Dreamtek DUC Consulting Social Media Master Class


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During the DUC International Masterclass the presentation was held to share experience in trends, common mistakes and goals of social media marketing

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Dreamtek DUC Consulting Social Media Master Class

  1. 1. Social Media Master Class15.-16.October Dubai, Crown PlazaDieter Hovorka dieter@dreamtek.tvSolution Consulting +971 56 101 2480
  2. 2. AGENDAIntroduction in Digital Marketing• Who is Dreamtek, What we do, How do we do it• Digital Media in Marketing• 9 areas where to get engaged• From the idea to the customer experienceSocial Media Marketing in action• Bridging the communication gap• Breaking boundaries of social media islands• Turning presence into return of investment• Create your brand nationBest practice from content creation to media marketing• A/B marketing for success• Personalize content for Email, Mobile Apps & Social Networks• Case study 1• Case study 2
  4. 4. Congratulations, Felix, for successfully completingyour jump from the edge of space! 8 million Live Watching 1.6 million Twitters 100.000 Likes in the 1st hour
  5. 5. Did Social Media Fail ? 1.5 mach the RedBull Base Jumper 195mph the Breitling Jetman 8 million Live Watching 24.439 viewers 1.926 tweets/ 247.021 followers 19 tweets/ 741 follower 205.654 Likes 13.412Likes
  6. 6. DREAMTEK GROUP OF COMPANIES Creative Communications & Solutions @ Enterprise Level The Software Experts The Digital Agency The Video Experts
  7. 7. CONNECTING PARTNERS FOR VALUES Creative Communication Consulting Services
  8. 8. Complete Online / Digital Marketing A/B Testing Smart device Web Contact Segmentation ALead Vendor D Vendor Conversion Engagement Personalization Brand Vendor C WxMVendor B E-Mail Analytics Social Forum Community
  9. 9. What we do - The Virtual Academy eLearning with state of the art platform Adobe Connect Pro which enables the student to have a high performing and engaging experience with a new developed HD Video Pod.
  10. 10. What we do - Experience new Live Events Broadcasting Live- Events as Vodafone ‘Event Partner’ – deliver high quality customer content, interactive services and rich media content. Vodafone’s objective is to add value to their service offering.
  11. 11. What we do - Managed Service Partner Dreamtek is a full enabled managed service partner, responsible for supporting and staffing their Studio, Auditorium, Client Meeting Rooms and Video Bridging infrastructure.
  12. 12. Our VisionEmpower marketers to deliver and optimize successful customer-centric marketing across multiple channels with an EnterpriseMarketing Solution (EMS) approach and convey a more effectivesite visitor experience with a fully integrated CustomerExperience Management (CxM) solution.
  13. 13. How do we do it 1. We follow Trends 2. We avoid Common Mistakes 3. How to do it Right
  14. 14. 1 Don’t Swim Against TrendsSocial Media Marketing Trends
  15. 15. Digital Media in Marketing Engaging content is a must for all organizations which have the need to catch the attention of their clients and stay in dialogue with their audience. Digital Media allows us to appear in a compelling spotlight
  16. 16. Audience will be in control.
  17. 17. Social media monitoringgets even more important.
  18. 18. Engagingcustomerswill be achallenge.
  19. 19. Community managementis important to engage people.
  20. 20. Social media and personalcommunications will be mobile.
  21. 21. One social networkto rule them all.
  22. 22. Integrating websites withsocial technology.
  23. 23. Social Commerce Friend’s recommen- dations are the most powerful sales triggers. Businesses will use that by integrating shopping to social networks and using social connect in their e-commerce sites.
  24. 24. Location! Location! Location!
  25. 25. Measuring results! (ROI) The guys upstairs want to know how much of that investment are they going to get back. Models of measuring social media marketing effectiveness will emerge.
  26. 26. Brand is customer experience. Brand is customer experience, service, product, people, stories, community.
  27. 27. Campaigns spanningfrom offline to social.
  28. 28. The home page will be a social network.
