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A keynote from a recent Marketing 2.0 conference in Singapore. The most important element of any brand engagement is relevance. Examples and guidelines on how to ensure your brand uses social practices to truly engage and bring value to your customers/audience.

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where brand and 2.0 connect

  1. 1. Where Brand and 2.0 connect April 2009 Brett Jackson Qais Consulting
  2. 2. I am going to speak about one thing today
  3. 3. Relevance
  4. 4. Would you speak to a friend in language they didn’t understand?
  5. 5. Relevance - Why • New information and information sources are still exploding • Time is short and attention spans are dwindling • Irrelevant communication has become the ultimate disrespect • Delivering relevance requires time and thought. Striving for relevance will push you to truly listen and explore your communities. People recognise this • Consistently delivering relevant communications is really, really hard. You will get match fit, fast
  6. 6. Relevance - Why • Gen Y & C: • savvy and cynical • think they know your brand and market better than you do, they’re probably right. • will make up the majority of your market soon if not already • Marketing is expensive, so why not do it right
  7. 7. There is a tidal wave breaking, right now
  8. 8. 18 to 26 year olds
  9. 9. Relevance - Why Now? The “command and control” days are gone The social web has provided the most powerful opportunities for building community and conversation in history The relationship between brands and people has changed forever The people have won
  10. 10. “It's not about technology and wanting to be online constantly. It's about wanting to belong and be connected constantly” Johan Jervoe Corporate VP of global marketing, McDonald's
  11. 11. "Brands are like people. They get stuck. They have habits that are hard to break. They don't always see their blind spots, and they loose touch with their core essence. They resist change. They become irrelevant" MultiChannel Marketing Apr 2008
  12. 12. Relevance not just of core content, in every aspect of your communications. Their tone, function, language, context, timing and gestures. No matter what medium.
  13. 13. The next point might seems obvious but....
  14. 14. A marketers job is to understand their constituents and communities better than anyone else. The marketers who do this best will succeed.
  15. 15. Relevance - How • Engage in honest dialogues, don’t insert unwanted monologues • Create opportunities to discuss and communicate with your customers, they will tell you what is relevant to them • Enable and enrich the communities of people that form around your offerings, a testimonial or review from a real person is worth 100x anything you can say about your brand • Speak in a real voice - everything else is ignored
  16. 16. Relevance - How • Learn what is of real value to your audience and deliver it, before the other guys do • Research, think and avoid assumptions - test and re-test • If you don’t know, ask somebody that does
  17. 17. The 4 P’s Where are the people?
  18. 18. Dell - Hell to Swell
  19. 19. 2005 - Dell Hell Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis blogs about the poor product and service he received from Dell. Dell’s response = 'we don't respond to bloggers’ This response caused inflamed the situation, Jarvis created an ongoing series of blogs, coining the phrase “Dell Hell”. Jarvis ranks higher than the company in Google searches for “Dell Computer” Dell closes it’s online forums With sales and brand damaged Dell finally acknowledges the reality
  20. 20. 2006/8 Michael Dell personally oversees the revamp of Dell’s social marketing agenda one2one blog launched Direct2Dell blog launched IdeaStorm released - crowd sourced innovation system - Dells running Linux are released 3 months later Dell are a foundation member of the BlogCouncil
  21. 21. The present - Dell Swell Jeff Jarvis made finally peace with Dell in his blog Dell are now considered to be one of the most savvy and connected corporates and their social program is a benchmark. They use 2.0 more and more effectively than most organisations A recent blog post on Target which mentioned Dell Hell was replied to by Dell within 15 minutes of it’s posting. Dell “gets” 2.0 now
  22. 22. The present - Dell Swell Dell has been using Twitter to announce sales in their outlets and have made $1 million USD through this channel in the last 18 months Last month they started offering exclusive discounts to their Twitter followers
  23. 23. Points of relevance • The web has a long memory and Google is a reputation meter. • Large companies can embrace and win with Web 2.0 even after the most inauspicious of starts • Small scale experimentation is vital to find out what works for your companies DNA • Allow your customers to tell you what they think and want
  24. 24. Atlassian - Organic marketing
  25. 25. Atlassian Software Enterprise software company Started in 2001 on a credit card Based in Sydney, Australia Disclaimer: I used to work for them
  26. 26. challenges and requirements • No advertising • No sales force • No marketing dept till mid 2008 • Established commercial competitors • Rapid growth of open source competitors • Servicing global market from Sydney, Australia • purchasers are hidden within organisation
