Millennial Leaders - Pivot Conference 2010


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Millennial Leaders - Pivot Conference 2010

  1. 1. The Conversationalist Scott Wilder SVP, Social Media Architect
  2. 2. The Gen Y Consumer
  3. 3. First  Printing  in  2007
  4. 4. Outline
  5. 5. Who  is  Generation  Y? “Thumb  contact  more  than  eye  contact”   37%  access  web  from  Mobile  device! Care  about  world  events  &  are  ethnically  diverse“Technology  is  not  a  replacement  for  interpersonal  relationships”
  6. 6. 69
  7. 7. Type  of  Consumer Content  creators  and  Peer  Collaboration Do  research  –  Process  a  lot  information Into  sharing  and  spreading  buzz Think  spending  is  not  scary Are  value  seekers Want  to  be  part  of  a  ‘tribe’ Eco-­‐conscious  (Cause  Marketing) Forrester  Research Cautious  about  marketers  on  Social  Networks
  8. 8. Marketing  to  Gen  YTurn  ons Turn  offsShow  respect    Hype  or  promotionTrusted  relationship  Email  blastsPeer  to  Peer  interaction  Push  MarketingCommunicate  on  their  terms  Facebook  SpamIncorporate  ‘local’  Trying  to  hard  be  HipAuthentic  manner
  9. 9. More  tips! Open  collaboration Constantly  evolve,  adopt  and  improve Think  ‘eco’ Leverage  your  own  Gen  Y  staff Authenticity  trumps  celebrity Niche  is  the  new  norm   Bite-­‐Size  communication  dominates Personal  utility  drives  adoption   Consumers  own  brands
  10. 10. Bad  Example•Created  a  campaign  highlight  Drake  Education•But  associated  itself  with  ‘near  failing’
  11. 11. Good  Example•Gen  Y  employees•Approachable  and  knowledgeable•Often  give  you  something  for  free  •Let  you  ‘hang  out’  (a  la  Starbucks)•Aesthetically  pleasing
  12. 12. Some  Loyal  Gen  Y  Brands Apple  Target Trader  Joe‘s  H  &  M Jet  Blue  Zappos In  N  Out  Levis Ben  N  Jerrys  Volkswagen Whole  Foods  Converse Adidas  Vitamin  Water American  Apparel  Red  Stripe
  13. 13. Why  These  Brands? Clean  +  Simple=  Hip  (no  fuss,  no  muss!)  Its  trendy  to  be  simple  and  easy!   Quirky  and  Unique  (Jet  Blue  and  Trader  Joes  are  both  known  for  being   one  of  a  kind  shops)   Happy  employees  (people  who  work  at  the  aforementioned  companies   say  they  LOVE  their  jobs!)
  14. 14. A  word  about  Mentoring FROM  THEIR  BOSSES:  To  give  me  straight  feedback  To  mentor  and  coach  me  To  give  me  a  formal  personal  development  program  To  provide  flexible  schedules FROM  THEIR  COMPANY:  To  develop  skills  for  the  future  To  have  strong  values  To  allow  me  to  blend  work  and  life  To  offer  me  a  clear  career  path   (and  maybe  this  is  NOT  with  your  company…HBR  did  not  say  that,  I  am  throwing  that  one  in  as  a  bonus!) TO  LEARN:  Technical  skills  in  my  area  of  expertise  To  learn  self  management  and  personal  productivity  Leadership  Creativity  and  innovation  strategies­‐millennials/ar/1
  15. 15. Thank @skwilder