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Social Media Week 2012 Toronto Workshop

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Fundchange koodonation-artez 02152012

  1. 1. Social Media, Crowdfunding &MicrvolunteeringPaul  Dombowsky  –  Claire  Kerr  –  Jennifer  Robertson  
  2. 2. Workshop OverviewTime:    8:30  to  10:30    Speakers:  Paul  Dombowsky      Founder  and  ceo  of  Ideavibes  /  Fundchange              Claire  Kerr  –  Artez  InteracKve        Jennifer  Robertson  –  Koodo  /  KoodonaKon   2  
  3. 3. Introduction One  of  Canada’s  first  crowdfunding  sites   for  chariKes,  non-­‐profits  and  arts  groups   to  fund  change  in  our  communiKes    -­‐   one  project  at  a  Kme.       KoodonaKon  is  the  first  ever  Canadian   online  microvolunteering  community.     KoodonaKon  has  been  launched  and   operates  as  a  charitable,  not-­‐for-­‐profit   iniKaKve  by  Koodo  Mobile     3  
  4. 4. Social Media Claire  Kerr   Artez  InteracKve   4  
  5. 5. Social  Media,  Fundraising  …  and  all  that  good  stuff!    
  6. 6.              @snoWorprofit   hXp://  
  7. 7. Why  engage  in  social  media?  l   Your  donors  &  supporters  are  there.  l   Your  sponsors  &  media  contacts  use  this  tool.  l   An  addiKonal  channel  for  brand  extension.  l   CompeKng  organizaKons  may  acquire  market      share  in  your  space.      
  8. 8. Defini9ons:  Whats  social  media?    Facebook:  The  most  popular  social  network  TwiCer:  “Micro-­‐blogging”  tool  Blogging:  PlaWorms  like  Wordpress,  Tumblr,  Blogger  LinkedIN:  Groups  &  pages  for  professionals  Foursquare:  Geo-­‐locaKon  tool  YouTube:  Canada  is  online  videos  largest  market!     Digital  communicaKons  tools     to  leverage  the  “real  Kme”  web.  
  9. 9. Canadians  &  Social  Media  Over  50%  of  Canadians  maintain  at   least  one  social  networking  profile.   62%  of  online  Canadians  aged   35  to  54  have  a  social  profile.    
  10. 10. Canadians  &  Social  Media  Women  are  more  likely  than  men   to  visit  social  networking  sites   more  than  once  a  day.  
  11. 11. Canadians  &  Social  Media  Networks  showing  rapid  growth  in  Canada  ….     TwiCer  –  19%   LinkedIN  –  14%    
  12. 12. Hey,  don’t  forget  Google+  …  
  13. 13. Were  you  expec9ng  a  Pinterest-­‐free  zone?   Sorry!  
  14. 14. Canadians  &  Social  Media   86%  of  Canadian  social  networkers   are  on  Facebook!     Did  You    Know…   Of  the  over  500  million   people  on  Facebook,  more   than  250  million  access  it   through  a  mobile  device!  
  15. 15. The  introducKon  of     the  Like  BuXon   increased  referred  traffic  to  blogs  by  50%  
  16. 16. Facebook  Open  Graph   Apps  for  Timeline    
  17. 17. Facebook:  A  top  referrer  to     our  donaKon  pages.    ●  Yours? Yours?  
  18. 18. 12%  facebook     2%    mobile  facebook      Facebook:  A  top  referrer  to     our  donaKon  pages.       Yours?  
  19. 19. How  are  chari9es  using  social  media?  92%  of  the  “Top  50”  nonprofits  in  America  have  at  least  one  social  media  presence  on  their  homepage.  
  20. 20. How  are  chari9es  using  social  media?   Most  surveyed  believe  social  media  is  an  effecKve  channel.  
  21. 21. Industrys  a]tude  towards  social  media   Antudes  are     performance-­‐based.     The  majority  have   accomplished  a  major   goal  using  social  media.  
  22. 22. Social  Media  &  Fundraising  Myths  ...  
  23. 23. Social  Media  &  Fundraising  Reality  ...   70% of charities raising over $100k have budgets of $5 million or more. Only 0.4% of organizations raised over $100k through Facebook.
  24. 24. A  small  channel   The  majority  of  nonprofits  are    raising  $0  -­‐  $1000  on  Facebook.   80%  raised  $0  from  YouTube,  LinkedIn,  Flickr.  
