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chocolate crepe


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Final English task Edurne Maté Hueso

Published in: Education
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chocolate crepe

  1. 1. ingredients  250 g of flour.  4 tablespoons of cocoa powder  4 eggs.  ½ litre of milk.  A pinch of salt.  Some butter.
  2. 2. utensils  Turbo mixer  A measuring cup.  A spoon.  A bowl.  A pastry bag.  A Nonstick skillet.  A Spreading palette.
  3. 3. Instructions  Measure the quantities with the measuring cup.  Introduce the eggs, the milk and the flour in the bowl and mix everything using the turbo mixer.  Add the cocoa powder and a bit of salt,  Beat the ingredients until they blend 
  4. 4. Instructions  Take out the dough form the refrigerator and use the turbo mixer again
  5. 5. Intruction 3  Spread some butter on a frying pan and distribute well all over the bottom .  With the help of an adult pour 50 millitres of dough in  Cook the crepe for one minute.  Flip it a and cook
  6. 6. Instruction 4  Put a tablespoon of Nutella in the pastry bag and decorate your crepe as you like.