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A city exists for the sake of a good life, not for the sake of life only.

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  • Οι έξυπνες πόλεις είναι πια εδώ : Μόναχο :Η πολυκοσμία στα πάρκα μετατρέπει τα νεκροταφεία σε χώρους αναψυχής :
  • M ade the top 10 global rankings so it is no surprise that it would be on this more robust ranking of S mart European cities. **IDC: indicators’ report of Smart Cities in Spain
  • Pundits and industry insiders expect SCs to become a sizable market, with projections of nearly $40 billion spent on smart-cities technologies by 2016. And real - estate experts predict that SCs will in the future be attractive to the educated work force and will therefore become real-estate gold. *A global leader and innovator with respect to the introduction of solar thermal ordinance which requires all new and renovated buildings in the city to incorporate solar thermal energy, usually in the form of solar water heating.
  • * Each city in the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group: Make A Difference is unique in its infrastructure and progress in addressing climate change. C40 works to empower cities to connect with each other and share technical expertise on best practices This regulation applies to buildings intended for commercial, domestic and industrial use. It ‘s one of the projects of Barcelona Energy Plan and promotes l ow-carbon solutions. Over 25,000 MWh/year are saved.
  • Dec.2011 , SC Expo & World Congress closes its 1st edition with 42% of international visitors . Barcelona will promote a world association of SmartC s Nov . 2012 The summit on smart cities receives 46% of international visitors . Cities from 82 countries choose SC Expo World Congress to discuss their future together An event that fosters knowledge and idea exchange at the highest level An overview for the market’s latest solutions
  • Top European Smart Cities

    2. 2. SMART CITIESThe compounding effects of climate change, lack of sustainability, inefficient andobsolete infrastructure and continued population growth represent the complex ofchallenges cities all over the world are facing, and to which many see only one effectiveresponse: SMART CITIESThe potential for smart cities is enormous, BUT without:1. a strong political vision2.close cooperation among the business community,3. researchers and decision-makers it will be nothing but empty wordsThe New Economics of Cities: "Cities now represent the core hubs of the global economy,acting as hives of innovation in technical, financial and other services."
    3. 3. CITY PEOPLE’S FUTURE2050: ¾ earth’s population will live in urban ’s centers (estimation) f.e.: yet, 80% of Finns live in citiesExplosion of this phenomenon is estimated will happen in Far EastNeeds change day by day – Cities change “lifestyle”
    4. 4. Among the Top 10 European Smart Cities
    5. 5. SMART CITIES WHEEL – Source: Boyd Cohen
    6. 6. 2012 Europe Smart City RankingsFINAL Smart Smart Smart Smart total Smart City Economy Environment Governance Smart Living Mobility Smart People1 Copenhagen 7 1 8 4 3 1 242 Stockholm 2 2 5 7 5 4 253 Amsterdam 6 3 7 5 1 5 274 Vienna 10 8 1 1 2 7 295 Paris 4 5 4 8 7 2 306 Berlin 1 4 6 6 6 9 327 London 5 6 3 9 10 3 368 Barcelona 8 7 2 10 4 6 379 Munich 3 9 9 2 8 10 4110 Frankfurt 8 10 10 3 9 8 48
    7. 7. COPENHAGENWhy CPH is a Smart City?• Strong experience with integrated systems (98 % of Copenhageners connected to district heating)• Strong cleantech sector + land owners and developers willing to engage in test and development• Concrete urban development districts implementing state of the artsolutions• Ambitious goal: Copenhagen CO2-neutral in 2025
    8. 8. Copenhagen is designed for people.A city designed to be convenient, creative, efficient and fun. A smart city
    9. 9. “Green” mobility
    10. 10. Copenhagen = carbon neutral by 2025
    11. 11. Climate and Growth combination• Serious investments in urban development• Technology development• Focus on growth and employment• = additional jobs + improved quality of life CPH as a Green Lab• The City is using its own buildings, utilities, land, procurement as well as employees to turn the city into a green lab.
