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Ry digital marketing deck

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Brand
  2. 2. DIGITAL MARKETING OVERVIEW! At Rusted Youth, one of our strengths is that we are a full social media marketingagency in addition to a proper Branding/Marketing Agency. This means we arefocused on providing our clients with world-class representation by implementingthe essentials needed to market and build your brand in today s digital world. Wework along side your company to customize a strategy that speaks as a directambassador for your services and products. We specialize in Digital Strategy, SEM,SEO, CRM, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design and Programming, SocialOnline Representation, Blogging, Customer Service and Social Analyst. Ourservices reflect your goals and accommodate your customer s needs with preciseproactive strategies and the right solutions to solve any gaps in your brand sdigital DNA.
  3. 3. SERVICES! Digital Media Audit We use a range of techniques to analyze your brand s social presence relative to your competitive set. These techniques include chatter indexing, video content mining and competitive landscape assessment in networks like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Flickr. We also license and use a variety of social marketing analytic platforms that allow us to gather the data necessary to identify your key influencers. We discover where your audience is today, what they are talking about and the frequency with which they are talking about your brand and competitive set. We also take a step back to assess the system of social channels that together represents where your brand is today and where it should be. Our social media audits help shape and justify strategic decisions.DELIVERABLE: DIGITAL MEDIA AUDIT W/FINDINGS & INSIGHT REVIEW OF DATA
  4. 4. SERVICES! Facebook Consultation   Analysis of Brand positioning, equity and viewer retention metric   Design Custom engagement strategy including; Driving Likes and Posting Strategy, Sponsored Stories and Advertising, Lead Generation and Offsite Data Capture   Design Consumer Call to Action Programs, Develop a Customer Service Program   Manage CPC and CTR through Facebook methodology and best practices to maximize return and lower costsDELIVERABLE: ANALYZE, DEVELOP,IMPLEMENT FACEBOOK STRATEGY
  5. 5. SERVICES! Twitter   Develop unique community attributes and hash-tag campaigns for Brand to drive engagements   Develop and manage meaningful connections with consumers, fans, or other businesses   Use in-house tools to manage followers in a multi-point, open-text searchable database where profiles, tweets, website, social graph and demographic data is instantly accessible   Data Analytics; Drill and index follower s digital assets. Query followers with instant open text search. Curate and create loops around criteria that is important to the user. Track and analyze interaction on a granular levelDELIVERABLE: INCREASE FOLLOWERS,COMPREHENSIVE DATA COLLECTION,DIRECT VOICE TO CONSUMER
  6. 6. SERVICES! Hype Strategies Through proprietary tools we have the ability to drive mass traffic to social media sites. Thereby capturing terrific momentum needed to launch an impactful campaign. This momentum coupled with a thorough digital strategy allows for multiple windfalls such as Relevant Search, Keyword Positioning, SEO and SEM within the Social Graph that is Digital Media. Proper management of this momentum can turn web traffic into commerce with high realistic conversion rate. Hype Strategy is a excellent tool to get eyes on your product and is a much need service to anyone s arsenal for complete online viral marketing. Mass momentum to your own space with targeted traffic created by Us captures Twitter Followers, YouTube Views & Facebook Fans & Likes on an epic scale.DELIVERABLE: INCREASE VISITORS,FOLLOWERS, IMPRESSIONS MULTI-PLATFORM
  7. 7. SERVICES! Brand MonitoringHaving a full-time team that can monitor your brand across multiple socialnetworks is crucial for any company with a social presence. Social monitoring,content optimization and tracking consumer sentiment are all necessary to ensurethat your marketing campaign and social profile are engaging your customers. Atthe same time aggregating and monitoring social analytics and marketing dataprovide your brand with real-time crisis management and consumer feedback thathelps prevent marketing disasters and allows for consumer-focused qualitativeinsights. Deliverables include: •  Social Media Audit •  Social Strategy Summary •  Crises Management Document •  Social Media Guidebook •  Daily Brand Monitoring •  Weekly Reporting •  Social SEO •  Content Optimization
  8. 8. SERVICES! THE WEB: Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones! We cover all aspects of Digital Media Technology. From User Experience to Programming and Database Architecture. Our team has expertise in software development, working with our clients to create custom software solutions. We will work closely with our clients to oversee mobile web development, android development, Blackberry development, iPhone application development, iPad development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website design, and website development. We can build or oversee the building of web sites and applications using the following languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Groovy, Ruby, MySQL, ActionScript, and Objective C. We are also proficient in frameworks such as jQuery, Wordpress, Code Igniter, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grails, and Django.DELIVERABLE: INTEGRATED MULTI-PLATFORMMICROSITE AND SINGLE PURPOSE WEBSITES
  9. 9. SERVICES! Content DistributionWe establish communication channels through social media such as profiles,groups, events, blogs, wikis, applications, podcasts, live web broadcasts andvirtual worlds. We also have interactive branded Facebook Applications andLanding Pages that will help brand your social presence and allows you to runsweepstakes, contests, promotions; collect data and even sell products throughour Social Stores. Our Content Optimization package also creates on-brandcontent within established social channels. We have a variety of methods forcontent creation such as finding talent to represent your brand (e.g., celebritybloggers), training your resources and creating content in-house. Our contentcreation techniques can also be used to suppress off-brand content, makingundesirable content more difficult to find during search. DELIVERABLE: MONTHLY EDITORIAL CALENDAR
  10. 10. SERVICES! Mobile Our domain expertise and proprietary technology allow us to design and implement impactful mobile marketing solutions, enabling our clients to engage and connect with their consumers anytime and anywhere. We ensure full integration with our clients social, interactive and digital marketing initiatives creating a seamless 360 degree integrated marketing solution. SMS Marketing    MMS Marketing  Wi-Fi, Geo-location Marketing  Mobile Websites and Apps QR Code Marketing  DELIVERABLE: INTEGRATED MOBILESOLUTIONS
  11. 11. Alex Fredericks : 1.973.573.0338 : alex@rustedyouth.com