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The DoNation gfn brief


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The DoNation brief for #occupybluemonday gig

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The DoNation gfn brief

  1. 1. The Do Nation is an online platform that enables people to sponsor friends doing challenges with positiveenvironmental actions rather than money. Do Nation works like other online sponsorship tools, but with 1 major difference: no money is involved.People donate by doing.It has been designed to be a much more disruptive type of sponsorship mechanism that can create greatersocial participation and positive action. To date, the brilliant Hermione has got things up and running withminimal funding, resource and support and is now looking to expand the reach and impact.BACKGROUNDThe Do Nation mission is to inspire wide scale, positive and sustainable action by enabling people to donateby doing.They want to motivate people to do fantastic and inspiring challenges, and to help them raise sponsorshipwithout emptying their friend’s wallets. As well as encouraging people to do simple, meaningful things in theirday-to-day lives to help protect the planet.It thrives on-friendship - doing green stuff to support friends, helping to push them through their challenge –it’s not about saving the planet single-handedly.The Do Nation was born in 2009, when Hermione figured it was time she went on an adventure and with herfriend Sara decided to cycle from London to Morocco. They wanted to use the challenge to raise sponsorshipfor a cause they were passionate about: the environment.But they didn’t like the idea of asking their friends for money, and felt that the environment needs people’saction more than it needed just cash anyway. So they decided to ask their friends to sponsor them by doingsimple green actions instead…In the last year, Hermione has been developing the concept, building the platform, raising funds and building afantastic support network (its just Hermione working on project full-time).In that time she has got nearly 100 people or teams doing challenges on the site, and close to a 1000 peoplehave pledged, saving substantial amounts of carbon and changing the conversation around environmentalaction in a more positive way.THE BRIEFThe big challenge for the Good for Nothing crew is to give Hermione practical and usable ways toimmediately help The Do Nation develop, grow and expand it’s reach?Having worked so hard to get the platform up and running, our challenge now is to work with what she’sdeveloped to really get a lot more people using it - building ways to get more people doing challenges – and tomake it financially self-sustaining.Within this, Hermione has 3 different things she’d love help with…1. To prototype and develop a set of practical tools and approaches to get more people using theplatform for their challenges
  2. 2. For each challenge that gets logged, they get 10 people on average pledging against it – so the more peopledoing challenges, the much bigger the network that grows around The Do Nation, and the more impact it has.So, where are the best places to go looking for challenge and the best ways to directly reach people – onlineand in the real world? e.g. could we ‘hack’ a sponsorable activity during the weekend – for instance doingsomething with all the runners doing their long weekly runs on Embankment, in the Parks in London?&/or through our own social networks, can we prototype new ways to help Hermione understand and evensign-up challenge doers and potential sponsorers?&/or can we do more with the people who’ve already done challenges to make them ambassadors for The DoNation beyond the leaflets that Hermione has had produced?2. To create a way to communicate the wider impact of the actions on the site beyond carbon in away that is more social and more engaging– visually and verballyThe primary metric tracked on the platform is currently carbon. With the 25 actions on the platform, howmight we visual the wider benefits (beyond just carbon) to make it more engaging to more people – health,money saving, time saving etc?There is limited Facebook and/or Twitter integration on the site (Drupal) to date. As pledging between friendsis integral to the idea (ask Hermione about her degree!), how can we create more social objects to encouragemore doers/sponsorers – both online and offline?3. How can Do Nation package up their stories and impact to develop a stronger corporate pitchtoolkit for sustainable onwards funding?Given Hermione set The Do Nation up because she didn’t like asking her friends for money, she would lovesome help in sharpening up and bringing to life her pitch to corporates.She has done 2 pitches to date, and is hopefully going to be piloting her first corporate project soon. The mainchallenge she has is that corporates are keen for there to be more users having used the site.So how can we get creative about the pitch to engage corporates and who might be a good hitlist of people forher to contact?What might a picture or film or an animation of what the benefits are of employees using The Do Nation be?What other tools could we develop to make the pitch more engaging and higher impact?What we have to work withAll the Do Nation identity elementsAccess to previous pitches done to corporatesAccess to ‘Do-ers’Access to the data generated to date for visualisation of impactsAccess to the website (Drupal)