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5 Truths About Marketing to Baby Boomers With Social Media


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My AMPlify speech in Sydney, Australia.

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5 Truths About Marketing to Baby Boomers With Social Media

  1. FriendingOver 505  truths  about    to  baby  boomers  with  social  media  D e b b i e   W e i l   Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  2. Why should businesses care about social media?
  3.        Your  brand  is  what  people   say  about  you  when  you’re   out  of  the  room.      -­‐  Jeff  Bezos,  Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  4. Great Truth Baby boomerslove social media. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  5. “Older people don’tuse the Internetmuch differentlyexcept they uselonger sentencesand spell thingsproperly.”
  6. Great Truth       Baby boomers and Aussies love social media. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  7. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  Courtesy  Brio  Group  h?p://­‐media-­‐for-­‐business-­‐7974830  
  8. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  Courtesy  Brio  Group  h?p://­‐media-­‐for-­‐business-­‐7974830  
  9. -  More than 25% of Australian businesses are on Facebook-  17 percent are on Twitter-  10 percent are on YouTubeSource: May 2011 study by Nielsen andCommunity Engine
  10. “They (baby boomers) are the ideal consumer. They have money, they consume loads of media and they remain optimistic.” New  York  Times,  May  14,  2011   BEST CUSTOMER  “In  Shi(,  Ads  Try  to  En3ce  Over-­‐55  Set”  U.S. baby boomers will spend $2 trillion annually   BABY BOOMER Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  11. 50 is the new 50 Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  12. Great Truth It’s not about“financial services.” Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  13. The Hartford Financial ServicesListening to customers and inspiring Corporate sponsor U.S. Paralympics  
  14. Wells Fargo Pioneer in use of social media Wells Fargo has 8 blogs  Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  15. Wells Fargo Blog strategy is to listen to customers “Merger with “Guided by Wachovia” History” blog   blog Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  16. Great Truth You gottasurprise and delight. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  17. mobile apps email LinkedInMySpace Twitter YOURYouTube CUSTOMER Flickr Facebook Tweetdeck blogs
  18. Living SocialDeals you can’t resist Pay $1.00 and get $100 cash back  
  19. Great TruthEvery one of you is a storyteller. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  20. Space ShuttleEndeavor blaststhrough the clouds.Photo snapped withan iPhone.  Photo  by  Delta  Airlines  passenger  Stefanie  Gordon.  
  21.            Make  meaning…   make  the  world  a  beHer  place.                                        -­‐  Guy  Kawasaki  Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  22. Great TruthSweet spot is where you make meaning. Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  23. sweet spot
  24. Social  media              is  changing  the  world.                                      -­‐  Debbie  Weil  Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  25. SPEAKERNamed  one  of  the  Most  Influen[al  Women  in  Technology  in  2010,  Debbie  Weil  is  an  author,  speaker,  and  corporate  social  media  consultant  based  in  Washington  DC.      EMAIL:  MOBILE:  202.255.1467  WEBSITE:  TWITTER:  @debbieweil Debbie  Weil  -­‐  Friending  Over  50  ©2011  
  26. RESOURCESBlogs   For case studies on how to use social media:Mashable Problogger CopyBlogger www.copyblogger.comSeth Godin   Books   New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott (2nd ed.) Measure What Matters by Katie Delahaye Paine Poke the Box by Seth Godin The Corporate Blogging Book updated editionby Debbie Weil (Amazon Kindle)