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UiTM Stadium (Building Maintenance)


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Building Maintenance For Sport Complex.

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UiTM Stadium (Building Maintenance)

  1. 1. UITM’ STADIUM-BUILDING MAINTENANCEBuilding Maintenance For Sport Complex HANIS BIN NIZAR 2009107745 MOHD. IKHWAN BIN ABDULLAH 2009994441 MUHAMMAD ZAHID BIN SARPIN 2009725315 LECTURER’S NAME : PM Haji Jamaluddin Mohd Aris 4/10/2013
  2. 2. 1.0 Case study- Stadium UiTM UiTM Stadium is a small stadium located at Shah Alam, Malaysia. It capacity is 10,000. The stadium is build for the UiTM University and the UiTM FC team . It is sometimes use for football matches from the local team. It can also use as a rugby pitch. UiTM Stadium sometimes uses for activities made by the university 4/10/2013
  3. 3. 2.0 Annual Maintenance And RepairContribution•A million ringgit Malaysia will be used for civil, electrical and landscape maintenancein area which covers all area in Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam.•Other than this budget will be separated for each area to maintain its facility,building, stadium, and sport complex. Each year, maintenance department will review based on report produced by takingover all factor which include frequency of used stadium especially. Department of Stadium Maintenance Budget Cleaning RM 24,000/Year Civil Structure RM 5,000/Year Electrical RM 5,000/Year Allocation Maintenance Budget According to Department of Stadium 4/10/2013
  4. 4. 3.0 Maintenance Section •Structural systems •Interior and exterior Building Finishes •Grounds and Landscaping Facilities •Housekeeping •Mechanical System and Equipment •Electrical Equipment and System •Maintenance Management Contractor appoint by UiTM : •Asas Bina Resources for building maintenance. •Cahaya kejayaan Resources for cleaning work •Thursina Service for Maintain the electrical system 4/10/2013
  5. 5. 3.1 Importance Of Maintenance OfStadium Uitm •Enhance of quality game •Safety requirement for player, expectators and visitors. •Reduce an Injury •Increase Usage •Economy purpose •Image of UiTM Organization 4/10/2013
  6. 6. 3.2 Maintenance Element • Wall •Audio System •Lighting •Field / Track •Seat •Toilet •Main Stage •Sport Facility •Drainage •Roof 4/10/2013
  7. 7. i. Wall•As we can see, the Uitm Stadium is an old one. So the paint on the wallalready fade.•The wall of this stadium will maintain when VIP’s will come or whenthe big even which planned by UiTM or external organization.•Basically the maintenance of stadium wall is ad-hoc and not based onthe schedule. If any report by other people or the maintenance workers,so after that UiTM will appoint contractor to solve the wall problem. 4/10/2013
  8. 8. ii. Audio System•The use of stadium UiTM is low especially for big event which need use an audio system. Basedon that situation, we can imagine the audio system in this stadium is not managed well.•So the role of facilities department to maintain this audio system and to control the audio systemfrom the control room which located at the main stage.•Basically the audio system will be maintain only when there is a function in this stadium. Thatmeans the time to make a maintenance work is not specific.•Make sure the audio system is functional when necessary. 4/10/2013
  9. 9. iii. Lighting•The lighting is the important component to be maintained. If the lighting isnot functioning this will bring a bad image for the institutional.•The lighting system is use for everyday. The inspection of this lightingsystem also everyday. 4/10/2013
  10. 10. iv. Field / Track •Usually the grass of the stadium need to maintain base on the FIFA requirement especially the high of grass. •The quality grass needs such as Light, Temperature, Water, Nutrient Level, Soil Level, Soil Aeration and traffic. •The reduced light intensities under shaded conditions limit the carbohydrate reserves and the growth of roots, shoots, rhizomes and stolons. •4 principle of maintenance of turf football system: 1. Grooming (Cut) 2. Brushing (Grass) 3. Vacuum Cleaning (Any Unnecessary object) 4/10/2013 4. ACS (Compacting Soil Material)
  11. 11. v. Seat•The seat have a high potential to damage due by the weather. Either rain andsun light.•That situation will give some affect to the seat such as the change of seat color.•Repairing the seat is depending on the damage. If the damage is cannot torepair, so department of facilities have a right to change that seat into new one.•Usually for small damage, department of facilities will ignore that as long as theseat can still be used 4/10/2013
  12. 12. vi. Toilet •The case reported often is clogged toilet. •The cost of building maintenance is huge for the repair of a toilet. •The maintenance work is depending on condition. They did not have a stated time. 4/10/2013
  13. 13. vii. Main Stage•The main stage need to be a maintain because the VIP’s will sit here to watchthe game.•If any damage on the main stage, Department of facilities will appoint thecontractor to solve the problem.•The work to maintain on this main stage is related to seat, decoration stage,lighting and ventilation. 4/10/2013
  14. 14. iix. Sport Equipment•Stadium UiTM provide many sport equipment . So they need to maintain allthe equipment to give comfortable for people.•Sometime they forgot to maintain the equipment. The result is this allequipment cannot be use for future event. 4/10/2013
  15. 15. ix. Drainage•The component will be maintain if receive any report from other people.•Besides that, the janitor or facility workers have their own initiative tocheck all the infrastructure.•The problem of the drainage system usually due the clogged drain whenheavy rain. 4/10/2013
  16. 16. x. Roof•When the facility worker check the building, they use a 3D concept.•3D concept is making a observation to floor, wall and roof.•So if any problem, they will trace fast and nothing is left.•They did not have a schedule when they need to do inspection for roof. Theywill make an inspection if any report from other people or the facility worker. 4/10/2013
  17. 17. 4.0 Procedure to Report• Make the online complaint form fields or communicate directly with the partiesmet at the office of the maintenance.•After analyzing the problems faced by details of information given by thecomplainant the maintenance will act within three days after the complaint is made This includes online complaint details such as: •Reporting by who (name) •Title •No. office phone •No. mobile phone •Email •Date of report •The complaints •How complaints •Section •Element •The officer can be contacted •Status •Period of repair •Repair before/on •The amount of time delayed •Problems •And other evidence. 4/10/2013
  18. 18. 5.0 Maintenance Work Procedure i. Received the Offer Job ii. Open the Contractor’s File iii. Site Meeting iv. Site Checking v. Supervising the Contractor’s job vi. Authorized the Job Done vii. Received Report from The Contractor iix. Release Payment ix. Prepare Monthly Report 4/10/2013
  19. 19. 6.0 Conclusion Good facilities is not limited with the aesthetic value of the building only, but it comes with element of how good we apply the technology and how well we maintain it. How well we maintain a facility is depends on how good the operator operates it. So the idea of maintaining should be consider form the early stage during designing the building. Recently, it become more and more importance, it is a field that everybody involve in construction should know because this will become more importance to us in the future. 4/10/2013