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The gutenberg bible


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Its about The Gutenberg bible and story of its evolution.

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The gutenberg bible

  1. 1. By- Vipulkumar Mesariya
  2. 2. Name-Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468)Nationality-Mainz, GermanOccupation-Inventor, PrinterReligion-Catholic
  3. 3. Johann Gutenberg invented movable-type printing press in 1455Printing was one of the most importanttechnical advances in history.He printed a Latin language Bible.Which is considered to be the firstprinted book ever.That’s why its known as a “GutenbergBible”Why his invention was so important…?
  4. 4. Before Gutenberg invention, China and Korea Using ‘BLOCK PRINTING,it made first of wood type and later ofbronze But every book produced in Europe had tobe copied by hand (manuscripts), Its veryslow process and quality was poor
  5. 5. What is block printing:The characters were carved out on wooden blockto make a wood-block printing plate, which wasused to print the text. Wood-block printing took along time as a new block had to be carved forevery page in a book.
  6. 6. Due to his invention Bibles andother books could finally beproduced in large quantities in ashort period of timeThe Books soon became cheaper sowider parts of the population couldafford themBible translated in many EuropeanlanguagesIt enabled people to follow debatesand take part in discussions ofmatters that concerned them.
  7. 7. Movable-Type printer…Initial phase of his research he invented fixtype printerIn old type printer block letters werefixed and they could not be taken out ofthe words of which they were partsThe new types were movable so theycould be set up to print one page, thentaken apart and set up again and againto print any number of pages. Its metaltypes
  8. 8. As per Chinese history :The movable type, as invented in 1041-1048 byPi Sheng. It was widely (and incorrectly) believedin the West that this piece of technology was firstintroduced by Johann Gutenberg
  9. 9. • Gutenbergs invention did not make him rich, hedied in poor condition. But it laid down the pathof mass and commercial production of books.