  25. 25. Pu]ng  It  In  Perspec9ve  ….   100   10-­‐14%   50   0   All  Fundraising   Online  
  26. 26. PosiKve  news  ….  Online  acKvists  are  seven  9mes  more  likely  to  donate,  compared  with  supporters  who  did  not  previously  take  an  online  acKon  for  a  cause.  
  27. 27. PosiKve  news  ….  Online  donaKon  is  the  fastest  growing  giving  channel.    Direct  mail  =  $1.25  Online  donor  =  $0.07    
  28. 28. Chari9es  Deploy  Social  Media  Two  Ways   External     Internal    
  29. 29. Third  Party  Fundraisers  Groups     Individuals     Externally  
  30. 30. External  use  of  social  media   Supporters   sharing   your  cause  
  31. 31. Partner  Sponsored  Campaigns   Corpora9ons   Celebri9es    Externally  
  32. 32. For  every  X  we  will  Y  up  to  Z   ● 
  33. 33. “Five  Facebook  Giving  Campaign  Success  Stories”   Four  of  the  five  success  stories  were   corporate  sponsored!  
  34. 34. Internal  Use  of  Social  Media  
  35. 35. Integrate  ExisKng  Campaigns  Internally  
  36. 36. IntegraKon  with  offline  events    Internally  
  37. 37. ParKcipants  using  social  media  in  fundraising   events  raise  more  money  on  average  than   parKcipants  that  do  not.   40%   more  
  38. 38. Wondering  about  ge]ng  started?  
  39. 39. Good  metrics…   Which  acKons  happen     from  traffic  referred  by   which  channels?  Over  Kme?  
  40. 40. Make  conversion  your  goal     3%  to  6%  
  41. 41. Use  your  email  networks   Average  charity  has  1000     email  addresses  for  every   110  Facebook  fans…      
  42. 42. Drive  conversion  to  acKon  
  43. 43. Take  advantage  of  offline  events      
  44. 44. Create  Consistent  Calls  To  AcKon  l     PrioriKzaKon  of  programs  &  objec9ves  l     Avoid  ge]ng  distracted  by  shiny  objects  l     Follow  a  planned  editorial  calendar  as  with  DM    
  45. 45.  
  46. 46. What’s  Trending?  
  47. 47. Social  Login  
  48. 48. 77%  of  social  media  users  prefer  social  login   to  tradiKonal   registraKon.    
  49. 49. Mobile  Awareness  Smartphones  sales  now  surpass   computer  sales  globally.     HUGE!  
  50. 50. The  hidden  mobile  channel?   Your  supporters  are   reading  your  appeals  on   their  mobile  devices.     They’ve  been  doing  it   for  a  while  now…  
  51. 51. The  visible  mobile  channel   10%  of  traffic  to  our   donaKon  pages  is  from   mobile  devices…  
  52. 52. Mobile  web  
  53. 53. Mobile  apps  
  54. 54. The  visible  mobile  channel  How  are  you  addressing  your  mobile  audience…?   •   Your  social  audience   •   Mobile  payments   •   Content  creaKon   •   Leverage  mobile   opKmized  plaWorms  
  55. 55. GamificaKon  
  56. 56. Online  Video  
  57. 57. Partnership  Experiments  
  58. 58. Social  media  means  …   Everyone  is  now  a   spokesperson  for     your  organizaKon.  
  59. 59. Build  a  social  media  policy  
  60. 60. One  size  doesn’t  fit  all  
  61. 61.              @snoWorprofit   hXp://  
  62. 62. Koodonation Jennifer  Robertson   Koodo   74  
  63. 63. Koodonation TM
  64. 64. What is Koodonation? An Online Hub Canada’s first, entirely online microvolunteering community. Supports the work of not-for-profit organizations. Provides an alternative way to volunteer, perfect for the online generation. Encourages community engagement.
  65. 65. What is Microvolunteering? Bite-sized Tasks from the non-profits are broken into small-ish pieces, so they’re quick and easy to solve for the microvolunteer, yet helpful for the non-profit. Crowdsourced Anyone and everyone across the country can help.ConvenientIt’s online volunteerism that fits into the individual’s schedule. And it’s alldone online so individuals can also volunteer from anywhere – eventheir couch!Network-managedA non-profit staffer posts tasks (online challenges) to the site. And as microvolunteers postall of their ideas and responses, the community provides added value in rating the responsesand helping non-profits decide which solutions are best.
  66. 66. Some Examples.
  67. 67. The Launch of Microvolunteering.Microvolunteering was pioneered by The Extraordinaries.They launched in July of 2008. (Crowdsourcing + Volunteering) * Online = Innovative combination allowing busy people to give back.TedxNASA – Ben Rigby – Microvolunteering – Giving Back for Busy People
  68. 68. How it works. Individuals join Not-for-profit org. Koodonation as register to Koodonation microvolunteers. as non-profits . The non-profits post challenges. Microvolunteers then contribute to the challenges that correspond to their skills and interests.
