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Online Video Consumption India 2012


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A Brief Summary of the Online Video Scene in India compiled by me.

Online Video Consumption India 2012

  2. 2. Why Online Videos?It cuts across culture, language, literacy and a lot of other issues to plague the distribution of digital content. • India stands 3rd in WEB(PC) in video consumption and 4th in globally watching videos online on mobile. • India ranks 4th in the world when it comes to unique viewers of video content. • Exceeds by 21% of the global population in online-video consumption Source: ICube 2009, TRAI,
  3. 3. Why Online Videos?There is high level of Interaction and Flexibility in viewing as well as sharing. • India is 3rd in watching videos (over PC) at work. • 85% of video viewing happens from offices. • The attention span for video content on the web is put at 3.5 minutes and around 50% of the audience drops off at the 5 minute level. • 76% of all video consumption happens from the top seven metros / mini metros. Source: ICube 2009, TRAI,
  4. 4. Why Online Videos? Despite low penetration, sites like YouTube isthe 5th most trafficked site as well as 11th biggest TV Channel in India. • Worlds third largest Internet users with over 100 million users (of whom 40 million use the internet via mobile phones) as of December 2010 • Internet penetration in India is one of the lowest in the world which is 10.4% of the population in 2010 • Mobile-video penetration is only 0.6% in India compared to 5.8% in China. • 15.5 mil Indians visit Youtube every month, 7Mln ppl visit the site every single day • PC markets recorded a 26% YoY growth in sales in 2010 Source: ICube 2009, TRAI,
  5. 5. From “Primetime” to “Mytime” U.S. consumers have watched their favorite TV programs on the following platforms:Source: Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy Survey, Fourth EditionDecember 2009
  6. 6. Why are they watching? What are some of the reasons people watch TV shows on the Internet? I forgot to watch a specific episode when it aired on TV 54% I am catching up on the current season of programming Online video is for 47% because I missed a large number of episodes catching up, not replacing I am catching up on a past season of a program 33% I forgot to DVR/TiVo a specific episode when it aired 32% Another member of my household watches another 18% program at the same time as the show I want to watch I watch TV programming online when I am at work 12% I watch TV programming online when I travel 12%Source: The Nielson Wire Blog - February 2010
  7. 7. Online’s convenience appeals to viewers Convenience remains the key driver for online video use More males than females watch for convenience, while more females than males watch for portability Younger visitors (age 18- 49) are more likely to cite convenience and/or portability as a reason for use Others: Can watch shows they missed Can watch shows that are no longer airedQ162: What are the top three reasons you watch TV shows on =286 (Rotation Group)
  8. 8. Thus, Online video paves a new way to Consume, Create & Distribute content.
  9. 9. Top Sites for Video Consumption Total Unique Videos (000) Minutes per Viewers (000) ViewerTotal Internet : 30,155 1,755,186 302.8Google Sites 23,563 785,417 6,637 30,091 12.4Metacafe 3,937 33,808 35.3Yahoo! Sites 2,843 10,960 2,720 24,128 56.5VEVO 1,374 4,010 30.1Network 18 1,229 5,525 India Ltd 861 2,930 5.0Microsoft Sites 845 4,890 20.2MIPS.TV 782 3,414 49.8 Source: Comscore 2011 Jan, Age 15+
  10. 10. What TV Content is viewed online?1. TV SERIES / SOAPS• Shows that are not aired in India• To watch missed episodes• Repeat viewing Popular Channels: Rajshree, ZeeTV, ZoomTV, Telguone, NDTV Imagine,AmritaTV, ZeeMarathi, colorsTV, Koffeewith Karan, Dance India Dance on You Tube as well as there are individual websites dedicated for video like MTV Roadies.
  11. 11. What TV Content is viewed online?2. MOVIES• Trailers• Lot of regional language content• Popular movies• Songs along with videos• Repeat Viewing
  12. 12. What TV Content is viewed online?3. ADVERTISEMENTS• Better ROI• Cost effective• Better Brand Recall (Eyeball Ratio)• Online video advertisements deliver 82% brand recall versus 54% recall for the same ad on television.
  13. 13. What TV Content is viewed online?4. SPORTS • Missed Games • Repeat viewing • Commentaries & News • Score Cards are Passé Channels: ESPN STAR, WorldCricketCup 2011, IndiaTV, TimesNow, NDTV ,Adidascricketing, NIKE football on YouTube aswell as there specific websites such as ESPN, Ten Sports etc. There are also sites that are dedicated towards live streaming such as,espnstar,cricketnirvana
  14. 14. What TV Content is viewed online?5. NEWS • Live News Streaming • Re-watch • Search for specificChannels: NDTV,STAR News, ETV News Telgu, IBN Live, TimesNow on you tubealong with specific websites of individual news channel like NDTV, Aaj Tak etc.
  15. 15. Why Online Video?
  16. 16. The Best of Both WorldsTraditional TV: Traditional Digital: sound, sight, targetability,motion, reach accountability, interactivity
  17. 17. Digital video delivers measurable impact Premium Online Video vs. Non-Content Sites/Ad NetworksSource: Nielsen IAG, P13+ July 2010
  18. 18. In an uncluttered...environment
  19. 19. Actionable
  20. 20. Targetable Geographic Day PartShow Demographic Channel/Sub Behavioral Channel
  21. 21. And a Fully Measurable EnvironmentStandard Video MetricsMetrics • Video start• Impressions • Video end• Unique • Video replay start • Video replay end impressions • Video pause/un-• Clicks pause• Click through • Video stop rate • Video rewind• Interaction • Audio on/off rate• Interactions• Avg. time spent
  22. 22. When an impression means more than 1!! 18%+ This is what I mean.Source: The Nielson Wire Blog - February 2010
  23. 23. To Summarize things….• There has been over a 350% growth in 2010 for online video consumption.• Maximum video consumption is done through Video Channels, Social Networking sites, Horizontals as well as individual websites.• Each video view in the online space can be tracked.• Videos provide various kinds of innovations like pre-rolls, mid-rolls , sponsorships & skinning with high degree of engagement. Source: The Financial Express
  24. 24. This is how it looks like today…
  25. 25. Whats next?• Out of billion plus population, only 35 million are fluent in English. There is inadequate local language content!!• Initiatives like Rural broadband and mass penetration of mobile phones will help internet explode in next 2-3 yrs.• Thus it’s online videos that can feed the masses with content.• Mobile internet will soon be a big thing, while we’re going to be available for viewing through your tablets/smartphones across platforms soon.• Usage of internet as TV. (We can already see the transition happening through SmartTV’s etc.• We’ve giving you answers for all these here on
  26. 26. Online Video Summary• MORE!! Is the New Key Word!! o More Opportunity to reach your consumer o Call me today for a Customized Package for your Brand Today!! THANK YOU
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