  29. 29. The Oil of Today - Data Knowing your audience is a must to make personalized content. Keeping the dialogue to between your citizen and your organization is a must so success. Still 80% of all web-sites did not have personalized content in 2011.
  30. 30. 2 Avoid Common Mistakes
  31. 31. Creating profilesCreating profileseverywhere on socialmedia sites does notresolve your problem ofparticipating in socialnetworks. Identify youraudience and bepresent in your relevantchannels.
  32. 32. Profile Information Leaving the profile information incomplete or let others create your profile information wrong is risky and harm your business.
  33. 33. Zero MonitoringLeaving your socialpresence unattended.85% of all social mediaposted questions stayunattended whichreflects back to yourorganization. Only 1 outof 6 companies made2011 a proper job ofgetting engaged oversocial networks.
  34. 34. Fake CommentsPosting fake commentsdisguised as customersis harming yourbusiness, why becausequickly other users willidentify you as insiderand this is harmingmore than having thereality on yourfingertip.
  35. 35. Abhorring criticism How do I handle negative comments ? Well turn them into positive, make your citizen / client happy with putting the proper argument in place, be polite and make objection handling. Get your PR involved.
  36. 36. Being Unreachable Avoid missing out closing the communication loop with your audience, don’t leave them unattended and give them other communication options to reach you.
  37. 37. Spamming your connection Be sure you know where your connection comes from and filter the information you want to share with your audience. Remember personalized communication is king. Spamming can harm your organization and reputation for a long time.
  38. 38. 3 How to do it right Connect your Social Strategy to your business and other marketing initiatives
  39. 39. A/B TESTING AND MULTIVARIATE TESTING Stop marketing in the dark. Utilise A/B testing to obtain real time answers cheaply and quickly, by gauging the responses of your actual website visitors - the only unbiased judge.
  40. 40. EFFICIENT WAYS OF E-MAIL MARKETING “It takes some time for me to prepare content for my monthly newsletter. We have over 5,000 subscribers. But how many of them actually read it? And how many actually opened the link to our promotion?”
  41. 41. “I search things on Google. I usually open the first 5 result links. Then I close the ones that I don’t find relevant to me in first 10 seconds.” Does this sound familiar to you?PERSONALIZATION & SEGEMENTATION
  42. 42. “14,123 new visitors came to my website last month. I now want to know which of them are important to my business. I need help to filter those important visits and maximise conversion rates.LEAD AND ENGAGEMENT SCORING
  43. 43. ENPOWER CONTACT MANAGEMENT “I have thousands of contacts in my CRM, Mohammad Ali is one of them. I’d like to track his activities on my sites. To know which pages he visited, the search terms he used or the files he downloaded. All so I can better understand his needs.”
  44. 44. WEB ANALYTICS AND THEIR TRUTH "What are the keywords that bring new customers to my website? What do people do search on my website?“ Analyzing site traffic was yesterday, today we want to understand our audience.
  45. 45. CAMPAIGN AND CONVERSION MANAGEMENT “Each month I receive a list of visits and clicks on my website. They always say: ‘Congrats for great numbers!’ But, who cares about clicks? I care only about the sales it brought! Can you rate your campaigns values in numbers?”
  46. 46. Does my socialmarketing bring mybusiness real benefit?How does the social-web really drive sales,brand loyalty, reduceservice costs oraccelerates customersatisfaction?SOCIAL MARKETING AND THEIR VALUE
  47. 47. BRAND MANAGEMENT @ THE GLANCE Apple, Google, RedBull, Coca Cola are all companies that have built their brand based on real customer experience. Does your customer recognize your brand messaging; is he loyal to your brand?
  48. 48. 15 Social Trends 7 Common Mistakes 9 Ways to do it right
  49. 49. SUMMARY Know- how • Local market presence • International partners • Lifecycle of media • Digital Content Experts Platform Solutions • Complete Marketing Solution • Social importance growing • Quick implementation • Best practice • Large reference baseDieter Hovorka, dieter@dreamtek.tv, +971 56 101 2480