[En] Spotter Corporate Presentation 2013


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Leader in textual analysis to measure risks and opinions, Spotter provides reliable analytical models to feed your decision making in the fields of strategy, risk, marketing, PR and communications.


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[En] Spotter Corporate Presentation 2013

  1. 1. • Combining Technology with Human Expertise • Integration of all media types and content • Qualified information with no noise or silence • More than multilingual – multiculturalMedia and Social Media Analytics • Advanced analytics with From operations to decision making maps and sources Join Spotter on:
  2. 2. Who we are Spotter moves Media and Social Media Analytics to the next level. Text mining, semantics, Leader in textual analysis to measure risks and sentiment analysis, statistics, opinions, Spotter provides reliable analytical models scores, mapping and graphical representations to feed your decision making in the fields of strategy, risk, marketing, PR and communications. • Spotters Solutions and Applications, based on proprietary technologies of crawling, text mining and sentiment analysis, cover all types of sources. • Spotters metrics and scores help to take a step back to better understand and adjust companies’ strategies and operations. • Spotter’s Platform enables actions to be taken in good time all over the world. • Spotter’s multilingual team of experts supports clients in every step of their project, ensuring the relevancy of the monitoring, Tailor-made tools and deliverables, analysis and interpretation of the results. with 100% relevant information, Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook, thanks to our team of multilingual and YouTube, Web Sites, Online Media, multicultural experts Printed Press, Television, Radio, Internal data, External databases2 Join us on:
  3. 3. What we offer Social CRM Corporate Intelligence LISTEN TO MANAGE COMPETITIVE MARKET THE CLIENT / CLIENT INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCE CITIZEN VOICE FEEDBACK SOCIAL HUMAN SOCIAL MEDIA MAPPING OF MARKET RESSOURCES ENGAGEMENT KEY ACTORS INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCE Marketing department, Product managers, Digital Head of strategy, Innovation, General managers, Client Relations Management, Head of competitive intelligence, HR Director Reputation Management Risk Assessment CORPORATE & CAMPAIGN RISK COMPANY eREPUTATION IMPACT REPUTATION RISKS PR PRODUCT SECURITY BRAND IMAGE PERFORMANCE RISKS RISKS Communications department, Press relations, Digital Risk managers, Safety Departments, Product communication, Crisis management managers, Legal departments, R&D teams3 Join us on:
  4. 4. Powerful tools and reliable services Either you use the Spotter Platform to get alerted, explore and share your data, or do your own analysis, Spotter Deliverables and/or you can let Spotter Experts provide you with Alerts, Reports and Studies. Spotter Platform4 Join us on:
  5. 5.  Spotter Platform A complete monitoring and analysis environment, available in SaaS. Spotter Platform modules and tools are activated according to the needs of each specific project and client, to collect, treat, analyse, visualise, share and publish relevant information and deliverables. SPOTTERANALYTICS SPOTTERDASHBOARD SPOTTERSTUDIO    Tools to explore, organise, Tools to visualise, edit and Back-office tools for complete qualify and analyse your create interactive and autonomous project project data. They allow you to Dashboards, to be shared management: sourcing, generate, export and publish between a group of users or queries, users, data graphs, alerts or newsletters to personal Dashboards for one qualification, quality control, be shared within your company. or more specific users. dashboard management.5 Join us on:
  6. 6.  Spotter Deliverables Turn your data into decision making with Spotter’s deliverables. Spotter’s teams monitor and analyse online and offline content for you. We provide customised reports, alerts and barometers that are ready to be published to multiple departments within your company. ALERTS & NEWSLETTERS SYNTHESES & BAROMETERS REPORTS & AD-HOC STUDIES    Measure the efficiency of your Give a global vision of your Present the key information actions/campaigns. Identify environment with key that has been collected, how messages are spread and events and issues evolution. highlight sensitive subjects amplified. Evaluate risks. Track the positioning and and enable the identification Detect emerging opinions of stakeholders, to of potential or actual risks. trends, opportunities, best better anticipate changes. practices.6 Join us on:
  7. 7. Global and adaptable approach Our offer is fully adapted to your needs: you place the cursor of Spotter services where you like, and we ensure training, support and guidance throughout your project. You manage your project You produce and You benefit from deliverables from A to Z with our support distribute your deliverables produced by Spotter SPOTTER guides you during the SPOTTER ensures the fine-tuning of SPOTTER produces the deliverables, setup phase of the project, develops the automatic data qualification, the improvement of puts the results into perspective, and presents source connectors and ensures on-going queries and treatments, and gives you a our recommendations to your team and/or support via its online interface. dedicated Project Manager. your management.7 Join us on:
  8. 8. Combination of technology and expertise Spotter proposes a qualitative approach to each step of your project. OUR STRENGHTS Combination of technology and Precise sourcing Intelligent human input Detailed panel of qualification Reliable methodology sources that can Relevant and processes evolve data, structured and Constant client analysed support and guidance Mapping of sources, speakers and TECHNOLOGY & EXPERTISE opinions Advanced text mining CONSTANT SUPPORT and sentiment analysis Decision making Advanced analysis reporting Tailor-made indicators, Platform, deliverables scores and in-depthand recommendations qualitative analysis8 Join us on:
  9. 9. Unique technology in the cloud OUR STRENGHTS Ontology knowledge warehouse Specialised technology to capture, extract and analyse social media Linguistic and technical scalability TRACKING & CONTENT SPECIFIC DECISION-MAKING Technology based on cloud computing COLLECTION ANALYSIS MODELS WORKSHOPS Easy integration of third party • Real time cross • In-depth qualitative • Analysis methodology • Interactive technologies media monitoring analysis of opinions adaptated to each decisional and sentiment sector Dashboards Designed to work on • Combination of iPads, iPhones, or Open Web and Web • Advanced text- • Implementation of • Real time dynamic any other type of Panel monitoring mining and semantic tailor-made scores: reporting tablet PC or technology influence, reputation, • Multi-format • Access and diffusion smartphone risk, satisfaction, … extraction for all • More than 28 of results according types of sources languages treated • Capacity to combine to specific profils media data with other • Extraction of • Ontologies and • SaaS platform, no types of data: geolocalisation data knowledge installation needed, client, sales, financial, from social media databases managed by Spotter …9 Join us on:
  10. 10. Some of our referencesRisk & CommunicationStrategy & Marketing10 Join us on: