit: • identify trending topics & new phrases • assess campaign traction & marketing messaging • identify consumer needs and issues • identify potential brand threats, #yourcompanysucks .
  17. 17. Brand SentimentAutomatic sentiment with customizable dictionary• Ability to review positive and negative conversations• Assigned sentiment and tone can be changed Function & Benefit : • Brand monitoring • Customer service • Increase customer satisfaction • Competitive intelligence
  18. 18. Brand SentimentChart brand sentiment over time• Displays trending of positive and negative sentiment over time• Every data point is drillable to see the results for that date• Ability to efficiently identify what is causing the sentiment for that date Function & Benefit: • Brand perception • Product feedback • Monitor crises • Identify issues • Assess campaign
  19. 19. Geographic InfoDisplays physical location of Content Creators• Each pin is drillable to view individual conversations• Indonesia map views Function & Benefit : • Identify new markets • Link to onground activity • Regional Based Marketing • Based for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  20. 20. Share of VoiceCompare amount of conversation for brand and competitor(s)• Ability to drill into each data set• Benchmark and measure success of social media engagement Function & Benefit : • compare volume of conversations • identify need to engage • identify reason for volume change • identify campaign success
  21. 21. Media DistributionAmount of conversation on each social media source• Shows the distribution of conversations by online source type• Each bar is drillable to see those specific conversations Function & Benefit : • identify channel to build brand • research new markets • benchmark brand presence • find the right place to meet the audience • media placement
  22. 22. Brand Most Active Time in Social MediaShow precise time for Brand Conversation• Shows conversations based on time by online source type• Hours or daily based Function & Benefit : • identify when to do Bank Mandiri most active time conversation: On Feb 12th – 6 PM (56 mentions) conversation • identify customer behaviour •find the right time to meet the audience Bank BCA most active time conversation: On Feb 12th – 9 PM (244 mentions)
  23. 23. Brand Loyalist/InfluencersIdentification of communities around brand/competitor(s)• User with most influence• Popularity (influence) provides engagement value• Drillable to see those specific conversations Function & Benefit: • identify user to engage • find brand advocates • find brand terrorist • engage in competitors’ realm • start poin for community
  24. 24. Core AnalyticsIdentification conversation around brand/competitor(s)• Displays relevant keyword about brand• Every data point is drillable to see the conversation Function & Benefit :• Noise Reduction • identify consumerPositif : 1Negatif : 0Netral : 2 3% Manulife perception about brand • check brand positioning • find campaign themes • know competitor Positif : 7 Negatif : 5 1% perception Netral : 9 Allianz
  25. 25. Topic / TargetIdentification brand/competitor(s) Activity• Second layer indexing for Brand Function & Benefit :• Every data point is drillable to see set of data • identify consumer attention • brand channel communication Positif : 20 Negatif : 5 Netral : 15 2% • know how and where to improve
  26. 26. Brand GenderIdentification brand/competitor(s) Audience Gender• Display Audience Gender Function & Benefit :• Every data point is drillable to see set of data • know how to communicate Positif : 1000 Negatif : 800 • find the right offer for 5% Netral : 1209 audience • Adjust to campaign activity
  27. 27. Social Influence MarketingIdentification brand/competitor(s) Equity/Index Parameter• Display table of DBI parameter• Every data point based on set of formula Function & Benefit: • Know your brand strength among competitor •identify brand social influence marketing • identify brand credible social voice • understand connection between social influencer, brand affinity and purchase decision
  28. 28. Digital Brand IndexIdentification brand/competitor(s) Equity/Index• Display DBI 3D Chart• Every data point is drillable to see set of data Function & Benefit : • measure brand and competitor buzz presence • measure brand and competitor net sentiment • measure brand and competitor influence • How socialize your brand with consumer
  29. 29. Social EngagementTo reach and engage your consumer• Almost real time engagement• Filter by media and brand Function & Benefit : • identify brand consumer • digital call/service/response center • digital marketing • digital CRM
  30. 30. Finding The Most Impactful Endorser 124.986 titisjuman 408.157 132.390 titikamall 349.344 268.238 Function & Benefit : sarseh follower w/o cross 435.707 follower • identify influencer truesandradewi 412.550 reach 448.605 • identify influencer cross diansastro 73.744 73.744 networking • budget efficiency 0 100.000 200.000 300.000 400.000 500.000 Endorser Follower follower w/o crossdiansastro 73,744 73,744sandradewi 448,605 412,550sarseh 435,707 268,238titikamall 349,344 132,390titisjuman 408,157 124,986 * samples are taken from several brands of 1,715,557 1,011,908 shampoo endorser
  31. 31. Direct Connect with KLOUT Score Network AmplificationNo. Endorser Klout Score True Reach Influence Probability 1 Titi Kamal 72,1 78 59 131K Function & Benefit : 2 Sarah Sechan 73,5 80 58 160K 3 Titi Sjuman 77,3 83 66 156K • identify influencer with 4 Dian Sastro 46,8 36 18 29K all klout parameter 5 Sandra Dewi 75,5 81 63 174K • use for influencer score index* samples are taken from several brands of shampoo endorser
  32. 32. Direct Connect to Social Network Mapping Function & Benefit : • identify influencer social network • identify influencer’s follower characteristic * Sample taken from Deelestari account
  33. 33. Social Keyword MappingIdentification relevant keyword around brand/competitor(s)• Display Social Mapping• is drillable for every digital media Function & Benefit : • identify brand and competitor relevant keyword • identify connection between brand and keyword • identify issues • campaign adjustment
  34. 34. Social Influencer MappingIdentification brand/competitor(s) loyalist cluster• Display Social Mapping• is drillable for every digital media Function & Benefit : • identify brand and competitor loyal consumer / influencer • identify connection between brand and influencer • brand engagement • user acquisition
  35. 35. Tips for Success!• Choose tools that understand your needs• Listen and have a strategy before engaging• Look for spikes in conversations and patterns• Identify trending topics• Evaluate what’s working, drop what’s not
  36. 36. You cant improve what you cant measure, You cant measure what you cant analyze, You cant analyze what you cant monitor Thank You Yose Rizal Follow : @yoseazka