    12. 12. Faster – Smarter – Safer – Further
    13. 13. Copenhagen is a strong brand
    14. 14. “Open Copenhagen” actions
    15. 15. “Open Copenhagen”
    16. 16. Smart Links 4 Copenhagen••••••••
    17. 17. AMSTERDAM• scored in the Top 5 in the:Smart PeopleSmart EnvironmentSmart Living categories of the Smart Cities Wheel•tech nerve centre and home to the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange),Europe’s largest Internet hub
    18. 18. “Smart Investments”smart living: smart and energy-saving technologies, CO2 emissions and energyconsumption can be greatly reduced public facilities: a sustainable Public Space, containing other public buildings, means of transport and objects in the public space smart working: sustainable real estate, processes of companies and to convince people to work in a smarter manner for instance using a smart work center mobility: sustainable ways of transport and the infrastructure required to realise them. Open data: one of the core activities of Amsterdam Smart City.
    19. 19. “Smart PRojects” WEGO car sharing Climate street => 9% energy saved West orange⇒ 13,2% energy savings per unit, 12.000 tons CO2 per year
    20. 20. “I amsterdam” : strategic rebranding of 2004
    21. 21. The City of Amsterdam Rebranding Symbols
    22. 22. Smart Links 4 Amsterdam••••
    23. 23. LONDON London: Human Capital Totally London
    24. 24. London “Smart” Rankings
    25. 25. “SMART” PROJECTS Intel & Imperial College collaboration Thousands sensors installed through out London gathering data Catapult A technology and innovation centre UKs businesses, scientists and engineers on R&D transforming ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth
    26. 26. • the most successful Startup Ecosystem in Europe, producing the largest output of startups in the European Union by far• the London Datastore has been created by the Greater London Authority as an innovation towards freeing London’s data.• Smart Transportation: BorisBikes - Barclays Cycle Hire, BorisBuses - New greener hybrid buses, 100% discount inside the congestion zone for eco-friendly Euro-5 cars
    27. 27. London Branding• “Best large city in the world”• London: Human Capital• ‘Totally London’• ‘Limited Edition London’• Fragmented London Brands• A unified branding approach is on the way
    28. 28. Smart Links 4 London•••••••••••••••••
    29. 29. MUNICH“The cosmopolitan city with a big heart”
    30. 30. INDICATORS
    31. 31. SMART ECONOMY - TECHNOLOGYCar Manufacturing / Innovation: automotive technologyVast range of industries: Home to the head offices (fruitful ground for new companies)Information Communications Technology (ICT) CompaniesStart – ups : 1 of the rise of Munich’s ICT industry (university spin – offs & foreign founders)
    32. 32. Start – ups in Munich The high-tech initiative (1999-2006)• Main subjects studied: Regional characteristics of start – up support and e- business innovation• 20% German’s internet start – ups :based in Munich• Promotion of innovative network
    33. 33. Lively start – up activity’ s strategy: Εntrepreneurial culture & Co -ordinating activityMunich provides :i. Research and educationii. Business incubatorsiii.Knowledge Transferiv.Financev. Political stability - Public Supportvi.Private initiativesvii.Events
    34. 34. NEW CONCEPTS / SMART LIVING Exhibit organization: designing the top 40professional and commercial exhibitions “Intelligent urbanization”: the new platformcreated by Mess Munchen International –unifies existing exhibitions Business and technology centers - successfulmodels in Munich
    35. 35.  Melting pot for the I.T. industry (Deutsche Telecom) In corporation with BMW: rental platform of MINI cars through “smart phones”: distinguishes the nearest available car Cemeteries as parks
    37. 37. Munich’s brand• Focused on people. Visitors and citizens are able to create their unique identity.• Basic Characteristics Quality of life and leisure Excellent network, financial & scientific Hospitality and cosmopolitan environment Human resource with high performance in sport, music, culture and crafts
    38. 38. Smart Links 4 Munich• watch/studies/case_studies/documents/Case%20Studies%202006/CS_SR10_Munich.pdf•••••••••
    39. 39. Barcelona European “Smart” Rankings• 8th at the Top Ten European SCs catalogue• 6th at Europe’s biggest Startup Cities• Ranked 2nd on Smart Governance• Rated 4th on Smart Mobility• Scored 6th on Smart People• Ranked 7th on Smart Environment• Scored 8th on Smart Economy• Scored highest in Spain in their most recent ranking (global consultancy IDC**).• 2nd highest volume of open-data sets (over 500) of the finalists. City leaders are not only seeking to transform Barcelona into a leading European SC, but also to provide leadership to aspiring SCs around the globe.