  69. 69. What makes a good challenge?
  70. 70. What’s in it for… … not-for-profit organizations? … for volunteers? - A low-maintenance way to get work -  Makes it easy for busy people to fit done by a huge pool of talented volunteerism into their schedule. volunteers; -  Is an entirely online form of -  A unique opportunity to save money volunteering that allows volunteers to by getting work done for free. lend their skills whenever and wherever they have time. -  A way to raise awareness of your cause with many new supporters. -  Makes volunteering simple with no requirements for travel. - Convenient and simple to use. -  Offers volunteers a way to contribute in areas that are of most interest to them.
  71. 71. Getting started 97
  72. 72. Getting started. Step 1 Create an account. Step 2 Post a challenge. Step 3 Collect your results.
  73. 73. How it works 99
  74. 74. Once a challenge is up, thecommunity takes over andposts answers to helpsolve the challenge.
  75. 75. Microvolunteers are freeto respond to anychallenge that intereststhem and matches theirskills.And they can do it anytime, anywhere.
  76. 76. The responses are posted onthe wall of each challenge forall to see and collaborate on. Anyone who feels a microvolunteergave a really good answer can givethat person a ‘Thumbs up’!
  77. 77. It’s a two-way conversation.BTW, microvolunteers love gettingfeedback from the non-profits whopost the challenges.
  78. 78. And once a challengecloses, don’t forget to thankyour microvolunteers!
  79. 79. So, is it working? 105
  80. 80. Our Launch, with theKoodonation Challenge.Koodonation was officially launched on October 13th, with the KoodonationChallenge.Celebrities acted as judges and Koodonation AmbassadorsMTV Live Co-host Sheena Snively, Jeremy Taggert from Our Lady Peace, Daniel Johnsonfrom Stereos, Toronto Argonaut Mike Bradwell, and leading Canadian Blogger Casie Stewart.
  81. 81. Winners of theKoodonation ChallengeDurham students were awarded a $20,000 contribution for the charity of theirchoice, The Grandview Childrens Centre.
  82. 82. Great interest from thecommunity.- 88 online stories!- 14 print stories!- 9 radio segments!- 2 TV segments!
  83. 83. Ushering ina new way of volunteering. Over 2,807 microvolunteers have already registered on the site, and the number grows everyday! Over 167 non-profits are members of the community. 131 challenges have been completed to date by the microvolunteers.
  84. 84. Webinar
  85. 85. Crowdfunding Paul  Dombowsky   Ideavibes  -­‐  Fundchange   91  
  86. 86. Crowdfunding - What do you need?•   A  crowd    •   Business  challenge  /  problem  /  quesKon  you  want  answered  –  ideas    •   A  process  and  tool  for  engagement    •   Trust  and  commitment  in  your  crowd  to  take  acKon    •   Key  performance  indicators  –  what  does  success  look  like?  •   Proof  of  acKon  –  your  crowd  wants  to  see  what  happened   92  
  87. 87. Donor Generations Millennials  (born  ’91  and  axer)    -­‐  ?   Gen  Y  (born  ’81-­‐’91)  –  Average  DonaKon  $325   Gen  X  (born  ’65-­‐’80)  –  Average  DonaKon  $549   Boomers  (born  ’46-­‐’64)  –  Average  DonaKon  $725   Civics  (born  ’45  or  earlier)  –  Average  DonaKon  $833   93  
  88. 88. Where Donors are Giving Social  Network  Site   SMS   Third  Party  Vendor   Phone   In  Lieu  of  Gix   Monthly  Debit   Mailed  Gix   Online  via  Website   Charity  Gix  Shop   Tribute  Gix   Fundraising  Event   Checkout  DonaKon   0.0%   10.0%   20.0%   30.0%   40.0%   50.0%   60.0%   94  
  89. 89. Online Giving “Fundraising  Trends  and  Challenges  in  the  Canadian  Direct  MarkeKng  Sector”-­‐   a  research  paper  from  2009  by  Cornerstone  Group  of  Companies  shows:     •  Donors  who  make  their  first  gix  to  an  organizaKon  online  as  opposed  to   via  direct  mail  have  a  much  higher  average  gix                        $73  vs.  $36     •  There  are  now  more  than   4  Kmes   the  number  of  new  donors,  per   organizaKon,  from  online  iniKaKves  than  5  years  ago  (9M  to  40M).”   95  
