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Charity Pitch Deck & Investor Presentation - Sample PDF & Example


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Upreports helps businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with everything that facilitates growth. Hence, it only makes sense to assisted them with pitch decks and investor presentations as well. Upreports Infotech created this investor deck PDF for a charity startup that plans to revolutionize India's donation ecosystem.

By sharing our one of the best pitch decks of 2017 and 2018, we want to help entrepreneurs creating their business presentations and investor decks. Have a look at our pitch deck that got funded by downloading the investor deck PDF to gain insights into best pitch deck design practices, strategic investor pointers, pitch deck samples, and much more.

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Charity Pitch Deck & Investor Presentation - Sample PDF & Example

  1. 1. C H A R I T A B L E Empowering you to bring the change
  2. 2. We, the working class of India, are aware of various problems Indian society is facing today and feel obliged to fix them. And it is evident in our philanthropic efforts. 43% individual donors are willing to increase their philanthropic efforts. B/w 2011-2016, India observed a growth of 44% among individual contributors. ● Source: Bain Philanthropy Report Philanthropy in India: A Brief
  3. 3. Indian’s philanthropic efforts are larger than that of nations with same level of prosperity as India; even exceeds some developed nations’ philanthropic efforts. GDP per capita ($ thousands) %ofadultpopulationdonatingmoney 80 40 60 60 20 US ●● UK Australia ● Iceland ● ● Ireland ● Denmark New Zealand ● Spain ● ● Italy ● PortugalBrazil ● Mexico ● China ● Ukraine ● El Salvador ● ● Niger ● Turkey ● Czech Republic Uruguay ● Israel ● Slovenia ● India ● ● Source: Bain Philanthropy Report Leading in kindness 4020
  4. 4. Helping hand’s challenge Despite positive attitude & growth, impact of India’s philanthropic efforts fall below avg. on various socio-economic indicators because of following reasons: Lack of credibility of organizations – be it about transparency, trust, or ability to make an actual impact – make many donors reluctant towards donating. Lack of awareness among donors about different ways – giving time, using skills, & providing intellectual inputs – they can contribute towards the causes they believe in. Lack of collaboration – between NGOs, and between individuals & NGOs – is making our philanthropic efforts much less impactful than what they actually could be.
  5. 5. With Charitable, our goal is to make India’s philanthropic efforts more connected, more aware, more credible; thus, more impactful. We aim to become a centralized hub where philanthropists (individuals & groups) and NGOs can connect to work together and make a real impact on the society. Accelerating change Education Challenged Minority Environment & Animal Rights Human Rights Health Individuals Groups / Organizations Partners / Influencers Volunteers
  6. 6. Business Model Donated Amount Commission Up to INR 5,000 0% INR 5,000 - 50,000 5% Above INR 50,000 10% We strive to act & work like a charity, and charge a minimal commission fee only on larger donation - for website maintenance and its promotion. Here is the cost breakdown:
  7. 7. With Charitable, connecting and contributing to the causes you believe in becomes as easy as shopping online. % Donors Charitable Charities Small, Optional Commission How it works for donors
  8. 8. Benefits for donors Easy to find and connect with local charities and make donations. Assurance that your donation will be used for the right causes. Contribute in different ways - donor, volunteer advisor, partner, & more. Make the change that you always wanted to see in the world around you
  9. 9. How it works for charities Our goal is to empower charities driven by people who believe in good. Therefore, we onboard young & promising charities after rigorous check. Get verified Apply to become a partner Become a certified partner to connect with donors, volunteers, and more...
  10. 10. Benefits for Charities Better visibility among individual contributors and potential partners On-site promotion for better exposure and more donations. Greater local reach and exposure through detailed Charity page Donation and campaign management tools to improve performance
  11. 11. Market Potential By 2025, India’s working class will grow to 1.1 billion India’s Largest charity marketplace has only 200 NGOs There are more than 31 lack charities in India Only 50% donor are assured of right usage of their donation
  12. 12. Growth Projections In next 5 years, aims to onboard 5000 NGOs from across India working in 7 focus areas namely Education, Women Upliftment, Differently Abled Welfare, Senior Care, Medicine, and Child Safety. Year Member NGOs Funds raised (mn) Profits (mn) 2017 150 10 2 2018 1000 600 100 2019 2200 1000 200 2020 4500 2500 500
  13. 13. Partners Community Reach Transaction Partnership with senior groups. College and university campaigns. Collaboration with artists and activists. Mobile wallets like PayPal. Shopping centers like malls. Corporate buildings like DLF.
  14. 14. Government & Corporate Partnerships is seeking support from local and central government bodies to widen its reach. We aim to share our technology and tools with government organizations to help them improve penetration. We will help India’s growing corporate explore CSR activities in local communities and vulnerable societies.