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Program Management for Business Transformations


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IT Transformation: Program management delivers interdependent initiatives for benefits that align to key strategic goals. Business Transformation process and cycle

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Program Management for Business Transformations

  1. 1. Program Management for Business Transformations
  2. 2. Agenda Transformation - Process Transformation - Problem How Program management can help Impacted Business Processes Projects Types Suggested Program Activities Year 1 Milestones Addendum 2
  3. 3. Business Transformation Cycle 3
  4. 4. Transformation Process Business Opportunity Step 1 Cultural Change Step 2 Strategic Shift Goals Step 3 Business Process Redesign Step 4 Product Launch Step 5 • Acknowledging Market Place Drivers ; Technology Needs Customer Requests • Aligning to Business Needs and Concerns • Identifying Quantifiable Financial Goals and Business Metrics • Initiating divisional connections Enterprise goals • Marketing Sales Finance , Technology and Support teams launch new initiatives 4
  5. 5. Why now ? • Difficult to locate information that differentiates across various company verticals and manage change Elusive • Unable to identify measurable business and financial drivers to demonstrate TCO and ROI values Intangible • IT shop immaturity may inadvertently block otherwise achievable goals Inaccessible Business Transformations can be…. 5
  6. 6. Program Management Program management delivers interdependent initiatives for benefits that align to key strategic goals • Obtain/maintain competitive advantages • System efficiencies • Cost savings • Revenue increases 6
  7. 7. Program Management Brings… Coordination &Oversight Analysis Execution Benefits 7
  8. 8. A Method to the Madness Processes to facilitate and govern how the benefits are delivered Organized bundles of activities , projects, that support benefit delivery Executive leadership support in both action (as decision makers) and deed (in financial support) Strategic Oversight and Governance detailing how specific activities will be managed for positive results. 8 Program management Advantages:
  9. 9. Service Offerings 9 Software as a Service (SaaS) •Applications are provided as a Service Platform as a service (PaaS) • Middleware and Data as a Service Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) • Virtual Servers • Storage • Networks • Operation Centers
  10. 10. Business Management Process IMPACTS 10 Compliance • Risk Assessment & Monitoring • Insurance Project Portfolio • Program • Project Finance • Procurement Legal • Contract HR & Logistics • Workforce • Assets •Logistics & Transportation Decision •Communication Knowledge • Document • Content • Marketing
  11. 11. Project types IMPACTS 11 IT Strategy & Architecture Organization Capability Improvement Development, Integration & Migration Disaster Recovery, Testing & Validation Infrastructure, Middleware, Data, Software Product Development
  12. 12. Cloud Planning and Roadmap Program Strategy Establish Business & Financial Goals Perform Cloud Readiness Assessments Architecture and Infra Analysis Security, Compliance & Legal Analysis Platform Selection and Sourcing Business Case Development/ Charter Funding Cloud Portfolio Roadmap (Projects) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Today Analysis Financial Execution12
  13. 13. Cloud- IT Strategic Milestones - Year 1 plan Feb- Aug Mar - May May - Nov Aug - Dec Oct- Jan Assess & Plan Create Business Case and Program Charter Develop and Execute Cloud Portfolio Roadmap Build Cloud Infrastructure Develop App Development & Manage SaaS Enablement Program Management team will manage the following recommended activities Analysis Financial Execution13
  14. 14. QUESTIONS? Thank you! 14
  15. 15. ADDENDUM About Yolanda Cloud project suggestions Programs vs. Projects Project Management Defined References 15
  16. 16. About Me… Yolanda Williams Yolanda Williams is a Senior IT Manager knowledgeable in leading culturally diverse global teams in enterprise-wide, highly complex solution delivery. : • Directed program and country-level portfolios up to $12 Million and up to 115 associates/3rd party vendors for cost savings, supply chain efficiencies, asset protection and regulatory compliance in PCI, SOX and point of sales restrictions. • Expert executing IT Enterprise Transformations by owning accountability and responsibility for support, governance, standards, and services in program/project management and service delivery to business teams and external customers. 16 SME • Point of Sale – Global Releases • Supply Chain: Replenishment and Order Management • PCI/SOX Compliance • IT Quality Assurance • Project/Program Management Industry knowledge • Gaming/Hospitality • Retail • Insurance Claims • Transportation • Logistics
