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Square is an electronic (mobile) payment processor service, provided by Square Inc. It allows users in the United States and Canada to accept credit cards through their mobile phones, either by swiping the card on the Square device or by manually entering the details on the phone. Square has placed its target towards small business owners and new businesses by offering no contract, no commitment merchant accounts. In addition, it recently started to offer Square Wallet to consumers, allowing them to pay using their Smartphone and send gift cards to other Wallet users.

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  • http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/17/square-closes-200m-series-d-from-starbucks-citi-rizvi-at-3-25b-valuation/
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  • Square

    1. 1. UC DAVIS, Graduate School of Management Technology Competition | 03/15/2013Rob Loranger, Rohit Arora, Sameer Bakare, Sasi Chandra, Krishna Madhuvarsu
    2. 2. Square Overview• Citi Ventures, Rizvi Traverse Management, and Starbucks Coffee Company.• It values the mobile payments company started by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey at $3.25 billion• In the three years since it’s been in operation in the U.S., Square has grown from $1 billion in payments processed annually to $8 billion.• Starbucks announced today that it has commenced sales of Square Mobile Card Readers in its 7,000 US stores• achieved success with some 2.5 million customers• Mobile payments rate: $90 billion by the end of 2017, up from $12.8 billion last year
    3. 3. Square - Competition
    4. 4. Square Paypal ROAM Intuit BOA Groupon Amazon Verifone mPOWA Payleven RevCoin Register Here Data GoPaym PayWare entCredit & Swiped: Swiped: ? Swiped: Swiped: Swiped: Swiped: X Swiped: Swiped: Swiped:Debit 2.75% 2.70% 2.75% 2.70% 1.8% + 1.9% + 2.95% 2.75% 2.55%Card Manual: Manual: Manual: Manually $0.15 $0Processi 3.50% + 3.50% + 3.75% + Entered:ng Rates 15¢ 15¢ $0 3.50% + 15¢Startup Free Free ? Free Free $100 X X ? Free $9.95CostCustome No Phone ? Intuit BOA Groupon Amazon X ? Phone, ?r Service Phone number; Online, Custome CS Payment email Number; email Phone r Service s difficult support; and Chat to contact;Market US, US, ? US US, US X X UK, Brasil, US Canada Canada, Canada, Poland Germany Hong UK , Italy, Kong, Netherla Australia nds, Poland, UK
    5. 5. Square – Eco system• Small merchants• POS merchants• Customers• Affiliate “businesses”• Issuing Banks• Credit Card Brands
    6. 6. Potential Market• Large number of small businesses can now accept credit cards – Mobile payments is massive, rapidly growing but underpenetrated industryOpportunity Market Changes Square Positioning> Expensive traditional card readers > Growing changes in Mobile payments > First mover advantage> Difficult for small business > Huge revenue potential > Accessible across multiple platforms owners to use card services > NFC is emerging, card usage prevails > Low transaction cost and ease of use> Expensive online services
    7. 7. Standalone ValueSmall Businesses:• can accept credit cards and noncash payments• lower cost than credit card companies• business analytics Consumer: • pay without cash • keep track of payments
    8. 8. Square – Future Growth• Exit Strategy ?• IPO ?• Acquisitions ? – Square to acquire ? – Other companies to acquire ?• How can Square defend for a envelopment ?• This is NOT a winner take all market
    9. 9. Square – Platform ?• Can it open up the payment platform for developers ?• Can it open up with wallet platform for the developers ?
    10. 10. Square – International Expansion ?• Can it expand to Europe, Asia, Africa ? – Can they get into the countries where other competition is not yet ventured ?• There could be some joint ventures or acquisitions, etc…