    40. 40. Boyd Cohen, The top 10 Smart Cities on the Planet• Ranked 2nd Smart City in the IDC (report which has been conducting rankings of S.C. in Spain)• A pioneer in Smart City Low-carbon Solar Thermal ordinance (worldwide among the 1st to introduce it a decade ago)• Recently announced a Major Partnership Project  living LAB for Smart City innovation• Recently launched the LIVE EV project to promote the adoption of EVs technology and charging infrastructure (it led to the installation of over 200 charging stations as well as designated parking spaces for EVs.
    41. 41. Barcelona the city of sustainable mobilityBicing Cycle Scheme•Public Cycle Hire Network thatcomplements the existing publictransport network of metro, buses, etc.•The programme reduced CO2emissions by 960 tonnes during its first6 months of operation.
    42. 42. Outstanding city governance• Innovation & green initiativesAmong the best in the world in the world (CD40 Cities Climate Leadership Group*) in transportation & energy• Global leader & innovator of Solar Thermal Ordinance1 (solar energy in the form of solar water heating in all new & renovated buildings). Impressive municipal leadership• initiated the City Protocol, which aims to create a common language amongst technology providers, cities, and their stakeholders
    43. 43. BARCELONAHosting the premier Smart Cities annual Conference
    44. 44. Smart City Expo World CongressOne of World’s Top Event. It has meant the establishment of Barcelona as the world capital of smart cities. The event organized by “Fira de Barcelona” as the worlds leader on the subject.• Over 7,000 professionals (including 3.055 delegates)• 140 exhibiting companies Logo ► Smart• 319 speakers thinking• Representatives from Cities of 82 countries solutions Bringing together the leading experts and representatives of the most innovative initiatives in the world. Tackle the technological challenges that major cities will face in the near future Showcasing the available solutions Exploring new business opportunities
    45. 45. Conclusions of the Congress• The transition from metropolises Smart Cities is an objective necessity from an Environmental & Economic standpoint. The way they are transformed would be a key aspect in the future of hymanity• New Market emerges for large companies & small start-ups from a variety of industries• Cities will be at the centre of world development in the next few decades and will be home to the majority of the planets inhabitants• Modern Technology can convert cities into sensory beings that communicate their needs and responses to certain scenarios in real time• Must establish systems capable of handling the massive amount of data generated by their residents and infrastructure.
    46. 46. Smart Links 4 Barcelona••;jsessionid=DDCBCD93C2D09E8E288A8BC2C8C0212E.b••• %E2%80%93-changing-transport-modes-in-barcelona••••• key=0AhWuVYF0k2uSdHpOTzFIei01WmtvWW9MVFBUVDU3bXc#gid=0•••
    47. 47. Conclusion• Global urbanization tendency• Integration of ICT in city everyday life• Smart cities lead to Social and Economic development• Prioritization on the use of green energy and eco - friendly public transportation• Smart cities Smart People• Collaboration between Public and Private sector (Universities, Institutions, Corporations, Government)
    48. 48. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!WE WELCOME YOUR SUGGESTIONS, QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS Katsiapi Xanthi Mitilineou Anna Xanthopoulou Zoe Tzioumaris George Palli Efi Panteion University of Social &Political Sciences Msc Cultural Management Athens CoCreation Project 2013