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Workshop digital transformation strategy digital road-map training

  1. Miodrag Kostić, CMC, CDC Certified Digital Transformation Expert Digital Transformation Digital strategy and digital road map workshop
  2. Miodrag Kostić
  3. Founded “T-gallery” stores in NY & Honolulu, USA - 1993 Miodrag Kostić Founded “Web Consulting Honolulu”, USA - 1997
  4. 1995 1996 My own digital transformation in 1995
  5. Miodrag Kostic clients - 2003 to date
  6. What is Digital Transformation?
  7. What company is this?
  8. Are their companies which do not transform? There are only companies that do not want to transform
  9. “(1) Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. (2) Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” -- Bill Gates What is the greatest challenge of digital transformation?
  10. Organizational culture Digital transformation is not only about technology, it is about the change in organizational culture
  11. What is the 4th industrial revolution?
  12. Why was Blockbuster bankrupt? What is “digital disruption”?
  13. What was the Blockbusters MISSION? To provide customers with the most convenient means of accessing media entertainment
  14. “You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.” -- Steve Jobs
  15. IoT or “Internet of Things”
  16. IoT or “Internet of Things”
  17. AR - Augmented Reality
  18. VR – Virtual reality
  19. 3D printers
  20. Robots and artificial intelligence
  21. Digital strategy workshop
  22. Digital road map for “Mokrin house”
  23. Digital road map for “Mokrin house”
  24. Digital road map for “Mokrin house”
  25. Workshop “Digital transformation strategy”
  26. Workshop “What is digital transformation?”
  27. Workshop “Digital transformation strategy”
  28. Workshop “IT security, GDPR, data protection”
  29. TREND CARDS Modeled by Centre for Digital Transformation Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  30. Digital trends SWOT & Impact Analyses Quick Fixes ReportingDeveloping digital strategy Developing digital road map (1 day workshop) Priorities I Priorities II Priorities III Detailed strategy of priority I KMU DIGITAL - Consulting process
  31. KMU DIGITAL – Trend selection
  32. Digital road map for “Mokrin house” Y - Impact -- X - Risk (chance)
  33. Hi impact low risk
  34. Hi impact low risk
  35. Hi impact low risk
  36. Hi impact high risk
  37. Hi impact high risk
  38. Digital road map for “Mokrin house” Roadmap
  39. ROADMAP for CRM System & Customer Journey Mokrin house Roadmap
  40. Miodrag Kostić, CMC, CDC Thanks 