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The business value of a smart water system


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Presentation of the results from the Waternomics project for the European Utility Week 2016 by Sander Smit from BM-Change. Presentation shows preceived business value of the four pilots.

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The business value of a smart water system

  1. 1. @WATERNOMICS_EU Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 619660) THE BUSINESS ASPECTS, PERSPECTIVES AND FUTURE FOR SMART WATER SANDER SMIT | BM-CHANGE
  2. 2. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu2 OUTLINE ▶The Waternomics Project ▶Business value from Waternomics ▶Future for Smart Water ▶Conclusion
  3. 3. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu3 WATERNOMICS PROJECT ▶ Timeline: February 2014 – January 2017 ▶ Consortium: 9 partners (3 Universities, 4 SME’s, 1 airport, 1 municipality) ▶ Countries: 4 (Ireland, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands) ▶ Pilots: 4 (Ireland, Italy and Greece) ▶ Member of the ICT4Water cluster ▶ Co-funded by the European Commission
  4. 4. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu4 WATERNOMICS PROJECT
  5. 5. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu5 FOUR PILOTS
  6. 6. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu6 PILOT 1: LINATE AIRPORT 96,600 movements 9,600,00 passengers 12,400 tonnes of cargo
  7. 7. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu7 PILOT 1: LINATE AIRPORT Pilot area 1: DMA6, Freight & Maintenance 14 buildings, 300 staff Pilot area 2: Terminal building Two public displays Management dashboard
  8. 8. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu8 PILOT 1: LINATE AIRPORT Valued most: Leakage detection Simulation of renovation strategies Visualisation of network Awareness quiz on public display
  9. 9. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu9 PILOT 2: NUI GALWAY Opened in 2011 14,000 sqm on four floors 1,000 students and 100 staff Engineering Building on NUIG campus
  10. 10. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu10 PILOT 2: NUI GALWAY Public display Interactive signage Manager’s dashboard Workshops and education
  11. 11. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu11 PILOT 2: NUI GALWAY Increased awareness Silent faults diagnosed Smart Water for educational purposes Difficult to prioritise for management Valued most: But:
  12. 12. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu12 PILOT 3: COLÁISTE NA COIRIBE Opened in October 2015 Post primary school students (12 – 18 years) 500 students and 40 staff
  13. 13. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu13 PILOT 3: COLÁISTE NA COIRIBE Public display Management dashboard Education (workshops, classes)
  14. 14. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu14 PILOT 3: COLÁISTE NA COIRIBE Public display Workshops and classes Valued most:
  15. 15. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu15 PILOT 4: THERMI Pilot with 10 households 70,000 people Seat of Municipality of Thermi: Located in Thessaloniki region
  16. 16. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu16 PILOT 4: THERMI Fine-grained metering Water dashboard Educational applications News and water saving tips
  17. 17. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu17 PILOT 4: THERMI Insight in water consumption Monthly challenges Valued most: Tips and recommendations
  18. 18. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu18 Control X X Maintenance X X Simulation X X Decision support X Fair billing X X Awareness X X X X Education X X X X Reputation X X X Cost reduction X X Energy reduction X VALUE OF SMART WATER
  19. 19. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu19 CONTEXT MATTERS Photo: ministerie van Defensie
  20. 20. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu20 HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION Unmanaged pressurised water network Managed pressurised water network Open flow wastewater network Surface water and groundwater
  21. 21. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu21 VERTICAL INTEGRATION Energy storage in water Rainwater harvesting Wastewater energy factory Raw material recovery Heat recovery Internet of Things
  22. 22. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu22 CONCLUSION Waternomics shows that a Smart Water System for consumers does create end-user value For Smart Water Systems to be successful they need to be horizontally aligned, covering drinking water and wastewater systems and vertically aligned with building management systems and energy management systems. Smart Water propositions need to be tailored to the specific needs of customer segments. No one-size-fits-all solutions.
  23. 23. @WATERNOMICS_EU Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 619660) THANK YOU For more information: | |