Max Jeleniewski. The Hague. Marketing a City


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Max Jeleniewski. The Hague. Marketing a City

  1. 1. THE HAGUEMarketing a City 07-12-2011
  2. 2. The Netherlands• ‘Gateway to Europe’• Central hub in Europe• 4th Airport of Europe• Biggest Cargo harbour• Multilingual and skilled workforce
  3. 3. The Hague in The Netherlands
  4. 4. Figures The Hague• Inhabitants 501.000• Inhabitants region 1.514.000• Office space 4.3 mil m2• Central government 1.5 mil m2• Housing Units 233.000• Visitors Inner City 33 million
  5. 5. THE HAGUE Strong points• Royal City• Capital City• Home to over 150 multinational businesses and headquarters• Beach resort• Two airports within 40 km• Close to the largest European harbour• City of Music and Dance• Historic AND Modern City Centre
  6. 6. Marketing (Brand)Second UN city International Peace Palace International Criminal Court OPCW Yugoslav TribunalBusiness themes: Security, Energy, ICT, FinanceOverall theme:International City of Peace and Justice
  7. 7. Marketing (Activation)• Strong political commitment; local and nationally• West Holland Foreign Investment Agency• The Hague International Centre• International comparison and contacts• International advisers• International Logo• Business campaign
  8. 8. Living in The Hague regionAffordable housing in different spheres: eg modern,monumental87% of the employees at international organisations live inThe Hague regionInternational Health Centre The Hague as a gateway for theinternational communityLow crime rate
  9. 9. Programme City 2010 - 2020• To redevelop Cultural infrastructure• Preparation of Cultural Capital 2018• To increase number of housing units• To redevelop Grote Marktstraat into the International Shopping Boulevard• To further develop University facilities• Improvement of Public Space
  10. 10. Grote Marktstraat 23 maart 2011
  11. 11. 23 maart 2011
  12. 12. 23 maart 2011
  13. 13. 23 maart 2011
  14. 14. Tentative Conclusion• The choice of becoming International City of Peace and Justice has given a strong boost to the local economy• Surveys underline this• Many new investments in the International Zone and the Inner City 2011 - 2016• Culture, housing, health care and leasure are important features