Ted Hart 2 P M June 15 2009 Digital Leap Live Website Review


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Ted Hart at Digital Leap 09

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Ted Hart 2 P M June 15 2009 Digital Leap Live Website Review

  1. 1. Charity Websites, Fundraising and Live Website Review Presented by Ted Hart Presented By: Ted Hart ACFRE President and CEO of tedhart.com Creator, p2pfundraising.org Founder ePhilanthropy Found. Founder GreenNonprofits.Org ©2009 Ted Hart 1
  2. 2. It’s All About Relationships! …not technology Concentrating on the needs, wants, and satisfaction of your donors. ©2009 Ted Hart The Next Generation of ePhilanthropy ePhilanthropy – The use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes. Social Networking and Web 2.0 Sites – Interactive sites where both the site owner and the site visitors create the content. People to People (P2P) Fundraising – Fundraising that is inspired by charities but is initiated or untaken by people connecting with their family, friends and colleagues to raise money for the causes they support. ©2009 Ted Hart 2
  3. 3. Online Basics There are almost as many strategies as there are nonprofits. However, to get started: 1. Establish an Informative Website (Content) 2. Collect Email Addresses 3. Communicate with those who opt in 4. Offer the option of online giving (encrypted) 5. Recruit and manage Volunteers online 6. Comply with Regulations and laws 7. Understand Privacy and Security Issues ©2009 Ted Hart Online Giving Estimates: $Mil (USD*) Estimates in: 2007  2001 = $550 Million 2006  2002 = $1.1 Billion 2005 2004  2003 = $1.9 Billion 2003  2004 = $2.62 Billion 2002  2005= $4.53 Billion 2001  2006= $6.87 Billion 2000 2007 = $10.44 Billion 1999 $0 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 The United States represents: Source: tedhart.com and Harvard University Initiative  Slightly more than ½ the Global Online on Social Enterprise Philanthropic Market  Globally more than $20 billion (’07) ©2009 Ted Hart 3
  4. 4. Online Toolbox Ted’s 7 Areas For Online Planning 1. Social Networking and Community Building 2. Communication/Education and Stewardship 3. Online Donations and Membership 4. Event Registration and Management 5. Prospect Research 6. Volunteer Recruitment and Management 7. Advocacy and Activism ©2009 Ted Hart P2Pfundraising.org Newsletter New Book Online Forums Virtual Seminars •Boards •Communications •ePhilanthropy •Nonprofit Law •Fundraising •Volunteer Management Live Training The Next Generation of ePhilanthropy 4
  5. 5. Ted’s Relationship Tips 1. Faces Post photos of your clients, supporters, events etc. Avoid pictures of just buildings. This helps visitors feel like they know you. o http://www.flickr.com o http://www.slide.com 2. Video Add Video clips to your website. Many of us learn with our ears as well as our eyes -- don't miss out on this additional way to connect. o http://youtube.com/nonprofits (USA) o http://mx.youtube.com (Mexico) o http://youtube.com/youtubeonyoursite ©2009 Ted Hart Ted’s Relationship Tips 3. Teach We all like learning new things. Help supporters connect by providing them with useful articles and FAQ lists instead of just trying solicit a gift. 4. Link Showcase your generosity by providing visitors with other articles and links to helpful websites (with permission). ©2009 Ted Hart 5
  6. 6. Ted’s Relationship Tips 5. Feedback Ask for feedback and comments. This helps supporters know that you're in the business of serving them and that you take their opinions seriously. 6. Define Define any confusing terms in your copy. Let them know exactly what action you want them to take. People respond better to clear instructions. When people feel comfortable with their online experience, they're more willing to support. ©2009 Ted Hart Ted’s Relationship Tips 7. Differentiate Don't let people choose between you and your competitors. Let them know that you're the only one who can help them. Write articles, create presentations and demonstrate your expertise. 8. Genuine Copy When writing website copy, direct your message to one person who represents your target audience. Speak to him or her from the heart. Whenever possible, personalize your emails by using first names and other personal information. ©2009 Ted Hart 6
  7. 7. Ted’s Relationship Tips 9. Relevant Convince your target audience that you know and understand their problems by sharing stories and specific examples. 10. Communicate Don't let prospective supporters slip away. Make every effort to get them to give you their first name and email address by offering them a free e-book, report or other content of value. Stay in touch with prospective clients by sending them a regular e-newsletter with useful tips and friendly updates about your company. ©2009 Ted Hart Power of Your Web Site 40% 39% 37% 37% •More than 50% said 35% Web Visitors that they would NOT 30% have taken further 25% 23% action if they had not 20% first visited charity 20% 15% Web site 15% 9% •Integration is Key 10% 5% 0% Toward e-engagement Nonprofits Donated Petition Referred Petition Donated Volunteer Volunteer and Individuals Engaging Online – Offline Online Friend Offline Online Offline Online Kellogg Foundation ©2009 Ted Hart 7
  8. 8. Are You Ready?  Online Tip #1: Clearly Display Name, Logo, Mission Completed_____  Online Tip #2: Photos of people, action, not just buildings Completed_____  Online Tip #3: Make It Easy For Donors To Get Quick Answers To Questions Completed_____ ©2008 Ted Hart Are You Ready?  Online Tip #4: Make Sure Your Website Uses Encryption Technology Wherever You Request Sensitive or Confidential Information Completed_____  Online Tip #5: Provide Multiple Opportunities and Methods For Gifts To Be Made Both Online and Offline. Completed_____  Online Tip #6: Post a Comprehensive Privacy Policy Completed_____ ©2008 Ted Hart 8
  9. 9. Are You Ready?  Online Tip #7: Eliminate the scroll. Completed_____  Online Tip #8: Provide Online and Offline Contact Information Completed_____  Online Tip #9: Provide Method For Communication/ Information/ Education (i.e. eNewsletter, etc.) Completed_____  Online Tip #10: Provide Information On How Donations Are Used To Support Your Mission (stewardship) Completed_____ ©2008 Ted Hart You Have 10 Seconds……. ©2009 Ted Hart 9
  10. 10. An Overall Strategy Donate Now Multiple Ways To Support Sign Up For Newsletter ©2008 Ted Hart Multiple Ways To Support Tell A Friend Sign Up For Newsletter Donate Now ©2008 Ted Hart 10
  11. 11. Multiple Donation Links ©2008 Ted Hart Navigation very small Donate Now Picture of People Not Buildings Sign Up For Newsletter Is Below the Scroll Some of the best content is Below The Scroll ©2009 Ted Hart 11
  12. 12. Photographs too small, video difficult to view Poor Navigation at Bottom of Home Page Donate Now Very Poor Design, Typeface too Not inviting to target audience small, difficult navigation ©2009 Ted Hart Promote Volunteerism Photos of People Online Press Center Donate Now Sign Up For Newsletter No privacy Multiple Ways No Scroll policy posted To Support Feedback ©2009 Ted Hart 12
  13. 13. LIVE Website Review • This part of the session/handout is interactive. Participants from the audience will volunteer websites to look over and discuss the do’s and don’ts for the given examples. • designed to help you develop your organization’s website and help make your organization a successful player in the Online World! ©2009 Ted Hart THANK YOU! Ted Hart, ACFRE, ePMT President http://tedhart.com 9101 Carriage House Lane Columbia, MD 21045 v 410.303.8370 f 563-405-5966 AOL & Y! Instant Messenger: tedhartusa Skype: tedhartusa Email: tedhart@tedhart.com TXT Messenger: tedhart@vtext.com ©2009 Ted Hart 13