  17. 17. IT Strategy & Architecture Projects # Project Type 1 Develop Cloud Computing Strategy 2 Develop Cloud Computing Architecture 3 Build Cloud Path Finder 17
  18. 18. Organization Capability Improvement Projects # Project Type 1 Build Cloud Computing Learning Assets 2 Develop Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan for Cloud Computing Environment 3 Develop Cloud Computing Procurement & Contract Management Processes & Governance 4 Develop Cloud Computing Governance, Processes, Practices and Policies 5 Develop Cloud Services Standards & Guidelines Development 6 Develop Cloud Computing Credibility, Reliability and Vendor SLA Agreements 7 Develop Cloud Computing Pricing Models 8 Develop Business Case for Cloud Computing 9 Develop Cloud Computing Security & Risk Management Processes/Practices 10 Develop Cloud Computing Legal Issues Management framework 11 Introduce Change Management due to Cloud Computing 12 Develop Cloud Computing Data Governance Management 13 Credibility and Reliability analysis of Cloud Platform Provider 14 Develop Estimation/Pricing Models for different cloud computing projects 15 Develop Contract Management/ Revenue Models 18
  19. 19. Development, Integration & Migration Projects # Project Type 1 Cloud Aggregation Brokerage - Aggregation of services from multiple service providers (Fixed) 2 Cloud Arbitrage Brokerage - Aggregation of services from multiple service providers (Not fixed) 3 Integrate Public Cloud & Private clouds 4 Integrate On-Premise and Cloud applications 5 SaaS Applications Development 6 Migrate Applications to Private Clouds 7 Virtualize Applications 19
  20. 20. Disaster Recovery, Testing & Validation Projects # Project Type 1 Dry Run for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Cloud Computing Environment 2 Testing and Validation of Cloud Integrations/Migrations 3 Testing and Validation of SaaS Applications (Development) 4 Testing and Validation of Virtualized Infrastructure 5 Performance Testing of Integrated Apps in Cloud (multi Clouds) 20
  21. 21. Infrastructure Projects # Project Type 1 Build Private Clouds 2 Migrate from Traditional Data Center to Private Cloud Data Centers 3 Virtualize Infrastructure/Hardware 4 Virtualize Database 5 Virtualize Storage Networks 21
  22. 22. Product Development Projects # Project Type 1 Build Infrastructure Platform for Cloud Computing 2 Develop Cloud Computing Application Development Platform 3 Develop Virtualization Technology 4 Develop Enterprise Applications 5 Develop Desktop Applications 6 Develop Mobile Applications 22
  23. 23. Project vs. Program Management Project management Program Management Projects are temporary endeavors with a narrow scope for specific deliverables Programs have broad, over-arching scope to provide specific organizational advantages and/or benefits Projects teams are led by Project Managers and consist of task-driven professionals Programs teams are led by Program Managers and consist of strategy- driven professionals Projects are measured to be on time and on budget Programs are measured based on return on investment Projects are governed based on the frameworks defined not only by an existing project management framework by also within the program governance policies. Programs create the governance to drive project-level adherence but also to provide greater benefit than delivering projects individually 23
  24. 24. Hey, you mentioned “projects”! Projects are the manner in which the program initiatives are created, executed, and delivered. Projects should be aligned to the scope of the program. Projects are finite in nature; not lending to support ongoing operational concerns. 24 Projects are a way to organize resources, tools and processes in order to meet certain objectives in a defined period of time.
  25. 25. References in-project-management-HA010235482.aspx Central/What-Does-it-Take-to-be-a-Program-Manager.aspx Cached Brown, James T (2007-11-15). The Handbook of Program Management (Kindle Locations 149-166). McGraw-Hill. Kindle Edition. 25