  27. 27. Blogs
  28. 28. Transparent forums and feature requests
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter
  31. 31. Surveys
  32. 32. Codegeist
  33. 33. Metrics
  34. 34. Outcomes •Cumulative revenue of 100 mill USD to date •Staff of 200 across 4 countries worldwide •Over 14,000 customers in 100+ countries •Market leader in 2 product categories
  35. 35. Points of relevance • People respond to honesty and transparency and will defend the brand if they believe in it • There are numerous ways and opportunities to build conversations, you need to be identifying them all the time • You can’t drive a social strategy without having the internal people who buy into it • It doesn’t have to cost much • you can’t fake it • Think about your measures, check them constantly and redefine them as and when necessary
  36. 36. adidas - what women want
  37. 37. challenges and requirements • adidas wanted to reach out to it’s female customers within the social media realm • online has not been a strong communication channel for adidas in Singapore • adidas wanted to redress concerns that it had missed opportunities to connect with female consumers in the past • adidas did not want us to “sell shoes” • Our part of the campaign had to “sync’ with the larger global initiative
  38. 38. challenges and requirements • What we did had to resonate with busy women • the campaign would try to lead people to make healthy choices in their spare time • The solution had to be very simple and immediate to use
  39. 39. Activities - pre solution • Research • Conversations • Environmental scans • Profiling • Identifying where, when and how women were spending their time online • Looking at the tone and focus of their conversations
  40. 40. '$AB$%-)"?:57:%5< ?*975$@8 ;(<)+($4 =%7$+%>5 A. Embed widget (Calendar) into blog Forum Seeding B. Share Me Time Event (Invite friend to join me for my Me Time activity) Blogvertorials C. Share Application with FB Group + FB FB Friends (Share Application Pages Button) D. Me Time Event Reminders via emails Facebook Seeding E. FB Newsfeeds *EDM & Paid Media are not included !"#$%&"'()&*+,)-."/0012"'()345),$+2"6++"7%-89&"75&57:54
  41. 41. C&57&"@+%@D"()"985"EF):%95G"" Sharing Events H*I()"()"985"J5&(*7@5" ;%75@9(7K"(L"985"6@,:%,5&"9(" %):%95"985%7"L7%5)4&"9("M(%)"985A" L(7"$"B$7,@*+$7"EN5"O%A5G" $@,:%9K
  42. 42. Debra Li: http://olimomok.livejournal.com/465000.html
  43. 43. Application Canvas Page – Conversion Rates As of 1 March 09 • Total Canvas Page Views (Installation Prompts): 11,160 • Total Link Clicks (Accepts): 3,701 • Conversion Rate: ! Total no. of Link Clicks/Total Canvas Page Views x 100% =! 3701/11, 160 x 100% =! 33.2% !33.2% accepted the application upon installation prompt
  44. 44. Forum Conversations – FlowerPod
  45. 45. Blogs Analysis • Blogs have connected to ‘Me myself’ concept and to utility of me time calendar • Blogs were written in a personal and heartfelt manner which drew high level of responses • Added great credibility from user perspective
  46. 46. Results No. of Page Views of "Me, Myself" FB page Application launch on Feb 18th - 535 Most Bloggers have entries up on blogs by then 432
  47. 47. Results 359 Fans as of 27th Feb, and Number of fans on "Me, Myself" FB page increasing Application launch on Feb 18th - 190 Fans
  48. 48. Results Summary of Blogvertorials Performance As of 1 March 2009 '"()*+,-#,./)%0##*, '"()*+,-#,./)%0##*, '#66%5-+,#5, !"#$$%& 1/$% 233"()/4#5 !"#$,75-&8 25$%"/ RS TU VW 8IBPQQ$)-5+$2H+*7&(9()-2@(A 9%0&/ WR RU R 8IBPQQ(+%A(A(D2+%:5M(*7)$+2@(A :/5()% VUR /S1 /1 8IBPQQ%@D+5(7%5)9$+2+%:5M(*7)$+2@(A :/5(+% VT XT 0 8IBPQQ<<<2&$&&KM$)2@(A ;/&%5 Y(9"(B5)"9(" 8IBPQQ<<<2D$75)@85)-2@(A2$* U/W 1UW @(AA5)9& </" V/ X1 0 8IBPQQZ%)8*%:$+2H+(-&B(92@(A O?O6[ 1TT V.XSR UX
  49. 49. Results Sharing Events Performance As of 27 Feb 2009#2: Sharing Events 9%=5(4#5+" • >%5?%&,>%5?+P"O85")*AH57"(L"*&57]9(]*&57")(,3@$,()&"985" $BB+%@$,()"&5)9"4*7%)-"985"&B5@%354"B57%(4 • @%)(3(%5-,'"()*+A,O85")*AH57"(L",A5&"*&57&"@+%@D54"+%)D&"%)"*&57] 9(]*&57")(,3@$,()&"985"$BB+%@$,()"&5)9"4*7%)-"985"&B5@%354" B57%(4
  50. 50. Points of relevance • Delivering utility highlights that you are making the conversation about your customers and their needs • Small can be beautiful and powerful • Finding new ways to speak to people is essential • It’s rude to leave a conversation mid sentence. A social campaign does not end at launch, you need to tend and care for that dialogue you began • Making or doing something worth talking about is the goal. Test your remarkable quotient all the time • Be as clear about your goals and your audience as you can
  51. 51. some reminders
  52. 52. Break down some walls
  53. 53. Do not rely on assumptions
  54. 54. Define exactly who you are speaking to
  55. 55. Listen to your customers
  56. 56. Get Social
  57. 57. Experiment!
  58. 58. Constantly re-examine your measures
  59. 59. customers aren’t static
  60. 60. one size does not fit all
  61. 61. create great experiences get as real time as you can speak with your customers not at them take a breath - don't say it all at once
  62. 62. Thanks!! http://friendfeed.com/rooms/relevance brett@qaisconsulting.com