  90. 90. Who is your crowd? The  crowd  you  know    The  crowd  you  don’t  know   Donors   Donors’     Network   Prospects   Prospects’   Network   Event   AXendees   Event   AXendees’   Network   Mailing  Lists   Mailing  List’s   Network   Social Media Makes the Connection 96  
  91. 91. Projects or Doable Asks •  Easier  for  most  people  to  wrap  their  head  around  a   smaller  project  as  opposed  to  a  ‘cure’  or  a  ‘hospital   wing’   •  Examples:   •  Piece  of  medical  equipment   •  Stream  revitalizaKon   •  EducaKon  program   •  Conference  aXendance   •  Sports  equipment  for  a  couple  kids   97  
  92. 92. Examples: SponsorMe (UK) No  restricKons  on  who  posts   projects  or  the  type  of  projects.     Costs:   4%  Fee  on  money  raised   Unmet  goals  =  9%   Not  ‘all  or  nothing’   98  
  93. 93. Examples: Please Fund Us (UK) No  restricKons  on  who  posts   projects  or  the  type  of  projects.     Funding  is  All  or  nothing     Costs:   3%  Fee  on  money  raised   99  
  94. 94. Examples: Crowdrise (US only) Post   Promote   Fund   Report   100  
  95. 95. Examples: Fundchange (Canada only) Post   Promote   Share   Search/Filter   Fund   Receipt   Report     Costs:   $99  +  hst  to  join    includes  2  posKngs   3.9%  processing  fee     101  
  96. 96. Fundchange 11 Month Report Cart54  projects  posted    $55,006  in  project  funding  from  233  funders  TELUS  matching   $50,000  $105,006  Total  Impact   102  
  97. 97. What We’ve Learned•   83%  of  new  funders  come  from  TwiXer  or  Facebook  •   Average  amount  of  funding  is  $190.00  •   100%  of  projects  have  received  funds  from  new  funders  •   100%  of  projects  are  funded  by  funders  that  came  to  the      project  through  social  media     103  
  98. 98. Year 2 – What’s Ahead•  More  workshops  –  these  conKnue  to  be  popular    •  Grow  corporate  sponsorship  for  Fundchange  •  Work  with  ciKes  and  large  organizaKons  to  create  their  own   Fundchange  iniKaKves   •  IE.  City  of  Chicago  could  have  a  city  specific  site  for  local  chariKes   and  non-­‐profits  •  Exploring  how  to  help  social  enterprises   104  
  99. 99. Benefits & Challenges•   It’s  social  –  the  crowd  promotes  projects  it  likes   •   It’s  social  –  the  crowd  won’t  promote  projects  that  aren’t   shareable  •   Success  comes  to  those  that  acKvely  build  a  crowd     •   A  challenge  for  organizaKons  new  to  social  media  •   It’s  the  free  market  at  work   •   It’s  the  free  market  at  work  •   Build  sKckiness  to  the  project   •   Need  to  pay  aXenKon  to  write-­‐up  to  inspire  funders   105  
  100. 100. Integrating Crowdfunding into Your OrganizationThings  to  keep  in  mind:      •  Crowdfunding  success  comes  quickest  to  organizaKons  that  are  social  – media-­‐aware  and  engaged.    If  your  organizaKon  is  not  yet  social  media-­‐ enabled,  it  will  take  Kme  and  human  and  financial  resources  to  do  so.  •  Because  your  efforts  are  only  as  good  as  the  crowd  you  are  able  to   mobilize  to  your  cause,  it  makes  sense  that  your  organizaKon  strategically   manages  and  promotes  its  brand  online.      •  Make  sure  your  target  audience  is  online  and  will  give  online  •  If  you  opt  to  post  your  projects  on  established  crowdfunding  sites,  do  your   homework  –  be  careful  of  the  company  you  keep.     106  
  101. 101. Resoruces•  Donor  stats,  etc.  came  from  “The  Next  GeneraKon  of   Canadian  Giving”  –  Nov.  2010  –  by  Vinay  Bhagat,  et  al  •  “The  Wisdom  of  Crowds”  –  book  by  James  Surowiecki  •  “Crowdsourcing”  –  book  by  Jeff  Howe  •  “Fundraising  Trends  and  Challenges  in  the  Canadian  Direct   MarkeKng  Sector”,  a  research  paper  released  in  2009  by   Cornerstone  Group  of  Companies    •  Crowdfunding  Whitepaper  at     107  
  102. 102. Thank you – Questions?  Paul  Dombowsky  |  613.878.1681  |