Etienne Guyot. Le Grand Paris


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Etienne Guyot. Le Grand Paris

  1. 1. БольшойПАРИЖТранспортная проблема в мегаполисе: как развиваться дальше? 29/09/2011
  2. 2. Paris Region: already a leading economic area • 12 million inhabitants • 600 000 students • GDP of €553 billion: strongest regional economy in Europe • Europe’s first region in terms of R&D with 143,800 people working in research including 89,540 researchers2
  3. 3. Le Grand Paris “The Greater Paris is an urban, social and economic project (…) based on the construction of a new public transportation network (article 1 of the “Grand Paris” Act, June the 3rd 2010)3
  4. 4. A global project • Invest in a new automatic fast metro network that will change the daily life of inhabitants. • Connect Paris region to the world through direct connections with harbours, airports, fast trains… • Build 70 000 new housing each year, largely located in areas which will benefit of a new attractivity with the stations of the Grand Paris metro network. • Develop powerful clusters with strong technological focus and business identity.4 18/11/2011
  5. 5. Territories Confluence Seine-Oise Roissy - Villepinte - Tremblay Paris - Le Bourget Est de la Seine-Saint-Denis La Plaine Paris - La Défense Saint-Denis Cité Descartes Paris - Saclay Sud de Paris5
  6. 6. 6 18/11/2011
  7. 7. Le Grand Paris metro key figures • 20,5 billion € investment for Grand Paris Express. Over 30 billion with the full financing of the orange line and the « mobilisation scheme » for public transport. • Over 200 kms of new and fully automatic metro lines • Up to 3 million passengers per day • Over 60 kms per hour of average speed. Up to one train every 90 seconds • 72 stations which will play a key role in urban strategy • Foreseeing the rise in demand for public transport • Less cars on the road: Over 15% of the people using the future metro would have been car users • Connections with almost every actual train and metro lines7
  8. 8. “Société du Grand Paris”, a dedicated company with adapted skills • A state-owned company whose activity is both industrial and commercial. • Focusing on the mission: A main objective is to design and build the future transport network including the acquisition of the trains. • Special abilities, under specific conditions, to conduct urban development project, especially near the stations • A governance that emphasis political consensus8
  9. 9. Cost & financing Borrowing transaction to face the need in investment in a short period of time, and dedicated long-lasting revenues to face the annuel repayment • 4 billion in capital • Dedicated fiscal revenues each year • revenues from the rise in value of real estate project • Commercial revenues in the stations • usage fee9
  10. 10. TimelineAct of Grand Paris conception construction 2010 2011 2012 2013 2018 2025 Public ▼ Conclusion of the inquiries Opening of the first sections Opening of the public debate entire network Schéma d’ensemble: May the 26th10 18/11/2011
  11. 11. www.societedugrandparis.fr11