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Your Social Media Sweet Spot


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To get business results using social media, you have to find your sweet spot: where what YOU want to achieve overlaps with what motivates your community. This was a keynote I gave at the conference in Jan. 2011.

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Your Social Media Sweet Spot

  1. STEP 1How Do You AdoptThe Social MediaMindset?All slides in this deck copyright Debbie Weil, 2011
  2. BE TRANSPARENT •  take advantage of negative feedback •  open up two-way conversation and listen •  collaborate and create with your stakeholders
  3. Stay Foolish EXPERIMENT •  try something new on facebook or your blog •  nobody responds? falls flat? •  fail fast. ok to feel foolish. move on.
  4. STEP 2How Do You FindYour Social MediaSweet Spot?
  5. SOCIAL MEDIASWEET SPOT YOU •  PR •  brand enhancement SOCIAL •  new way of doing MEDIA business? SWEET •  drive revenue? SPOT EMPLOYEE CUSTOMERS •  a bit of self-promotion •  save money •  expand comms toolset •  be part of •  feel more valuable something cool •  easy to participate
  7. STEP 3How Do YouSolve TheSocial MediaPuzzle?
  11. TWITTER•  1.8 million followers•  dozens of store accountsFA C E B O O K•  443,000 fansBLOGS•  cooking & CEO blogsFLICKER•  photo streams•  contestsFOUR SQUARE•  check insMOBILE APPS•  iphone and androidAND MORE
  12. WHAT CAN YOU STEAL?How Whole Foods uses the different tools together to feedthe hungry content beast. They have an editorial calendarand community manager for each store account.•  Twitter for real-time alerts•  Facebook for less time-sensitive info•  Blog is for recipes and longer content•  Flickr photos & YouTube videos provide more content
  13. PROOFSubmittedprojects havereceived 42million votes,more thanvoted in lastpresidentialelection.
  14. SWEET SPOTMultiple sharingoptions, includingFacebook,Twitter,mobile, widgets.
  15. WHAT CAN YOU STEAL?Pepsi has found a win-win sweet spot:   Buzz for their brand and a lift in sales.   Street cred for giving up 30-sec Super Bowl ads.   A social media campaign fostering social change.Participants benefit by:   State-of-the-art, well-organized site.   Recognition from Pepsi for submitting their projects.   Further validation by instant sharing with friends to get votes.   The chance to win $5K to $250K.
  17. SOCIAL BY SOCIAL {game instructions }Take a piece of paper and draw a line down and across toturn it into quadrants. Write in each quadrant:   Define the audience you are trying to engage   Identify the sweet spot where your goal overlaps with what motivates them   Choose the tools you could use for your social media campaign (blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)   Discuss what roles are needed (content creator, editor, moderator, etc.)
  18. WHAT IS THE GOAL FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN? 3 mins – Heads down, silent writing in quadrants. 5 mins – Share your ideas with the group. sweetaudience spot who willSocial media execute tools
  19. SPEAKER Named one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2010, Debbie Weil is an author, speaker, and corporate social media consultant based in Washington DC. EMAIL: MOBILE: 202.255.1467 WEBSITE: TWITTER: @debbieweilAll slides in this deck copyright Debbie Weil, 2011
  20. RESOURCESBlogs   For case studies on how to use social media and tips on writing great content: Mashable Problogger CopyBlogger www.copyblogger.comSeth Godin   Books   Linchpin by Seth Godin New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott (2nd ed. 2010) Send by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe (on how to use email) The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine The Twitter Handbook by Tim O Reilly and Sarah Milstein The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil (download 2010 ed. from Amazon)